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Biodiversity of Westchester County, New York facts for kids

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There are 1,168 species of vascular plants in Westchester County, according to the Parks Department. Literary environmental writer Alex Shoumatoff hailed it as the "most richly diversified deciduous forest in the world" in a 1978 The New Yorker profile, at the time estimating 4,200 species.

Endangered plants:

Threatened plants:

Special concern plants:

Invasive plants:

  • Porcelain-Berry Ampelopsis brevipedunculata
  • Oriental Bittersweet "Celastrus orbiculatus
  • Tartarian Honeysuckle "Lonicera tartarica"
  • Japanese Barberry "Berbers thunbergii"
  • Multiflora Rose "Rosa multiflora


There are 311 species of birds in Westchester County, as documented by the Parks Department. The local Audubon Society chapter records 368 bird species.

Endangered birds:

Threatened birds:

Special Concern birds:


There are 33 species of mammals in Westchester County.

Special concern mammals:


There are 19 species of reptiles in Westchester County.

Endangered reptiles:

Threatened reptiles:

Special concern reptiles:

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