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Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas as depicted in the Sapieha Genealogy in Kodeń, 1709
Grand Duke of Lithuania
Reign 1316–1341
Predecessor Vytenis
Successor Jaunutis
Born c. 1275
Died c. 1341
Raudonė, Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Burial Veliuona, Lithuania
Spouse Jewna
  • Manvydas
  • Narimantas
  • Karijotas
  • Jaunutis
  • Algirdas
  • Kęstutis
  • Aldona
  • Liubartas
Dynasty Gediminids
Father Butvydas
Religion Paganism

Gediminas (Latin: Gedeminne, Latin: Gedeminnus; c. 1275 – December 1341) was Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1315 or 1316 until his death. He is credited with founding this political entity and expanding its territory which later spanned the area ranging from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Also seen as one of the most significant individuals in early Lithuanian history, he was responsible for both building Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and establishing a dynasty that later came to rule other European countries such as Poland, Hungary and Bohemia.

As part of his legacy, he gained a reputation for being a champion of paganism, who successfully diverted attempts to Christianize his country by skillful negotiations with the Pope and other Christian rulers.

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