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Cody James Bellinger (#35) is a 6'4" professional baseball player playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, bellinger plays First Base and Outfield. Bellinger was drafted by LA in the fourth round of the 2013 MLB (Major League Baseball) draft. Cody Bellinger made his MLB debut in 2017 against the San Francisco Giants.


Cody Bellinger's Major League career started in 2017 against the San Francisco Giants. He was drafted in the fourth round of the 2013 MLB draft. He then went on to win the Rookie Of The Year award after hitting 39 home runs (Breaking the rookie record for most home runs in a single season) with a .267 batting average. He then went on to become a reserve for the 2017 All Star Game. He then went to participate in the 2017 Home Run Derby to only fall to Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees.The ROTY (Rookie of the Year) is awarded to the best rookies in both the National League and American League. After his monstrous start to his career, Cody Bellinger only hit .260 with only 25 home runs in 2018. Then, in his most impressive season, Cody hit .305 with 47 home runs. This performance helped the Dodger Slugger earn the 2019 MLB MVP award. He also won the NL Silver Slugger award, as well as the Gold Glove award. In 2020, him and The Dodgers went on to win the World Series in 6 games against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Early Life

Cody Bellinger grew up in Arizona, he went to Hamilton High School. Cody was born on July 13th, 1995 (25 years old as of Friday, Jan 15, 2021) Even before playing professionally, Cody Bellinger appeared in the 2007 Little League World Series, making it to the Final Bracket in the U.S tournament until getting knocked out by eventual champions from Georgia.

Career Stats 2017-2020
Year Team League Games Batting Average Homeruns Plate Appearances Hits Runs RBI Strikeouts OBP Awards
2017 LAD National 132 .267 BA 39 Homeruns 548 Plate Appearances 128 87 97 146 Strikeouts .352 ROTY; ASG
2018 LAD National 162 .260 BA 25 Homeruns 632 Plate Appearances 145 84 76 151 Strikeouts .343
2019 LAD National 156 .305 BA 27 Homeruns 661 Plate Appearances 170 121 115 108 Strikeouts .406 ASG; MVP; GG; SS
2020 LAD National .239 BA|12 Homeruns|243 Plate Appearances|51|33|30|42* Strikeouts
Career N/A N/A 506 .273 Career BA 123 Career HR 2084 Career PA 494 Career Hits 325 Career Runs 318 Career RBI 447 Career Strikeouts .364 Career OBP ROTY; 2x ASG; 1x MVP; 1x GG; 1x SS
Bold = League Leading Italics = led all Major Leagues (National and American)

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