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This is a list of islands of Tasmania, the smallest and southernmost state of Australia. The Tasmanian mainland itself is an island, with an area of 64,103 km2 (24,750 sq mi) - 94.1% of the total land area of the state of Tasmania. The eleven next largest islands have a combined area of 3,826 km2 (1,477 sq mi), for a cumulative total of 99.75% of the state. Over 300 smaller islands make up the remaining 173 km2 (67 sq mi) of total land area.

Classification structure

A considerable number of Tasmanian islands are identified as being in island groups, including the Breaksea, Furneaux, Hogan, Hunter, Kent, Maatsuyker, Mutton Bird, New Year, Swainson, Trumpeter, and Waterhouse groups.


Similar to Regions of Tasmania the islands are generally distinguished by the coast that they are adjacent to, as well as Bass Strait - the main separation from the mainland state of Victoria. Five regions are aligned to the north coast and Bass Strait - North West Islands (including King Island), North Coast Islands, North Bass Strait Islands, Furneaux Islands, and North East Islands. The southern groups are South and West Islands, and East Coast Islands.


There are 334 islands within the state of Tasmania. Only sixteen of these 334 islands are listed as private islands. The majority of these sixteen private islands have a conservation covenant associated with their title restricting future development, whilst a small minority have a freehold title.

List of islands

islet or rock name
(body of water)
Group Area Population
2011 census
(unless otherwise)
Land use Ref
ha acre
Albatross Bass Strait Hunter 18 44 -
Anderson Bass Strait Furneaux 166 410 unpopulated Pastoral lease
Babel Bass Strait Furneaux 440 1,087 unpopulated Private Freehold title: Tasmanian Aboriginal community
Badger Bass Strait Furneaux 1,242 3,069 Private Freehold title: grazing
Barren Tasman Sea Sloping 0.53 1
Bass Bass Strait Furneaux 0.01 0 unpopulated Nature reserve
Battery Bass Strait Furneaux 0.68 2 unpopulated
Baynes Bass Strait Waterhouse 1.62 4 unpopulated
Beagle Bass Strait Furneaux 1.2 3 unpopulated Nature reserve
Betsey Tasman Sea 175.1 433 Nature reserve
Big Caroline Southern Ocean Swainson 6.69 17
Big Green Bass Strait Furneaux 122 301 unpopulated Nature reserve
Big Black Bass Strait Furneaux 0.54 1 unpopulated
Billy Goat Bass Strait Furneaux 1.3 3 unpopulated
Bird Bass Strait Waterhouse 1 2 unpopulated
Bishop and Clerk South-western Pacific Ocean 60 148 unpopulated World Heritage Site
Boomer Tasman Sea 35.21 87 Private Freehold title
(historically called North East)
Bass Strait Hogan 2 5 - Crown land
Breaksea, North
Breaksea, Main
Southern Ocean Breaksea 16 40 - Southwest National Park
Bruny Tasman Sea   35,300 87,228 771 Various
Cape Barren Bass Strait Furneaux 46,500 114,904 see Flinders Island Aboriginal
Cat Bass Strait Furneaux 39 96 unpopulated
Chalky Bass Strait Furneaux 41 101 unpopulated Nature reserve
Chicken Southern Ocean Maatsuyker 195 482 - Southwest National Park
Christmas Great Australian Bight New Year 63 156 unpopulated
Clarke Bass Strait Furneaux 8,200 20,263 see Flinders Island Aboriginal
Coffee Pot, The Southern Ocean Trumpeter 0.31 1
Councillor Bass Strait New Year 10.53 26 unpopulated
Cygnet Bass Strait Waterhouse 0.5 1 unpopulated
Dart Tasman Sea 12.8 32
Deal Bass Strait Kent 1,576.75 3,896 - Kent Group National Park
De Witt Southern Ocean Maatsuyker 517 1,278 - Southwest National Park
Doughboy Bass Strait Furneaux 30 74 unpopulated
Dover Bass Strait Kent 295 729 - Kent Group National Park
East Bass Strait Hogan 12.42 31 - Crown land
East Kangaroo Bass Strait Furneaux 157 388 unpopulated Nature reserve
East Pyramids Southern Ocean Mutton Bird 6.69 17
Pedra Branca
Southern Ocean
(South East Cape)
  2 5 - Southwest National Park
Erith Bass Strait Kent 323 798 - Kent Group National Park
Fitzroy Breaksea
Flat Top Southern Ocean Maatsuyker 1.58 4 - Southwest National Park
Flat Witch Southern Ocean Maatsuyker 64 158 - Southwest National Park
Flinders Bass Strait Furneaux 134,000 331,121 776 Various
Forsyth Bass Strait Furneaux
Foster Bass Strait Waterhouse 48 119 unpopulated
Fulham Tasman Sea Sloping 10 25 unpopulated Private Freehold title (possible future restrictions:)
George Bass Strait Waterhouse 7 17 unpopulated
Goat Bass Strait     - Three Sisters-Goat Island Nature Reserve
Goose Bass Strait Furneaux 109 269 unpopulated Conservation area
Great Dog Bass Strait Furneaux 354 875 10
Private Freehold title
Gull Bass Strait Furneaux
Hay Southern Ocean Swainson 1.85 5
Hen Southern Ocean Maatsuyker 7.6 19 - Southwest National Park
Hibbs Pyramid Southern Ocean Hibbs Pyramid 4.65 11 unpopulated Southwest National Park
Hippolyte Tasman Sea
Hobbs Southern Ocean Trumpeter 9.7 24
Hog Bass Strait Sloping 0.35 1 Nature reserve
Hogan Bass Strait Hogan 232 573 - Crown land
Hunter Bass Strait Hunter 7,100 17,544 - Crown lease
Ile des Phoques Tasman Sea 8.05 20 Nature reserve
Ile du Golfe Southern Ocean Maatsuyker 68 168 - Southwest National Park
Ile du Nord Tasman Sea Maria Island Group 10 25 unpopulated Maria Island National Park
Inner Little Bass Strait Furneaux 4.5 11 unpopulated Conservation area
Inner Southern Ocean 0.23 1
Inner Sister Bass Strait Furneaux
Iron Pot Tasman Sea 1.27 3
Isabella Bass Strait Furneaux 11.4 28 unpopulated Nature reserve
Isle of Caves Tasman Sea 1.4 3
Judge and Clerk South-western Pacific Ocean 20 49 unpopulated World Heritage Site
Judgement Bass Strait Kent 0.39 1 - Kent Group National Park
Kathleen Southern Ocean Breaksea 11.35 28
Ketchem Island Southern Ocean Mutton Bird unpopulated World Heritage Site
King Bass Strait New Year 109,400 270,333 1,565 Various
King George Tasman Sea Sloping 19.8 49 2
Conservation area (with a Freehold section)
Lachlan Tasman Sea 2.5 6
Lanterns, The Tasman Sea Tasman 5.35 13 unpopulated Tasman National Park
Little Badger Bass Strait Furneaux 2.5 6 unpopulated Nature reserve
Little Betsey Tasman Sea 0.75 2 Nature reserve
Little Chalky Bass Strait Furneaux 5 12 unpopulated
Little Dog Bass strait Furneaux 83 Populated
Little Goose Bass Strait Furneaux 3.6 9 unpopulated Nature reserve
Little Green Bass Strait Furneaux
Little Spectacle Tasman Sea Sloping 0.62 2 unpopulated
Little Swan Bass Strait Waterhouse 12.64 31 unpopulated
Little Waterhouse Bass Strait Waterhouse 2.5 6 unpopulated
Long (Furneaux) Bass Strait Furneaux 313 773 unpopulated Grazing
Long (Hogan) Bass Strait Hogan 22.85 56 unpopulated Crown land
Louisa Southern Ocean Maatsuyker 23.04 57 - Southwest National Park
Lourah Southern Ocean Swainson 4.86 12
Low (Prime Seal Group) Bass Strait Furneaux
Maatsuyker Southern Ocean Maatsuyker 186 460 - Southwest National Park
Maclean Bass Strait Waterhouse 1.11 3 unpopulated
Macquarie South-western Pacific Ocean   12,400 30,641 unpopulated World Heritage Site
Maria Tasman Sea   10,100 24,958 - Maria Island National Park
Mavourneen Southern Ocean Breaksea 0.88 2
Mewstone Southern Ocean Pedra Branca 13.1 32
Mile Bass Strait Furneaux 4 10 unpopulated Conservation area
Mount Chappell Bass Strait Furneaux 323 798 unpopulated Private Freehold title: grazing
Munday Southern Ocean Breaksea
Mutton Bird (southeast) Southern Ocean Mutton Bird 0.52 1
Mutton Bird (southwest) Southern Ocean Mutton Bird 0.52 1
Needle Southern Ocean Maatsuyker 10.5 26 - Southwest National Park
New Year Great Australian Bight New Year 98.22 243 unpopulated
Night Bass Strait Furneaux
Ninth Bass Strait Waterhouse 32 79 unpopulated
North East Bass Strait Kent 32.62 81 - Kent Group National Park
North West Mount Chappell Bass Strait Furneaux 0.71 2 unpopulated
Paddys Bass Strait Waterhouse 4.6 11 unpopulated
Partridge Tasman Sea Partridge 103 255 unpopulated South Bruny National Park
Passage Bass Strait Furneaux
Pelican Bass Strait Furneaux 6.8 16.8 unpopulated
Penguin Bass Strait North Coast 2.73 7 unpopulated
Perkins Bass Strait
Philips Macquarie Harbour
Preservation Bass Strait Furneaux 207 512
Prime Seal Bass Strait Furneaux
Puncheon Bass Strait Furneaux 17.56 43.39 1 Private
Reynolds Great Lake
Robbins Bass Strait Robbins 9,900 24,463 - Private
Rodondo Bass Strait Rodondo 106 262 unpopulated Nature reserve
Round Bass Strait Hogan   - Crown land
Round Top Southern Ocean Maatsuyker 6.25 15 - Southwest National Park
Roydon Bass Strait Furneaux
Rum Bass Strait Furneaux
St Helens Bass Strait Waterhouse 51 126 unpopulated Conservation area
Sarah Macquarie Harbour 8 20 Historic site
Satellite Tasman Sea
Schouten Tasman Sea   2,800 6,919 - Freycinet National Park
Seal Bass Strait Hogan   - Crown land
Shanks Southern Ocean Swainson 2.72 7
Sloping Tasman Sea Sloping 117.2 290 unpopulated Nature reserve
Sidmouth Southern Ocean
Smooth Tasman Sea Sloping 59.31 147 3
Private Freehold title
South Black Bass Strait Hunter 1 2 - Bird reserve
South Pasco Bass Strait Furneaux
Southport Tasman Sea
South West Bass Strait Kent 19.09 47 - Kent Group National Park
Spectacle Tasman Sea Sloping 3.5 9 unpopulated
Storehouse Bass Strait Furneaux 20 49 unpopulated
Sugarloaf Southern Ocean Mutton Bird 3.56 9
Sugarmouse Southern Ocean Mutton Bird 0.54 1
Swainson Southern Ocean Swainson 4.14 10
Swan Bass Strait Waterhouse 239 591 unpopulated
Taillefer Tasman Sea
Tasman Tasman Sea
Tenth Bass Strait Waterhouse 0.9 2 unpopulated
Three Hummock Bass Strait Hunter 7,000 17,297 - Crown lease
Three Sisters Bass Strait
(North-west coast)
  2 5 - Three Sisters-Goat Island Nature Reserve
Tin Kettle Bass Strait Furneaux
Trefoil Bass Strait Trefoil Island Group
Twin Bass Strait Hogan 5.61 14 - Crown land
Vansittart Bass Strait Furneaux 800 2000
Visscher Tasman Sea Sloping 3.4 8 unpopulated Tasman National Park
Walker (northwest) Bass Strait
(North-west coast)
Robbins 700 1,730 - Private
Walker (southwest) Southern Ocean Maatsuyker 15.3 38 - Southwest National Park
Waterhouse Bass Strait Waterhouse 287 709 unpopulated Conservation area/Crown land
Wedge Tasman Sea Tasman 42.58 105 unpopulated
Wendar Southern Ocean Mutton Bird 5.8 14
West Southern Ocean Trumpeter 2.5 6
Western Southern Ocean Maatsuyker 29 72 - Southwest National Park
Wild Wind Southern Ocean Mutton Bird 3.95 10
Woody Tasman Sea Sloping unpopulated
Wybalenna Bass Strait Furneaux
Combined 2011 census data for North Bruny and South Bruny Islands.
2011 census data is for the entire Flinders Council (Furneaux Group) which includes Cape Barren Island and Clarke Island.
Errol Anderson, family arrived on Vansittart Cutter, island was named for, Jan 26 1836, Hobart Town.
Source: Direct observation by editor
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