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Rookie of the Year Award
A man swings a bat; he is wearing a dark cap with a "B" on it and a jersey with the word "Dodgers" on his chest.
Jackie Robinson, the inaugural winner in 1947 and eventual namesake of the award
Sport Baseball
League Major League Baseball
Given for Best regular-season rookie in American League and National League
First award 1947
Most recent Corbin Carroll (NL)
Gunnar Henderson (AL)
Website Rookie of the Year

In Major League Baseball, the Rookie of the Year Award is given annually to two outstanding rookie players, one each for the American League (AL) and National League (NL), as voted on by the Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA). The award was established in 1940 by the Chicago chapter of the BBWAA, which selected an annual winner from 1940 through 1946. The award became national in 1947; Jackie Robinson, the Brooklyn Dodgers' second baseman, won the inaugural award. One award was presented for all of MLB in 1947 and 1948; since 1949, the honor has been given to one player each in the NL and AL. Originally, the award was known as the J. Louis Comiskey Memorial Award, named after the Chicago White Sox owner of the 1930s. The award was renamed the Jackie Robinson Award in July 1987, 40 years after Robinson broke the baseball color line.

Nineteen players have been elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame—Robinson, seven AL players, and eleven others from the NL. The award has been shared twice: once by Butch Metzger and Pat Zachry of the NL in 1976; and once by John Castino and Alfredo Griffin of the AL in 1979. Members of the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers have won the most awards of any franchise (with 18), twice the total of the New York Yankees, and members of the Philadelphia and Oakland Athletics (eight), who have produced the most in the AL. Fred Lynn and Ichiro Suzuki are the only two players who have been named Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player in the same year, and Fernando Valenzuela is the only player to have won Rookie of the Year and the Cy Young Award in the same year. Sam Jethroe is the oldest player to have won the award, at age 32, 33 days older than 2000 winner Kazuhiro Sasaki (also 32). Gunnar Henderson of the Baltimore Orioles and Corbin Carroll of the Arizona Diamondbacks are the most recent winners.

Qualifications and voting

Hideo Nomo won in 1995, the first of several players to win with past professional baseball experience in Nippon Professional Baseball.

From 1947 through 1956, each BBWAA voter used discretion as to who qualified as a rookie. In 1957, the term was first defined as someone with fewer than 75 at-bats or 45 innings pitched in any previous Major League season. This guideline was later amended to 90 at-bats, 45 innings pitched, or 45 days on a Major League roster before September 1 of the previous year. The current standard of 130 at-bats, 50 innings pitched, or 45 days on the active roster of a Major League club (excluding time in military service or on the injury list) before September 1 was adopted in 1971.

Since 1980, each voter names three rookies: a first-place choice is given five points, a second-place choice three points, and a third-place choice one point. The award goes to the player who receives the most overall points. Edinson Vólquez received three second-place votes in 2008 balloting despite no longer being a rookie under the award's definition.

The award has drawn criticism in recent years because several players with experience in Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) have won the award, such as Hideo Nomo in 1995, Kazuhiro Sasaki in 2000, Ichiro Suzuki in 2001, and Shohei Ohtani in 2018. The current definition of rookie status for the award is based only on Major League experience, but some feel that past NPB players are not true rookies because of their past professional experience. Others, however, believe it should make no difference since the first recipient and the award's namesake played for the Negro leagues before his MLB career and thus could also not be considered a "true rookie". This issue arose in 2003 when Hideki Matsui narrowly lost the AL award to Ángel Berroa. Jim Souhan of the Minneapolis Star Tribune said he did not see Matsui as a rookie in 2003 because "it would be an insult to the Japanese league to pretend that experience didn't count." The Japan Times ran a story in 2007 on the labeling of Daisuke Matsuzaka, Kei Igawa, and Hideki Okajima as rookies, saying "[t]hese guys aren't rookies." Past winners such as Jackie Robinson, Don Newcombe, and Sam Jethroe had professional experience in the Negro leagues.



Cal Ripken Jr. in 1993
Cal Ripken Jr. won in 1982, and is one of 16 Hall of Famers to win Rookie of the Year honors.
Year Links to the article about the corresponding Major League Baseball season
Member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
^ Denotes player who is still active
* Denotes year in which the award was shared
§ Unanimous selection
+ Denotes lead Major Leagues in that category

Major Leagues combined (1947–48)

Year Player Team Position Selected statistics Ref
1947 Robinson, JackieJackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers 1B
1948 Dark, AlvinAlvin Dark Boston Braves SS

American League winners (1949–present)

Gunnar Henderson, 2023 AL winner
Year Player Team Position Selected statistics Ref
1949 Sievers, RoyRoy Sievers St. Louis Browns OF
1950 Dropo, WaltWalt Dropo Boston Red Sox 1B
1951 McDougald, GilGil McDougald New York Yankees 3B
1952 Byrd, HarryHarry Byrd Philadelphia Athletics P
1953 Kuenn, HarveyHarvey Kuenn Detroit Tigers SS
  • .308 batting average
  • 94 runs scored
  • 209 hits
1954 Grim, BobBob Grim New York Yankees P
1955 Score, HerbHerb Score Cleveland Indians P
1956 Aparicio, LuisLuis Aparicio Chicago White Sox SS
1957 Kubek, TonyTony Kubek New York Yankees SS
1958 Pearson, AlbieAlbie Pearson Washington Senators OF
  • .275 batting average
  • 3 home runs
  • 63 runs scored
1959 Allison, BobBob Allison Washington Senators OF
1960 Hansen, RonRon Hansen Baltimore Orioles SS
1961 Schwall, DonDon Schwall Boston Red Sox P
1962 Tresh, TomTom Tresh New York Yankees SS
1963 Peters, GaryGary Peters Chicago White Sox P
1964 Oliva, TonyTony Oliva Minnesota Twins OF
1965 Blefary, CurtCurt Blefary Baltimore Orioles OF
1966 Agee, TommieTommie Agee Chicago White Sox OF
  • .273 batting average
  • 44 stolen bases
  • 98 runs scored
  • 29.3 Power-Speed #+
1967 Carew, RodRod Carew Minnesota Twins 2B
  • .292 batting average
  • 8 home runs
  • 66 runs scored
1968 Bahnsen, StanStan Bahnsen New York Yankees P
1969 Piniella, LouLou Piniella Kansas City Royals OF
1970 Munson, ThurmanThurman Munson New York Yankees C
  • .302 batting average
  • 53 runs batted in
  • 52% caught stealing percentage in the field
1971 Chambliss, ChrisChris Chambliss Cleveland Indians 1B
1972 Fisk, CarltonCarlton Fisk†§ Boston Red Sox C
1973 Bumbry, AlAl Bumbry Baltimore Orioles OF
  • .337 batting average
  • 11 triples
  • 73 runs scored
1974 Hargrove, MikeMike Hargrove Texas Rangers 1B
1975 Lynn, FredFred Lynn Boston Red Sox OF
1976 Fidrych, MarkMark Fidrych Detroit Tigers P
1977 Murray, EddieEddie Murray Baltimore Orioles DH
1978 Whitaker, LouLou Whitaker Detroit Tigers 2B
1979* Castino, JohnJohn Castino Minnesota Twins 3B
Griffin, AlfredoAlfredo Griffin Toronto Blue Jays SS
  • .287 batting average
  • 10 triples
  • 81 runs scored
1980 Charboneau, JoeJoe Charboneau Cleveland Indians OF
1981 Righetti, DaveDave Righetti New York Yankees P
1982 Ripken, CalCal Ripken Jr. Baltimore Orioles SS
1983 Kittle, RonRon Kittle Chicago White Sox OF
1984 Davis, AlvinAlvin Davis Seattle Mariners 1B
1985 Guillén, OzzieOzzie Guillén Chicago White Sox SS
  • .273 batting average
  • 9 triples
  • 71 runs scored
1986 Canseco, JoseJose Canseco Oakland Athletics OF
1987 McGwire, MarkMark McGwire§ Oakland Athletics 1B
1988 Weiss, WaltWalt Weiss Oakland Athletics SS
1989 Olson, GreggGregg Olson Baltimore Orioles P
1990 Alomar Jr., SandySandy Alomar Jr.§ Cleveland Indians C
1991 Knoblauch, ChuckChuck Knoblauch Minnesota Twins 2B
1992 Listach, PatPat Listach Milwaukee Brewers SS
1993 Salmon, TimTim Salmon§ California Angels OF
1994 Hamelin, BobBob Hamelin Kansas City Royals DH
1995 Cordova, MartyMarty Cordova Minnesota Twins OF
1996 Jeter, DerekDerek Jeter†§ New York Yankees SS
  • .314 batting average
  • 10 home runs
  • 104 runs scored
1997 Garciaparra, NomarNomar Garciaparra§ Boston Red Sox SS
  • .306 batting average
  • 30 home runs
  • 122 runs scored
1998 Grieve, BenBen Grieve Oakland Athletics OF
1999 Beltrán, CarlosCarlos Beltrán Kansas City Royals OF
2000 Sasaki, KazuhiroKazuhiro Sasaki Seattle Mariners P
2001 Suzuki, IchiroIchiro Suzuki Seattle Mariners OF
2002 Hinske, EricEric Hinske Toronto Blue Jays 3B
2003 Berroa, ÁngelÁngel Berroa Kansas City Royals SS
2004 Crosby, BobbyBobby Crosby Oakland Athletics SS
2005 Street, HustonHuston Street Oakland Athletics P
2006 Verlander, JustinJustin Verlander^ Detroit Tigers P
2007 Pedroia, DustinDustin Pedroia Boston Red Sox 2B
  • .317 batting average
  • 39 doubles
  • 86 runs scored
2008 Longoria, EvanEvan Longoria Tampa Bay Rays 3B
2009 Bailey, AndrewAndrew Bailey Oakland Athletics P
2010 Feliz, NeftalíNeftalí Feliz Texas Rangers P
2011 Hellickson, JeremyJeremy Hellickson Tampa Bay Rays P
2012 Trout, MikeMike Trout Los Angeles Angels OF
2013 Myers, WilWil Myers^ Tampa Bay Rays OF
2014 Abreu, JoséJosé Abreu Chicago White Sox 1B
2015 Correa, CarlosCarlos Correa^ Houston Astros SS
2016 Fulmer, MichaelMichael Fulmer^ Detroit Tigers P
2017 Judge, AaronAaron Judge New York Yankees OF
2018 Ohtani, ShoheiShohei Ohtani^ Los Angeles Angels P/DH
2019 Álvarez, YordanYordan Álvarez Houston Astros DH/OF
2020 Lewis, KyleKyle Lewis Seattle Mariners OF
2021 Arozarena, RandyRandy Arozarena^ Tampa Bay Rays OF
2022 Rodríguez, JulioJulio Rodríguez^ Seattle Mariners OF
2023 Henderson, GunnarGunnar Henderson^§ Baltimore Orioles SS/3B

National League winners (1949–present)

Corbin Carroll 8.19.2023
Corbin Carroll, 2023 NL winner
Year Player Team Position Selected statistics Ref
1949 Newcombe, DonDon Newcombe Brooklyn Dodgers P
1950 Jethroe, SamSam Jethroe Boston Braves OF
1951 Mays, WillieWillie Mays New York Giants OF
1952 Black, JoeJoe Black Brooklyn Dodgers P
1953 Gilliam, JimJim Gilliam Brooklyn Dodgers 2B
  • .278 batting average
  • 17 triples
  • 125 runs scored
1954 Moon, WallyWally Moon St. Louis Cardinals OF
  • .304 batting average
  • 12 home runs
  • 106 runs scored
1955 Virdon, BillBill Virdon St. Louis Cardinals OF
1956 Robinson, FrankFrank Robinson†§ Cincinnati Reds OF
  • .290 batting average
  • 38 home runs
  • 122 runs scored
1957 Sanford, JackJack Sanford Philadelphia Phillies P
1958 Cepeda, OrlandoOrlando Cepeda†§ San Francisco Giants 1B
1959 McCovey, WillieWillie McCovey†§ San Francisco Giants 1B
1960 Howard, FrankFrank Howard Los Angeles Dodgers OF
1961 Williams, BillyBilly Williams Chicago Cubs OF
1962 Hubbs, KenKen Hubbs Chicago Cubs 2B
1963 Rose, PetePete Rose Cincinnati Reds 2B
  • .273 batting average
  • 9 triples
  • 101 runs scored
1964 Allen, DickDick Allen Philadelphia Phillies 3B
  • .318 batting average
  • 13 triples
  • 125 runs scored
1965 Lefebvre, JimJim Lefebvre Los Angeles Dodgers 2B
1966 Helms, TommyTommy Helms Cincinnati Reds 2B
  • .284 batting average
  • 9 home runs
  • 72 runs scored
1967 Seaver, TomTom Seaver New York Mets P
1968 Bench, JohnnyJohnny Bench Cincinnati Reds C
1969 Sizemore, TedTed Sizemore Los Angeles Dodgers 2B
  • .271 batting average
  • 4 home runs
  • 69 runs scored
1970 Morton, CarlCarl Morton Montreal Expos P
1971 Williams, EarlEarl Williams Atlanta Braves C
1972 Matlack, JonJon Matlack New York Mets P
1973 Matthews, GaryGary Matthews San Francisco Giants OF
  • .300 batting average
  • 12 home runs
  • 74 runs scored
1974 McBride, BakeBake McBride St. Louis Cardinals OF
1975 Montefusco, JohnJohn Montefusco San Francisco Giants P
1976* Metzger, ButchButch Metzger San Diego Padres P
Zachry, PatPat Zachry Cincinnati Reds P
1977 Dawson, AndreAndre Dawson Montreal Expos OF
1978 Horner, BobBob Horner Atlanta Braves 3B
1979 Sutcliffe, RickRick Sutcliffe Los Angeles Dodgers P
1980 Howe, SteveSteve Howe Los Angeles Dodgers P
1981 Valenzuela, FernandoFernando Valenzuela Los Angeles Dodgers P
1982 Sax, SteveSteve Sax Los Angeles Dodgers 2B
1983 Strawberry, DarrylDarryl Strawberry New York Mets OF
1984 Gooden, DwightDwight Gooden New York Mets P
  • 2.60 earned run average
  • 276 strikeouts+
  • 17–9 record in 31 games started
  • 218 innings pitched
  • 7 Complete Games/3 Shutouts
  • 1.073 WHIP+
  • 1.69 FIP+
1985 Coleman, VinceVince Coleman§ St. Louis Cardinals OF
1986 Worrell, ToddTodd Worrell St. Louis Cardinals P
1987 Santiago, BenitoBenito Santiago§ San Diego Padres C
1988 Sabo, ChrisChris Sabo Cincinnati Reds 3B
1989 Walton, JeromeJerome Walton Chicago Cubs OF
1990 Justice, DavidDavid Justice Atlanta Braves OF
1991 Bagwell, JeffJeff Bagwell Houston Astros 1B
1992 Karros, EricEric Karros Los Angeles Dodgers 1B
1993 Piazza, MikeMike Piazza†§ Los Angeles Dodgers C
1994 Mondesí, RaúlRaúl Mondesí§ Los Angeles Dodgers OF
1995 Nomo, HideoHideo Nomo Los Angeles Dodgers P
1996 Hollandsworth, ToddTodd Hollandsworth Los Angeles Dodgers OF
1997 Rolen, ScottScott Rolen†§ Philadelphia Phillies 3B
1998 Wood, KerryKerry Wood Chicago Cubs P
1999 Williamson, ScottScott Williamson Cincinnati Reds P
2000 Furcal, RafaelRafael Furcal Atlanta Braves SS
2001 Pujols, AlbertAlbert Pujols§ St. Louis Cardinals 3B
2002 Jennings, JasonJason Jennings Colorado Rockies P
2003 Willis, DontrelleDontrelle Willis Florida Marlins P
2004 Bay, JasonJason Bay Pittsburgh Pirates OF
2005 Howard, RyanRyan Howard Philadelphia Phillies 1B
2006 Ramírez, HanleyHanley Ramírez Florida Marlins SS
2007 Braun, RyanRyan Braun Milwaukee Brewers 3B
2008 Soto, GeovanyGeovany Soto Chicago Cubs C
2009 Coghlan, ChrisChris Coghlan Florida Marlins OF
  • .321 batting average
  • 162 base hits
  • 84 runs scored
2010 Posey, BusterBuster Posey San Francisco Giants C
2011 Kimbrel, CraigCraig Kimbrel Atlanta Braves P
2012 Harper, BryceBryce Harper^ Washington Nationals OF
2013 Fernández, JoséJosé Fernández Miami Marlins P
2014 deGrom, JacobJacob deGrom^ New York Mets P
2015 Bryant, KrisKris Bryant Chicago Cubs 3B
2016 Seager, CoreyCorey Seager Los Angeles Dodgers SS
2017 Bellinger, CodyCody Bellinger Los Angeles Dodgers 1B
2018 Acuña Jr., RonaldRonald Acuña Jr.^ Atlanta Braves OF
2019 Alonso, PetePete Alonso^ New York Mets 1B
2020 Williams, DevinDevin Williams^ Milwaukee Brewers P
2021 India, JonathanJonathan India^ Cincinnati Reds 2B
2022 Harris II, MichaelMichael Harris II^ Atlanta Braves OF
2023 Carroll, CorbinCorbin Carroll^ § Arizona Diamondbacks OF

Wins by team

Every MLB franchise has had a Rookie of the Year. The Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers have won more than any other team with 18.

Teams Awards Years
Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers 18 1947, 1949, 1952, 1953, 1960, 1965, 1969, 1979–1982, 1992–1996, 2016, 2017
New York Yankees 9 1951, 1954, 1957, 1962, 1968, 1970, 1981, 1996, 2017
Boston/Atlanta Braves 1948, 1950, 1971, 1978, 1990, 2000, 2011, 2018, 2022
Philadelphia/Oakland Athletics 8 1952, 1986–1988, 1998, 2004, 2005, 2009
St. Louis Browns/Baltimore Orioles 1949, 1960, 1965, 1973, 1977, 1982, 1989, 2023
Cincinnati Reds 1956, 1963, 1966, 1968, 1976, 1988, 1999, 2021
Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins 7 1958, 1959, 1964, 1967, 1979, 1991, 1995
St. Louis Cardinals 6 1954, 1955, 1974, 1985, 1986, 2001
Boston Red Sox 1950, 1961, 1972, 1975, 1997, 2007
New York/San Francisco Giants 1951, 1958, 1959, 1973, 1975, 2010
Chicago White Sox 1956, 1963, 1966, 1983, 1985, 2014
Chicago Cubs 1961, 1962, 1989, 1998, 2008, 2015
New York Mets 1967, 1972, 1983, 1984, 2014, 2019
Detroit Tigers 5 1953, 1976, 1978, 2006, 2016
Seattle Mariners 1984, 2000, 2001, 2020, 2022
Cleveland Guardians 4 1955, 1971, 1980, 1990
Kansas City Royals 1969, 1994, 1999, 2003
Philadelphia Phillies 1957, 1964, 1997, 2005
Miami Marlins 2003, 2006, 2009, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays 2008, 2011, 2013, 2021
Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals 3 1970, 1977, 2012
Los Angeles Angels 1993, 2012, 2018
Houston Astros 1991, 2015, 2019
Milwaukee Brewers 1992, 2007, 2020
San Diego Padres 2 1976, 1987
Toronto Blue Jays 1979, 2002
Texas Rangers 1974, 2010
Arizona Diamondbacks 1 2023
Colorado Rockies 2002
Pittsburgh Pirates 2004

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