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New South Wales
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Location in New South Wales
Lands administrative divisions around Cowley:
Harden Harden Murray
Buccleuch Cowley Murray
Wallace Wallace Beresford
Murrumbidgee river tharwa bridge
Looking south near the Tharwa Bridge; the Murrumbidgee River formed the boundary between Murray, on the left and Cowley on the right. This land is now part of the Australian Capital Territory and not in any county.
Australian Capital Territory parishes
Map showing parishes in the ACT area. Cowley County shown in yellow.
The Goodradigbee River in the Brindabella Ranges; the river was the western boundary between Cowley (left) and Buccleuch (right)

Cowley County is one of the 141 Cadastral divisions of New South Wales. It contains the locality of Cavan. It was originally bordered on the north, east and part of the south by the Murrumbidgee River, and on the west by the Goodradigbee River. A large part of the county was transferred to the Commonwealth to make the Australian Capital Territory in 1909, with the remaining part the area to the north-west of the ACT as far north as the Burrinjuck Dam, and thin strips of land along the western, southern and south-eastern borders of the ACT.

Cowley County is named in honour of Henry Richard Charles Wellesley, First Earl Cowley (1804-1884).

Parishes within this county

A full list of parishes found within this county including the 15 former parishes which are now part of the ACT; their current LGA and mapping coordinates to the approximate centre of each location is as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates
Bimberi Snowy Valleys Council 35°34′54″S 148°45′04″E / 35.58167°S 148.75111°E / -35.58167; 148.75111 (Bimberi)
Boboyan (former) Australian Capital Territory
Booroomba (former) Australian Capital Territory
Brayshaw (former) Australian Capital Territory
Brindibella Snowy Valleys Council 35°23′54″S 148°46′04″E / 35.39833°S 148.76778°E / -35.39833; 148.76778 (Brindibella)
Bumbalong Cooma-Monaro Shire 35°48′54″S 149°07′04″E / 35.81500°S 149.11778°E / -35.81500; 149.11778 (Bumbalong)
Cavan Yass Valley Council 35°03′54″S 148°52′04″E / 35.06500°S 148.86778°E / -35.06500; 148.86778 (Cavan)
Cochran Cooma-Monaro Shire 35°44′54″S 148°53′04″E / 35.74833°S 148.88444°E / -35.74833; 148.88444 (Cochran)
Congwarra (former) Australian Capital Territory
Cooleman Snowy Valleys Council 35°39′54″S 148°45′04″E / 35.66500°S 148.75111°E / -35.66500; 148.75111 (Cooleman)
Coree Yass Valley Council 35°16′54″S 148°46′04″E / 35.28167°S 148.76778°E / -35.28167; 148.76778 (Coree)
Cotter (former) Australian Capital Territory
Cuppacumbalong Cooma-Monaro Shire 35°36′54″S 149°06′04″E / 35.61500°S 149.10111°E / -35.61500; 149.10111 (Cuppacumbalong)
East Goodradigbee Yass Valley Council 35°07′54″S 148°44′04″E / 35.13167°S 148.73444°E / -35.13167; 148.73444 (East Goodradigbee)
Fergus (former) Australian Capital Territory
Gibraltar (former) Australian Capital Territory
Greenfield (former) Australian Capital Territory
Gudgenby (former) Australian Capital Territory
Gurrangora Cooma-Monaro Shire 35°44′54″S 148°45′04″E / 35.74833°S 148.75111°E / -35.74833; 148.75111 (Gurrangora)
Long Plain Cooma-Monaro Shire 35°39′54″S 148°37′04″E / 35.66500°S 148.61778°E / -35.66500; 148.61778 (Long Plain)
Micalong Yass Valley Council 35°13′54″S 148°45′04″E / 35.23167°S 148.75111°E / -35.23167; 148.75111 (Micalong)
Milligan (former) Australian Capital Territory
Mullion Yass Valley Council 35°07′54″S 148°48′04″E / 35.13167°S 148.80111°E / -35.13167; 148.80111 (Mullion)
Murray Snowy Valleys Council 35°36′54″S 148°40′04″E / 35.61500°S 148.66778°E / -35.61500; 148.66778 (Murray)
Naas (former) Australian Capital Territory
Narrangullen Yass Valley Council 34°59′54″S 148°43′04″E / 34.99833°S 148.71778°E / -34.99833; 148.71778 (Narrangullen)
Nattung Cooma-Monaro Shire 35°44′54″S 148°36′04″E / 35.74833°S 148.60111°E / -35.74833; 148.60111 (Nattung)
Orroral (former) Australian Capital Territory
Pabral Yass Valley Council 35°13′54″S 148°48′04″E / 35.23167°S 148.80111°E / -35.23167; 148.80111 (Pabral)
Punyibah (former) Australian Capital Territory
Taemas Yass Valley Council 35°01′54″S 148°46′04″E / 35.03167°S 148.76778°E / -35.03167; 148.76778 (Taemas)
Tharwa (former) Australian Capital Territory
Tidbinbilla (former) Australian Capital Territory
Umburra Yass Valley Council 35°08′54″S 148°53′04″E / 35.14833°S 148.88444°E / -35.14833; 148.88444 (Umburra)
Urayarra Yass Valley Council 35°14′54″S 148°53′04″E / 35.24833°S 148.88444°E / -35.24833; 148.88444 (Urayarra)
Venterman Snowy Valleys Council 35°29′54″S 148°45′04″E / 35.49833°S 148.75111°E / -35.49833; 148.75111 (Venterman)
Yaouk Cooma-Monaro Shire 35°44′54″S 148°48′04″E / 35.74833°S 148.80111°E / -35.74833; 148.80111 (Yaouk)
Yarara Cooma-Monaro Shire 35°44′54″S 149°06′04″E / 35.74833°S 149.10111°E / -35.74833; 149.10111 (Yarara)
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