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New South Wales
Murray NSW.PNG
Location in New South Wales
Lands administrative divisions around Murray:
Harden King Argyle
Cowley Murray St Vincent
Cowley Beresford Dampier
ACT area Murray County 1886
Map of Murray County in 1886
Australian Capital Territory parishes
Map showing parishes (labelled in red) in the ACT area. Murray County shown in green.
Murrumbidgee river tharwa bridge
Looking south near the Tharwa Bridge; the Murrumbidgee River formed the boundary between Murray, on the left and Cowley on the right. This land is now part of the Australian Capital Territory and not in any county.
Bridge over the Shoalhaven River, near Braidwood; the river is the boundary between Murray and St Vincent.
Australian Capital Territory border Murray Cowley 1909
1909 cadastral map showing the small part of the ACT-NSW border near 35°35′14″S 149°7′0″E / 35.58722°S 149.11667°E / -35.58722; 149.11667 determined by property boundaries in the parishes of Keewong, County of Murray and Cuppacumbalong, County of Cowley

Murray County was one of the original Nineteen Counties in New South Wales and is now one of the 141 Lands administrative divisions of New South Wales. It included the area which is now part of Canberra and as far north as Lake George and Yass. It was originally bounded on the west by the Murrumbidgee River, on the east by the Shoalhaven River and on the north by the Yass River. A large area of the county was transferred to the Commonwealth government in 1909 in the Seat of Government Acceptance Act to make part of the Australian Capital Territory, along with land in Cowley County. Since then, the ACT border is now part of the western boundary. Part of the ACT border is determined by property boundaries in the Parish of Keewong, in the County of Murray; specifically the southern end of portions 177, 218, 211, 36, and 38. This is mentioned in the Seat of Government Acceptance Act of 1909.

Murray County is named in honour of Lieutenant-Governor, Sir George Murray (1772–1846). The electoral district of United Counties of Murray and St Vincent was the first electoral district for the area, between 1856 and 1859.

Parishes within this county

The four parishes of Canberra, Yarrolumla, Narrabundah and Gigerline became part of the Australian Capital Territory in 1911. Some of the other parishes are smaller than they were in the nineteenth century, due to land being taken out of them for the ACT; this includes Tuggeranong, Queanbeyan, Amungula, Pialligo, Goorooyarroo, Ginninderra and Weetangera.

Alterations to parishes on the ACT/NSW border, listed clockwise from the north-west:

  • Nearly all of the Parish of Weetangera becomes part of the ACT except for the small section near Ginninderra falls at 35°12′22″S 148°57′35″E / 35.20611°S 148.95972°E / -35.20611; 148.95972
  • A small portion of the Parish of Wallaroo becomes part of the ACT at 35°11′54″S 149°00′00″E / 35.19833°S 149.00000°E / -35.19833; 149.00000 (located to the north-west of Ginninderra Creek)
  • About half of the Parish of Ginninderra joins the ACT (including Hall)
  • A minuscule portion of the Parish of Bedulluck joins the ACT, near the northern tip of the territory.
  • Two non-continuous parts of the Parish of Goorooyarroo join the ACT, which make up about two fifths of the parish area in total. (Northern Gungahlin area)
  • Nearly all of the Parish of Pialligo becomes part of the ACT (includes the current airport and land to the east of Mount Majura), except for a small point at 35°13′22″S 149°12′29″E / 35.22278°S 149.20806°E / -35.22278; 149.20806 (located between the two parts of Goorooyarroo that became part of the territory.
  • Most of the Parish of Amungula joins the ACT, leaving two non-contiguous segments on either side of the "arm" of the territory in the north-east; the northern section around 35°15′50″S 149°17′29″E / 35.26389°S 149.29139°E / -35.26389; 149.29139; the southern around 35°20′48″S 149°19′49″E / 35.34667°S 149.33028°E / -35.34667; 149.33028
  • About a quarter of the Parish of Majura becomes part of the ACT, this leaves a tiny area separate from the main part of the parish, at 35°21′03″S 149°22′00″E / 35.35083°S 149.36667°E / -35.35083; 149.36667
  • A small section of the Parish of Carwoola becomes part of the ACT, this is located between the Molonglo River and the Goulburn-Queanbeyan railway line at 35°19′42″S 149°17′45″E / 35.32833°S 149.29583°E / -35.32833; 149.29583
  • About half of the Parish of Queanbeyan joins the ACT (modern Fyshwick Hume)
  • A small portion of the Parish of Keewong which is to the east of the Murrumbidgee River at 35°34′40″S 149°07′28″E / 35.57778°S 149.12444°E / -35.57778; 149.12444 joins the ACT.

Parish list

A full list of parishes found within this county (including the four former parishes of Canberra, Yarrolumla, Narrabundah and Gigerline which are now wholly in the ACT ); their current LGA and mapping coordinates to the approximate centre of each location is as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates
Amungula Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°16′54″S 149°18′04″E / 35.28167°S 149.30111°E / -35.28167; 149.30111 (Amungula Parish)
Ballallaba Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°33′54″S 149°28′04″E / 35.56500°S 149.46778°E / -35.56500; 149.46778 (Ballallaba Parish)
Barnet Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°13′54″S 149°42′04″E / 35.23167°S 149.70111°E / -35.23167; 149.70111 (Barnet Parish)
Bedulluck Yass Valley Council 35°03′54″S 149°05′04″E / 35.06500°S 149.08444°E / -35.06500; 149.08444 (Bedulluck Parish)
Boambolo Yass Valley Council 34°59′54″S 148°54′04″E / 34.99833°S 148.90111°E / -34.99833; 148.90111 (Boambolo Parish)
Bullongong Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°34′54″S 149°24′04″E / 35.58167°S 149.40111°E / -35.58167; 149.40111 (Bullongong Parish)
Burra Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°31′54″S 149°13′04″E / 35.53167°S 149.21778°E / -35.53167; 149.21778 (Burra Parish)
Butmaroo Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°22′54″S 149°30′04″E / 35.38167°S 149.50111°E / -35.38167; 149.50111 (Butmaroo Parish)
Bywong Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°09′54″S 149°20′04″E / 35.16500°S 149.33444°E / -35.16500; 149.33444 (Bywong Parish)
Canberra(former) Australian Capital Territory 35°14′20″S 149°5′49″E / 35.23889°S 149.09694°E / -35.23889; 149.09694 (Canberra Parish)
Carwoola Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°22′54″S 149°18′04″E / 35.38167°S 149.30111°E / -35.38167; 149.30111 (Carwoola Parish)
Currandooly Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°14′54″S 149°30′04″E / 35.24833°S 149.50111°E / -35.24833; 149.50111 (Currandooly Parish)
Ellenden Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°07′54″S 149°30′04″E / 35.13167°S 149.50111°E / -35.13167; 149.50111 (Ellenden Parish)
Fairy Meadow Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°14′54″S 149°37′04″E / 35.24833°S 149.61778°E / -35.24833; 149.61778 (Fairy Meadow Parish)
Gigerline(former) Australian Capital Territory 35°29′00″S 149°06′00″E / 35.48333°S 149.10000°E / -35.48333; 149.10000 (Gigerline Parish)
Ginninderra Yass Valley Council 35°09′54″S 149°04′04″E / 35.16500°S 149.06778°E / -35.16500; 149.06778 (Ginninderra Parish)
Googong Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°25′54″S 149°14′04″E / 35.43167°S 149.23444°E / -35.43167; 149.23444 (Googong Parish)
Goorooyarroo Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°10′54″S 149°14′04″E / 35.18167°S 149.23444°E / -35.18167; 149.23444 (Goorooyarroo Parish)
Gundaroo Yass Valley Council 35°01′54″S 149°20′04″E / 35.03167°S 149.33444°E / -35.03167; 149.33444 (Gundaroo Parish)
Hume Yass Valley Council 34°53′54″S 148°55′04″E / 34.89833°S 148.91778°E / -34.89833; 148.91778 (Hume Parish)
Jeir Yass Valley Council 35°02′54″S 148°59′04″E / 35.04833°S 148.98444°E / -35.04833; 148.98444 (Jeir Parish)
Jinero Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°31′54″S 149°36′04″E / 35.53167°S 149.60111°E / -35.53167; 149.60111 (Jinero Parish)
Jinglemoney Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°25′54″S 149°39′04″E / 35.43167°S 149.65111°E / -35.43167; 149.65111 (Jinglemoney Parish)
Jinjera Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°41′54″S 149°29′04″E / 35.69833°S 149.48444°E / -35.69833; 149.48444 (Jinjera Parish)
Keewong Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°35′54″S 149°12′04″E / 35.59833°S 149.20111°E / -35.59833; 149.20111 (Keewong Parish)
Krawarree Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°41′54″S 149°37′04″E / 35.69833°S 149.61778°E / -35.69833; 149.61778 (Krawarree Parish)
Lake George Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°05′54″S 149°25′04″E / 35.09833°S 149.41778°E / -35.09833; 149.41778 (Lake George Parish)
Larbert Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°14′54″S 149°47′04″E / 35.24833°S 149.78444°E / -35.24833; 149.78444 (Larbert Parish)
Majura Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°18′54″S 149°25′04″E / 35.31500°S 149.41778°E / -35.31500; 149.41778 (Majura Parish)
Merigan Goulburn Mulwaree Council 35°07′54″S 149°37′04″E / 35.13167°S 149.61778°E / -35.13167; 149.61778 (Merigan Parish)
Molonglo Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°24′54″S 149°29′04″E / 35.41500°S 149.48444°E / -35.41500; 149.48444 (Molonglo Parish)
Monkellan Snowy Monaro Regional Council 35°39′54″S 149°12′04″E / 35.66500°S 149.20111°E / -35.66500; 149.20111 (Monkellan Parish)
Mulloon Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°19′54″S 149°36′04″E / 35.33167°S 149.60111°E / -35.33167; 149.60111 (Mulloon Parish)
Murrumbateman Yass Valley Council 34°53′54″S 149°01′04″E / 34.89833°S 149.01778°E / -34.89833; 149.01778 (Murrumbateman Parish)
Nanima Yass Valley Council 34°57′54″S 149°02′04″E / 34.96500°S 149.03444°E / -34.96500; 149.03444 (Nanima Parish)
Narrabundah(former) Australian Capital Territory 35°19′51″S 149°05′46″E / 35.33083°S 149.09611°E / -35.33083; 149.09611 (Narrabundah Parish)
Ollalulla Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°38′54″S 149°33′04″E / 35.64833°S 149.55111°E / -35.64833; 149.55111 (Ollalulla Parish)
Oronmear Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°46′54″S 149°33′04″E / 35.78167°S 149.55111°E / -35.78167; 149.55111 (Oronmear Parish)
Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°25′54″S 149°34′04″E / 35.43167°S 149.56778°E / -35.43167; 149.56778 (Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council Parish)
Pialligo Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°13′22″S 149°12′29″E / 35.22278°S 149.20806°E / -35.22278; 149.20806 (Pialligo Parish)
Purrorumba Yass Valley Council 35°04′54″S 149°20′04″E / 35.08167°S 149.33444°E / -35.08167; 149.33444 (Purrorumba Parish)
Queanbeyan Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°20′54″S 149°15′04″E / 35.34833°S 149.25111°E / -35.34833; 149.25111 (Queanbeyan Parish)
Talagandra Yass Valley Council 35°04′54″S 149°12′04″E / 35.08167°S 149.20111°E / -35.08167; 149.20111 (Talagandra Parish)
Tantangera Snowy Monaro Regional Council 35°38′54″S 149°17′04″E / 35.64833°S 149.28444°E / -35.64833; 149.28444 (Tantangera Parish)
Thurralilly Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°28′54″S 149°31′04″E / 35.48167°S 149.51778°E / -35.48167; 149.51778 (Thurralilly Parish)
Toual Yass Valley Council 34°59′54″S 149°11′04″E / 34.99833°S 149.18444°E / -34.99833; 149.18444 (Toual Parish)
Tuggeranong Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°25′54″S 149°10′04″E / 35.43167°S 149.16778°E / -35.43167; 149.16778 (Tuggeranong Parish)
Urialla Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°33′54″S 149°18′04″E / 35.56500°S 149.30111°E / -35.56500; 149.30111 (Urialla Parish)
Wallaroo Yass Valley Council 35°08′54″S 148°58′04″E / 35.14833°S 148.96778°E / -35.14833; 148.96778 (Wallaroo Parish)
Wamboin Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°14′59″S 149°22′04″E / 35.24972°S 149.36778°E / -35.24972; 149.36778 (Wamboin Parish)
Warri Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°21′54″S 149°40′04″E / 35.36500°S 149.66778°E / -35.36500; 149.66778 (Warri Parish)
Warroo Yass Valley Council 34°52′54″S 148°49′04″E / 34.88167°S 148.81778°E / -34.88167; 148.81778 (Warroo Parish)
Weetangera Yass Valley Council 35°12′54″S 148°59′04″E / 35.21500°S 148.98444°E / -35.21500; 148.98444 (Weetangera Parish)
Werriwa Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°04′54″S 149°31′04″E / 35.08167°S 149.51778°E / -35.08167; 149.51778 (Werriwa Parish)
Yanununbeyan Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°29′54″S 149°24′04″E / 35.49833°S 149.40111°E / -35.49833; 149.40111 (Yanununbeyan Parish)
Yarrolumla(former) Australian Capital Territory 35°19′00″S 148°59′13″E / 35.31667°S 148.98694°E / -35.31667; 148.98694 (Yarrolumla Parish)
Yarrow Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council 35°27′54″S 149°19′04″E / 35.46500°S 149.31778°E / -35.46500; 149.31778 (Yarrow Parish)
Yass Yass Valley Council 34°50′14″S 148°53′44″E / 34.83722°S 148.89556°E / -34.83722; 148.89556 (Yass Parish)
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