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Camillo Golgi
Camillo Golgi
Born 7 July 1843
Corteno near Brescia, Italy
Died 21 January 1926
Pavia, Italy
Residence Italy
Ethnicity Italian
Fields Medicine
Institutions Pavia University, Pavia, Italy
Alma mater University of Pavia
Notable awards Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1906)

Camillo Golgi (Italian: [kaˈmillo ˈɡɔldʒi]; 7 July 1843 – 21 January 1926) was an Italian physician, biologist, pathologist, scientist, and Nobel laureate. Several structures and phenomena in anatomy and physiology are named for him, including the Golgi apparatus, the Golgi tendon organ and the Golgi tendon reflex. He is recognized as the greatest neuroscientist and biologist of his time.

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