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Map of Michigan highlighting Washtenaw County
Location of Washtenaw County in Michigan

The following is a list of Michigan State Historic Sites in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Sites marked with a dagger (†) are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Washtenaw County, Michigan.


Current listings

Name Image Location City Listing date
William Anderson House WilliamAndersonHouseAnnArborMI.JPG 1127 Ann Street Ann Arbor July 26, 1974
Ann Arbor Central Fire Station AnnArborCentralFireStationAnnArborMI.JPG Corner of 5th Avenue and Huron Street Ann Arbor April 23, 1971
Antislavery Society Informational Site Antislavery Society Historical Marker Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG 340 E. Huron Street (Ann Arbor News Building) Ann Arbor October 1, 1976
Ballard House Ballard House historic site Ypsilanti Michigan.JPG 125 North Huron Street Ypsilanti February 17, 1965
Bell Road Bridge† / Dover Informational Designation BellRoadHuronRiverBridgeWashtenawCountyMI.jpg Bell Road at the Huron River Dexter Township July 17, 1997
Bell-Spalding House Bell-SpaldingHouseAnnArborMI.JPG 2117 Washtenaw Avenue Ann Arbor August 12, 1983
Bethel Church Bethel United Church of Christ Manchester Michigan.JPG 10425 Bethel Church Road Manchester vicinity June 15, 1989
Bethlehem United Church of Christ Bethlehem United Church of Christ Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG 423 South Fourth Avenue Ann Arbor November 16, 1982
Blacksmith Shop William F. Neebling Blacksmith Shop historic site Manchester Michigan.JPG 324 East Main Street Manchester April 18, 1983
Bridgewater Town Hall Bridgewater Township Townhall.JPG 10990 Clinton Road Clinton January 21, 1988
Brinkerhoff-Becker House Brinkerhoff-BeckerHouseYpsilantiMI.jpg 601 West Forest Avenue Ypsilanti August 12, 1977
Edward DeMille Campbell House Edward DeMille Campbell House Historic Site Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG 1555 Washtenaw Avenue Ann Arbor January 8, 1981
John Cassidy House John Cassidy House Chelsea Michigan.JPG 17980 Waterloo Road Chelsea March 10, 1988
Central Title Service Building Informational Site Central Title Service Building historical marker Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG 213 East Washington Street Ann Arbor December 15, 1986
Chelsea Depot† / Chelsea Informational Designation ChelseaMIDepot.jpg 150 Jackson Street Chelsea December 5, 1986
Cleary College Informational Designation Cleary Business College.jpg 2170 Washtenaw Ypsilanti April 18, 1983
John Wesley Conant House John Wesley Conant House historic site Salem Township Michigan.JPG 5683 Napier Road Salem Township December 20, 1989
Martha Cook Building Martha Cook Building Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG 906 South University Avenue Ann Arbor October 10, 1989
Corey House Corey House historic site Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG 1219 Traver Street Ann Arbor November 2, 1980
Davenport House William H Davenport House Saline MI.JPG 300 East Michigan Avenue Saline July 21, 1972
Delta Upsilon Fraternity House DeltaUpsilonHouseAnnArborMI.JPG 1331 Hill Street Ann Arbor July 18, 1991
Detroit Observatory-University of Michigan† Detroit Observatory.jpg 1308 Ann Street Ann Arbor February 19, 1958
Dexter Depot / Track Pans Informational Designation Michigan Central Railroad Dexter Michigan Depot.JPG 3487 Broad, NW corner of Broad and Third Dexter April 10, 1986
Judge Samuel W. Dexter House Gordon Hall Dexter Michigan.JPG 8347 Island Lake Road Dexter vicinity February 19, 1958
Dixboro General Store Dixboro General Store.JPG 5210 Plymouth Road Dixboro October 2, 1980
Dixboro United Methodist Church DixboroUnitedMethodistChurchDixboroMI.JPG 5221 Church Street Dixboro October 1, 1971
Earhart Manor Earhart Manor historic site Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG 4090 Geddes Road Ann Arbor July 17, 1997
Eastern Michigan College Informational Designation EMU historical marker.jpg Southwest corner of College Place and Forest Avenue, between Pierce and Boone halls Ypsilanti September 25, 1956
Governor Alpheus Felch Informational Designation Governor Alpheus Felch Park Univerisity of Michigan Ann Arbor.JPG Felch Park, 121 Fletcher Ann Arbor September 7, 1973
David M. Finley House David M. Finley House Scio Township Michigan.JPG 1209 N Zeeb Road Ann Arbor vicinity June 18, 1982
First Baptist Church First Baptist Church Ypsilanti Michigan 1.JPG 1110 West Cross Street Ypsilanti February 19, 1987
First Congregational Church First Congregational Church of Chelsea Michigan.JPG 121 East Middle Street Chelsea November 16, 1995
First Methodist Episcopal Church First Methodist Episcopal Church Ypsilanti Michigan.JPG 209 Washtenaw Avenue Ypsilanti February 29, 1996
First Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church of Ypsilanti Michigan.JPG 300 North Washington Ypsilanti January 19, 1989
Fleming Creek Mill Fleming Creek Grist Mill Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG 4650 Geddes Road Ann Arbor vicinity April 5, 1974
Fountain-Bessac House Fountain-Bessac House Historic Site, Manchester, Michigan.JPG 102 West Main Street Manchester September 16, 1986
Henry S. Frieze House HenryFriezeHouseAnnArborMI.JPG 1547 Washtenaw Avenue Ann Arbor June 16, 1972
Michigan Becomes a State Informational Designation Frostbitten Convention historical marker Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG Northeast corner of North Main Street and East Huron Street, at the Washtenaw County Building Ann Arbor September 18, 1964
Glazier Stove Company Warehouse and Clocktower Building Chelsea Michigan Clocktower.JPG 310 Main Street Chelsea January 23, 1997
George P. Glazier Memorial Building George P. Glazier Memorial Building Chelsea Michigan.JPG 122 South Main Street Chelsea June 13, 1986
The German Church Emanuel German Evangelical Church Manchester Michigan 1.JPG 324 West Main Street, west of McComb Street Manchester April 28, 1987
Henry C. Gregory House Henry C. Gregory House historic site Dexter Michigan.JPG 3294 Broad Street Dexter February 23, 1981
Hudson Mills Informational Designation Hudson Mills Metropark historical marker.JPG South of N Territorial Road, just west of Huron River Drive Dexter vicinity April 23, 1971
Hutchinson House Hutchinson House historic site Ypsilanti Michigan.JPG 600 N River Street Ypsilanti July 17, 1975
Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity House Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity House Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG 1414 Washtenaw Avenue Ann Arbor April 29, 1982
Kellogg-Warden House Kellogg-WardenHouseAnnArborMI.JPG 500 Main Street Ann Arbor April 18, 1996
Kempf House† (also known as the Henry Bennett House) HenryBennettHouseAnnArborMI.JPG 312 South Division Street Ann Arbor May 17, 1973
Ladies' Literary Club Arden H. Ballard House 089694pu-adjusted.jpg 218 North Washington Street Ypsilanti May 12, 1965
James A. Lynch House / Manchester Township Library James A. Lynch House historic site Manchester Michigan.JPG 202 West Main Street Manchester February 19, 1987
Manchester Grist Mill Manchester Grist Mill historic site Manchester Michigan.JPG 201 E Main Manchester November 16, 1989
Elijah McCoy Commemorative Designation Elijah McCoy Commemorative Historical Marker Ypsilanti Michigan.jpg 229 West Michigan Avenue Ypsilanti January 20, 1994
Michigan Central Freighthouse Ypsilanti freighthouse sign.JPG 435 Market Place Ypsilanti July 17, 1997
Michigan Central Railroad Depot MichiganCentralDepotAnnArborMI.JPG 401 Depot Street Ann Arbor July 26, 1974
Michigan Interurbans Informational Designation Michigan Interurbans historical marker Ypsilanti Michigan.JPG Northwest corner of the intersection of East Michigan Avenue and North Park Street Ypsilanti January 19, 1957
Michigan Municipal League Informational Designation Michigan Municipal League historical marker Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG 1675 Green Road Ann Arbor June 15, 1992
Michigan Theater Building Michigan theater (Ann Arbor).jpg 603 East Liberty Ann Arbor September 17, 1981
Michigan's First Jewish Cemetery Site Michigan's first Jewish Cemetery Ann Arbor.JPG SW corner of E Huron and Fletcher streets Ann Arbor September 24, 1982
Milan Old Village Hall and Fire Station Old Milan Fire Barn Milan Michigan.JPG 153 East Main Street Milan June 20, 1985
Newberry Hall NewberryHall.jpg 434 South State Street Ann Arbor August 13, 1971
North Lake Methodist Church North Lake Methodist Church Chelsea Michigan.JPG 14111 North Territorial Road Chelsea vicinity February 11, 1972
Northern Brewery NorthernBreweryAnnArborMI.JPG 1327 Jones Drive Ann Arbor November 7, 1977
Albert H. Pattengill House Albert H. Pattengill House historic site Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG 1405 Hill Street Ann Arbor May 8, 1984
Phi Delta Theta Fraternity House Phi Delta Theta Fraternity House Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG 1437 Washtenaw Avenue Ann Arbor March 22, 1983
Esek Pray House Esek Pray House historic site Superior Township Michigan.JPG 8755 West Plymouth-Ann Arbor Road Superior Township September 16, 1986
President's House, University of Michigan President's House University of Michigan Ann Arbor.JPG 815 South University (University of Michigan campus) Ann Arbor February 19, 1958
Prospect Park Prospect Park historical marker.JPG Prospect Avenue and Cross Street Ypsilanti November 30, 1983
John and Mary Raywalt House John & Mary Raywalt House Dexter Michigan.JPG 8120 Huron Street Dexter March 19, 1992
Saint Andrew's Church Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG 306 North Division Ann Arbor July 26, 1974
Saint Andrews Lutheran Church Saint Andrews Lutheran Church Dexter Michigan.JPG 3443 Inverness Dexter July 19, 1990
Saint Joseph's Church Saint Joseph's Catholic Church Dexter Michigan.JPG 3430 Dover Street Dexter July 26, 1978
Saint Mary Church Saint Mary Catholic Church Manchester Michigan.JPG 210 West Main Street Manchester June 20, 1991
St. Patrick's Church SaintPatricksAnnArborMI.jpg 5671 Whitmore Lake Road Northfield Township December 14, 1976
Thomas Church / Saint Thomas Cemetery Saint Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery Freedom Township Michigan.JPG 10001 West Ellsworth Road Freedom Township May 21, 1992
St. Thomas the Apostle Church St Thomas Church, Ann Arbor MI USA, dedicated 1899.jpeg 530 Elizabeth Street Ann Arbor July 20, 1984
Salem Church Sharon Township Salem Church.JPG 19980 Pleasant Lake Road, NW corner of M-52 Sharon Township March 19, 1980
Salem Methodist Episcopal Church and Salem Walker Cemetery† SalemMEChurchSalemMI.jpg 7150 Angle Road Salem July 18, 1991
Saline Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church Saline Michigan.JPG 143 East Michigan Avenue Saline August 3, 1995
Science and Manual Training Building-Eastern Michigan University EMUHDYpsilantiMIA.jpg Northwest corner of Putnam and West Forest Ypsilanti May 17, 1978
Sharon Mills Sharon Township Sharon Mills County Park.JPG 5701 Sharon Hollow Road Sharon November 16, 1989
Starkweather Hall† Starkweather Hall.jpg 901 West Forest Ypsilanti September 29, 1972
Superior and Ann Arbor Fractional District No. 2 Schoolhouse Dixboro Schoolhouse.JPG 5201 Plymouth Road Dixboro June 15, 1984
Ticknor-Campbell House BenajahTicknorHouseAnnArborMI.JPG 2781 Packard Road Ann Arbor May 17, 1973
Toledo, Ann Arbor and Northern Michigan Railroad Ann Arbor Depot Toledo Ann Arbor and Northern Michigan Railroad Ann Arbor Depot.JPG 416 S. Ashley Ann Arbor
University of Michigan Informational Designation University of Michigan historical marker Ann Arbor Michigan.JPG Northwest corner of the Graduate Library Ann Arbor July 19, 1956
Webster Township Hall Webster Old Town Hall.JPG 5001 Gregory Road (at Scully Road) Dexter vicinity November 16, 1982
Webster United Church of Christ Webster Township Webster Church.JPG 5484 Webster Church Road Dexter vicinity November 2, 1980
Welfare Building Welfare Building Historic Site Chelsea Michigan.JPG 300 North Main Chelsea August 3, 1979
Orrin White House OrrinWhiteHouseAnnArborMI.JPG 2940 Fuller Road Ann Arbor vicinity November 6, 1970
John Williams House John Williams House Webster Township Michigan.JPG 4580 Farrell Road Webster Township June 23, 1983
Willow Run B-24 bomber at Willow Run.jpg Bounded by Tyler Road, Hudson Road, and US-12 Ypsilanti vicinity August 24, 1978
Judge Robert S. Wilson House RobertWilsonHouseAnnArborMI.JPG 126 North Division Street Ann Arbor February 19, 1958
Ypsilanti Area Informational Designation Ypsilanti Historical Marker Ypsilanti Michigan.JPG Ypsilanti Historical Museum, 220 N Huron, between Michigan Avenue and Cross Street Ypsilanti June 23, 1962
Ypsilanti Historic District East Cross Street Depot Town.jpg Approximately 200 resources within an irregular boundary along Huron River extending to Forest Avenue, Grove, Buffalo and Hamilton Streets Ypsilanti June 28, 1973
Ypsilanti Water Tower Ypsilanti Water Tower 2011.JPG Cross Street at Summit Street Ypsilanti September 21, 1988
Zion Lutheran Church Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church historic site Freedom Township Michigan.JPG 3050 South Fletcher Road Freedom Township October 23, 1979
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