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This is a list of Old West lawmen; people who served in various law enforcement positions during the Old West period.

Name Portrait Life Years active Comments Ref.
John Hicks Adams No image
1830–1878 1864–1878 Sheriff, Santa Clara County, California, Deputy U.S. Marshal, Arizona Territory
Alfred Shea Addis Alfred Shea Addis.jpg 1832–1886 1883–1886 Territorial Marshal, Tucson, Arizona 1883–1886 Deputy US Marshal, Grant County
William G. "Red" Angus No image
1849–1922 1888–1893 Sheriff, Johnson County, Wyoming
Elfego Baca No image
1865–1945 1884–1890 New Mexico
Phillip Cuney "P.C." Baird No image
1862–1928 1882–1884
Sheriff and Texas Ranger, Mason County, Texas
Mariano Barela No image
1837–1892 Sheriff and U.S. Marshal, Mesilla, New Mexico
Joel Almon Bascom No image
1832–1912 Chief of Police, Provo, Utah and constable of Mona, Utah
John Watson Bell Bascom No image
1869–1948 Deputy Sheriff, Uintah County, Utah and constable of Naples, Utah
Charlie Bassett DodgeCityPeaceCommission.jpg 1847–1896 1873–1879 Sheriff of Ford County, Kansas, Marshal of Dodge City [In Dodge Peace Commission Photograph Bassett is seated in the front row at far left]
Johnny Behan JohnnyBehan.jpg 1845–1912 1871–1882 Sheriff, Cochise County, Arizona Territory
Horace Bell No image
1830-1918 Los Angeles Ranger
James W. Bell No image
1853-1881 Deputy Sheriff, Lincoln County, New Mexico
Sam Bernard No image
1880–1964 Deputy Lincoln County, New Mexico, Hillsboro, New Mexico
Carl P.F. "Charles" Birkenfeld No image
1852–1923 1904–1917 Constable, Pima County, Arizona
N. K. Boswell NK Boswell 1919.jpg 1841-1904 Sheriff, Laramie, Wyoming
William J. Brady Lincoln County Sheriff William Brady photograph retouched cropped.jpg 1829-1878 1869-1878 Sherriff, Lincoln County New Mexico
Billy Breakenridge No image
1846–1931 Deputy Sheriff and U.S. Marshal, Cochise County, Arizona Territory
William L. Brooks Billy Brooks.jpg 1832–1874 Marshal, Newton, Kansas and Dodge City, Kansas
Charles J. Brown No image
1845–1884 1870-1884 Sheriff, Pembina County, Dakota Territory; U.S. Marshal, Dakota Territory
Henry Newton Brown Brown henry.jpg 1857–1884 Marshal, Tascosa, Texas (ghost town) and Caldwell, Kansas
Neal "Skinny" Brown No image
1844–1926 1879–1895 Assistant Marshal, Dodge City, Kansas; U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory
Seth Bullock Seth Bullock.gif 1849–1919 Sheriff, Lewis and Clark County, Montana; Sheriff, Lawrence County, South Dakota; U. S. Marshal Dakota Territory
Mathew Caldwell No image
1798–1842 Gonzales Ranging Company of Mounted Volunteers 1836, Sheriff of Gonzales (Guadalupe, Dewitt, Caldwell, Lavaca) Counties 1837, Gonzales & Seguin Texas Rangers 1839
Frank M. Canton Frank M Canton.jpg 1849–1927 Sheriff, Johnson County, Wyoming; Deputy U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory; Under Sheriff, Q County, Oklahoma
James W. Carr No image
1845-1926 Marshal Silverton, Colorado; Marshal Rico, Colorado; Deputy Sheriff Ouray County, Colorado; Deputy Sheriff Dolores County, Colorado
Charles Francis Colcord CharlesFColcord.jpg 1859–1934 Deputy U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory; Chief of Police, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Territory
David J. Cook No image
1842–1907 Marshal, Denver, Colorado
"Longhair" Jim Courtright Sheriff Jim Courtright.jpg 1848–1887 Omaha, Nebraska Marshal, Marshal, Lake Valley, New Mexico; Sheriff, Fort Worth, Texas; Detective, Fort Worth, Texas
Frank Dalton DaltonFrank-edit.jpg 1859–1887 Deputy U.S. Marshal, Fort Smith, Arkansas, Oklahoma Territory
Ben Daniels Benjamin Franklin Daniels 1852-1923 Portrait.jpg 1852-1923 US Marshal, Pima County, Arizona sheriff, superintendent of Yuma Territorial Prison
James "Jim" M. Dodson No image
1876-1890 Prescott, Arizona City Marshal; Arizona State Penitentiary Wall Guard (post retirement)
Ed Drew Edward Landers Drew circa 1905.jpg 1865-1911 Pinal County, Arizona deputy sheriff
Morgan Earp Morgan Earp.jpg 1851–1882 Deputy Sheriff, Ford County, Kansas; Marshal, Butte, Montana; U.S. Deputy Marshal, Arizona Territory; Deputy Policeman/Marshal, Arizona Territory
Virgil Earp VirgilEarp.jpg 1843–1906 Deputy Policeman and Assistant Marshal, Dodge City, Kansas; Deputy U.S. Marshal, Prescott, Arizona; Deputy U.S. Marshal, Tombstone, Arizona; Marshal/Chief of Police, Tombstone, Arizona; Sheriff, Colton, California; Deputy Sheriff Esmeralda County, Nevada
Warren Earp Warren earp circle.jpg 1855–1900 U.S. Deputy Marshal, Cochise County, Arizona Territory; Special Ranger (Arizona Cattleman's Association)
Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp portrait.png 1848–1929 Constable, Lamar, Missouri; Marshal (for 1 hour), Ellsworth, Kansas; Deputy Policeman, Wichita, Kansas; Assistant Marshal, Dodge City, Kansas; Deputy Sheriff, Pima County, Arizona, Arizona Territory); Deputy Policeman and Assistant Marshal, Tombstone, Arizona, Arizona Territory; Deputy U.S. Marshal, Arizona Territory
Stringer W. Fenton No image
1865-1936 Marshal, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Osage County
John King Fisher King Fisher.jpg 1854–1884 acting Sheriff of Uvalde County, Texas
Camillus Sidney Fly No image
1849–1901 Sheriff, Cochise County, Arizona Territory
Pat Garrett Pat Garrett2.jpg 1850–1908 Sheriff, Lincoln County, New Mexico; Sheriff, Doña Ana County, New Mexico; Customs Collector, El Paso, Texas; Texas Ranger Captain, Texas
Lee Hall No image
1849–1911 Texas Ranger
Wiley G. Haines No image
1860–1928 Undersheriff, County P, Oklahoma Territory; Deputy U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory; Chief, Osage Indian Police
John Coffee "Captain Jack" Hays JCHays.jpg 1817–1883 Captain in the Texas Rangers; first Sheriff of San Francisco (1850)
Jack Helm No image
1838–1873 Sheriff, DeWitt County, Texas
James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok Wild Bill Hickok sepia.png 1837–1876 Marshal, Abilene, Kansas and Hays City, Kansas
John Henry "Doc" Holliday DocHolliday.jpg 1851–1887 Special Police Officer, Tombstone, Arizona Territory; Deputy U.S. Marshal Arizona Territory
John R. Hughes No image
1855–1947 Texas Ranger
James B. Hume No image
1827–1904 Marshal, Placerville, California; Undersheriff, El Dorado County, California; Sheriff, El Dorado County, California; Chief Detective, Wells, Fargo & Co.
Grant Johnson No image
1858–1929 Deputy U.S. Marshal, Indian Territory
John "Liver-Eating" Johnson No image
1824–1900 Deputy Sheriff/Town Marshal
John B. Jones John B. Jones (1834-1881).jpg 1834–1891 Texas Ranger
Jeff Kidder No image
1875–1908 Arizona Ranger
John M. Larn No image
1849–1877 outlaw and Sheriff, Shackelford County, Texas
James Franklin "Bud" Ledbetter No image
1852–1937 Deputy Sheriff, Johnson County, Arkansas; Deputy U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory; Sheriff, Muskogee County, Oklahoma
Isaiah W. Lees No image
1830–1902 Detective, San Francisco, California
William Sidney "Cap" Light No image
1864–1893 Deputy Sheriff, Belton, Texas, Temple, Texas and Creede, Colorado
Steve "Big Steve" Long No image
d. 1868 outlaw and Deputy Marshal, Laramie, Wyoming Territory
Harry Love Harry Love.png 1809–1868 Captain, California State Rangers (1853–1855)
Chris Madsen No image
1851–1944 U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory
Bat Masterson Bat Masterson 1879.jpg 1853–1921 Deputy Sheriff/Sheriff Ford County, Kansas; Marshal, Trinidad, Colorado; U. S. Deputy Marshal, Dodge City, Kansas; Peace Commissioner/Deputy U.S. Marshal, Southern District of New York
Ed Masterson Edward Masterson 1852-1878.jpg 1852–1878 Marshal, Dodge City, Kansas
James Masterson James masterson.jpg 1855–1895 Dodge City, Kansas, Ford County, Kansas, Ingalls, Kansas, Deputy U.S. Marshal
Andrew "Andy" Mather No image
1851-1929 Texas Ranger, Williamson County, Texas, Co. E, Frontier Battalion, under Captain Maltby
Mysterious Dave Mather Davemather.jpg 1851-? 1880-1885 Assistant Marshal Dodge City Kansas; Town Marshal New Kiowa Kansas
Joseph McNulty Joseph McNulty, Old West Kansas lawman and legislator.jpg 1841-1909 Sheriff, Rooks County, Kansas
Tolbert "Tol" Fannin McKinney No image
1857-1938 Lt. Texas Ranger, Co. D & E.; Frontier Battalion under Captains John R. Hughes & John H Rogers; Deputy Sheriff in Uvalde, Zavala, Bandera, Brewster, and El Paso Counties, Texas
Leander H. McNelly Captain Leander H. McNelly.jpg 1844–1877 Texas Ranger
William H. "High Water Bill" Moorhead No image
1867-1870 First sheriff of Pembina County, Dakota Territory which also made him the first sheriff in what is now the State of North Dakota; also served as Pembina town marshal, and Pembina County deputy sheriff. Nicknamed "High Water Bill" for his predictions on how high the flooding Red River of the North would get each spring, predictions that usually included the exchange of money and property.
David Neagle No image
1847–1926 Deputy Sheriff, Cochise County, Arizona Territory; Marshal, Tombstone, Arizona Territory; Detective, US Marshal, San Francisco, California
Evett Dumas Nix Evett Dumas Nix 1861-1946.jpg 1861-1946 US Marshal, Fort Smith, Arkansas, Nasty Nate, Kansas
Robert Bob Olinger Sheriff Bob Olinger.jpg 1841-1881 1878-1881 Deputy Sheriff, Lincoln County, New Mexico
William Owen "Buckey" O'Neill Captain Buckey O'Neill.png 1860–1898 Sheriff, Yavapai County, Arizona
Commodore Perry Owens Sheriff Commodore Perry Owens.jpg 1852–1919 Sheriff, Apache County, Arizona
Allan Pinkerton Allan Pinkerton-retouch.jpg 1819–1884 Pinkerton Detective Agency Founder
Robert Pinkerton No image
1848–1907 Pinkerton Detective
William A. Pinkerton No image
1846–1923 Pinkerton Detective
Henry Plummer Henry Plummer (1832-1864).jpg 1837–1864 Marshal, Nevada City, California; Sheriff Bannack, Montana
Robert Jack Price No image
1848–1930 Constable
Alexander Ramsey No image
1847-1875 Marshall, Hays City, Kansas, later, Sheriff, Ellis County, Kansas, shot and captured Henry Born "Dutch Henry", shot and killed nine other outlaws in discharge of his duties
Bass Reeves BassReeves.jpg 1832–1910 Deputy U.S. Marshal, Indian Territory
Porter Rockwell OPRockwell.png 1813–1878 Utah Territory
George Scarborough No image
1859–1903 El Paso, Texas Sheriff, killed John Selman
John Selman JohnSelman.jpg 1839–1896 El Paso, Texas Constable, killed John Wesley Hardin
Charles A. Shibell Charles a shibell.jpg 1841-1908 1875-1880; 1888 Sheriff Pima County Arizona
Charles Sims No image
1879–1945 Town Marshal Rosedale, Oklahoma
Charlie Siringo Charles A Siringo.jpg 1855-1928 Pinkerton detective
Sam Sixkiller No image
1842–1886 Captain, U.S. Indian Police, Indian Territory; Deputy U.S. Marshal, Indian Territory
John Slaughter John Horton Slaughter.jpg 1841–1922 Sheriff and Texas Ranger, Cochise County, Arizona, Arizona Territory
Lot Smith Lot Smith.jpg 1830-1892 Sheriff Davis County, Utah; in March 1853, Farmington, then known as Little Cottonwood, was approved by Utah Territorial Legislature as the County seat of Davis County; a year later, Lot Smith, who also served in Mormon Battalion at age 16, was appointed county's first sheriff
Thomas Smith Thomas J. Smith.jpg 1830–1870 Marshal and Deputy U.S. Marshal, Kit Carson, Colorado and Abilene, Kansas
Con Stapleton No image
1848–1879 Marshal, Deadwood, South Dakota
Dallas Stoudenmire Dallas Stoudenmire.jpg 1845–1882 El Paso, Texas Marshal and Texas Ranger; Deputy U.S. Marshal
Michael Sughrue No image
1844–1901 Sheriff, Clark County, Kansas; Marshal Ashland, Kansas; Deputy Sheriff, Ford County, Kansas; Deputy Marshal, Dodge City, Kansas
Henry Andrew "Heck" Thomas Heck-Thomas-c1900.jpg 1850–1912 Deputy U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory
Ben Thompson Ben-Thompson.gif 1842–1884 Marshal, Austin, Texas
Bill Tilghman Bill Tilghman 1912.jpg 1854–1924 Deputy Marshal, Dodge City, Kansas; Deputy U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory; Sheriff, Lincoln County, Oklahoma; Chief of Police, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
James Timberlake James Timberlake.jpg 1846-1891 Deputy Marshal, Liberty, Missouri; County Sheriff, Clay County, Missouri; Constable, Liberty, Missouri
Paden Tolbert PTolbert2.jpg 1863–1904 Deputy U.S. Marshal, Indian Territory
Max Ventura No image
1866– U.S. Marshal, Indian Affairs Delegate, North Dakota Territory
John Joshua Webb No image
1847–1882 Deputy Marshal, Dodge City, Kansas; Marshal, Las Vegas, New Mexico
Franklin Pierce West No image
1852–1886 Indian Territory Deputy Marshal
William Fletcher Wheeler No image
1824-1894 Montana Territory U.S. Marshal 1869-1878, Lt Col, 1st MN Vol Inf, 1858–61, Capt, Co F, 4th MN Inf, 1861-64 (WIA at Vicksburg, Mississippi), 3rd U.S. Marshal in the Montana Territory, 1869–78; founder of Montana Historical Society
Fred White FredWhite.png 1849–1880 Marshal Tombstone, Arizona Territory; died in the line of duty
Robert Widdowfield No image
1846-1878 Wyoming Deputy sheriff, first Wyoming officer to be killed in the line of duty
Robert Widenmann Robert Widenmann.jpg 1852-1930 Deputy U.S. Marshal New Mexico Territory
Charlie Wilson No image
1860-1889 City Marshal, Oceanside, California 1888-1889
Jefferson "Keno" Wilson No image
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