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The following table displays the official flag, seal, and coat of arms of the 50 states, of the federal district, the 5 inhabited territories, and the federal government of the United States of America.


Common and official names Flag Seal Coat of arms Links
State of Alabama
Flag of Alabama.svg Seal of Alabama.svg Coat of arms of Alabama.svg FlagSealCoat of arms
State of Alaska
Flag of Alaska.svg State Seal of Alaska.svg FlagSeal
State of Arizona
Flag of Arizona.svg Seal of Arizona.svg FlagSeal
State of Arkansas
Flag of Arkansas.svg Seal of Arkansas.svg FlagSeal
State of California
Flag of California.svg Seal of California.svg FlagSeal
State of Colorado
Flag of Colorado.svg Seal of Colorado.svg FlagSeal
State of Connecticut
Flag of Connecticut.svg Seal of Connecticut.svg Coat of arms of Connecticut.svg FlagSealCoat of arms
State of Delaware
Flag of Delaware.svg Seal of Delaware.svg Coat of arms of Delaware.svg FlagSealCoat of arms
State of Florida
Flag of Florida.svg Seal of Florida.svg FlagSeal
State of Georgia
Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg Seal of Georgia.svg FlagSeal
State of Hawaii
Flag of Hawaii.svg Seal of the State of Hawaii.svg Coat of arms of Hawaii.svg FlagSeal and coat of arms
State of Idaho
Flag of Idaho.svg Seal of Idaho.svg Flag and seal
State of Illinois
Flag of Illinois.svg Seal of Illinois.svg Flag and seal
State of Indiana
Flag of Indiana.svg Seal of Indiana.svg FlagSeal
State of Iowa
Flag of Iowa.svg Seal of Iowa.svg FlagSeal
State of Kansas
Flag of Kansas.svg Seal of Kansas.svg FlagSeal
Commonwealth of Kentucky
Flag of Kentucky.svg Seal of Kentucky.svg FlagSeal
State of Louisiana
Flag of Louisiana.svg Seal of Louisiana.svg FlagSeal
State of Maine
Flag of Maine.svg Seal of Maine.svg Coat of arms of Maine.svg FlagSeal and coat of arms
State of Maryland
Flag of Maryland.svg Seal of Maryland.svg

Obverse of the Seal of Maryland.svg

Coat of arms of the State of Maryland.svg FlagSeal and coat of arms
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Flag of Massachusetts.svg Seal of Massachusetts.svg Coat of arms of Massachusetts.svg FlagSeal and coat of arms
State of Michigan
Flag of Michigan.svg Seal of Michigan.svg Coat of arms of Michigan.svg FlagSeal and coat of arms
State of Minnesota
Flag of Minnesota.svg Minnesota-StateSeal.svg FlagSeal
State of Mississippi
Flag of Mississippi.svg Seal of Mississippi 2014.svg Coat of arms of Mississippi.svg FlagSealCoat of arms
State of Missouri
Flag of Missouri.svg Seal of Missouri.svg Coat of arms of Missouri.svg FlagSeal and coat of arms
State of Montana
Flag of Montana.svg Seal of Montana.svg FlagSeal
State of Nebraska
Flag of Nebraska.svg Seal of Nebraska.svg FlagSeal
State of Nevada
Flag of Nevada.svg State Seal of Nevada.svg FlagSeal
New Hampshire
State of New Hampshire
Flag of New Hampshire.svg Seal of New Hampshire.svg Flag and seal
New Jersey
State of New Jersey
Flag of New Jersey.svg Seal of New Jersey.svg Coat of Arms of New Jersey.svg Flag, seal and coat of arms
New Mexico
State of New Mexico
Flag of New Mexico.svg Seal of New Mexico.svg FlagSeal
New York
State of New York
Flag of New York.svg Seal of New York (state).png Flag and coat of armsSeal
North Carolina
State of North Carolina
Flag of North Carolina.svg Seal of North Carolina.svg FlagSeal
North Dakota
State of North Dakota
Flag of North Dakota.svg Seal of North Dakota.svg Coat of Arms of North Dakota.svg FlagSealCoat of arms
State of Ohio
Flag of Ohio.svg Seal of Ohio.svg FlagSeal
State of Oklahoma
Flag of Oklahoma.svg Seal of Oklahoma.svg FlagSeal
State of Oregon
Flag of Oregon.svg
Flag of Oregon (reverse).svg
Seal of Oregon.svg FlagSeal
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Flag of Pennsylvania.svg Seal of Pennsylvania.svg Coat of arms of Pennsylvania.svg Flag and coat of armsSeal
Rhode Island
State of Rhode Island
Flag of Rhode Island.svg Seal of Rhode Island.svg Coat of arms of Rhode Island.svg FlagSealCoat of arms
South Carolina
State of South Carolina
Flag of South Carolina.svg Seal of South Carolina.svg FlagSeal
South Dakota
State of South Dakota
Flag of South Dakota.svg Seal of South Dakota.svg FlagSeal
State of Tennessee
Flag of Tennessee.svg Seal of Tennessee.svg FlagSeal
State of Texas
Flag of Texas.svg Seal of Texas.svg

Reverse of the Seal of Texas.svg

Coat of arms of the Republic of Texas.svg FlagSealCoat of arms
State of Utah
Flag of Utah.svg Seal of Utah.svg FlagSeal
State of Vermont
Flag of Vermont.svg Seal of Vermont.svg Coat of arms of Vermont.svg FlagSeal • Coat of arms
Commonwealth of Virginia
Flag of Virginia.svg Seal of Virginia.svg Flag and seal
State of Washington
Flag of Washington.svg Seal of Washington.svg FlagSeal
West Virginia
State of West Virginia
Flag of West Virginia.svg Seal of West Virginia.svg FlagSeal
State of Wisconsin
Flag of Wisconsin.svg Seal of Wisconsin.svg Coat of arms of Wisconsin.svg FlagSeal and coat of arms
State of Wyoming
Flag of Wyoming.svg Seal of Wyoming.svg FlagSeal
District of Columbia Flag of the District of Columbia.svg Seal of the District of Columbia.svg Flag • Seal
American Samoa
Territory of American Samoa
Flag of American Samoa.svg Coat of Arms of American Samoa.svg Flag • Seal
Territory of Guam
Flag of Guam.svg Coat of arms of Guam.svg Flag • Seal
Northern Mariana Islands
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Flag of the Northern Mariana Islands.svg Seal of the Northern Mariana Islands.svg Flag • Seal
Puerto Rico
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Flag of Puerto Rico.svg Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.svg Coat of arms of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.svg FlagSeal and coat of arms
United States Virgin Islands
Territory of the Virgin Islands of the United States
Flag of the United States Virgin Islands.svg Seal of the United States Virgin Islands.svg Flag • Seal
United States of America US Flag
Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
Great Seal of the United States (reverse)

U.S. Coat of Arms
Eschutcheon only

FlagSeal and coat of arms

The largest Native American tribes

Common and official names Flag Seal Coat of arms Links
Navajo Nation
Navajo flag.svg Great Seal of the Navajo Nation.svg Flag
Cherokee Nation
Flag of the Cherokee Nation.svg Great seal of the cherokee nation.svg Flag
Choctaw Nation
Flag of the Choctaw Nation.PNG Choctaw seal.svg
Hopi Nation
Flag of the Hopi Reservation.svg Flag
Iroquois Confederacy
Flag of the Iroquois Confederacy.svg Iroquois Confederacy coat of arms.svg Flag
Osage Nation
Flag of the Osage Nation of Oklahoma.png Osage nation seal.gif
Native Americans in the United States
List of federally recognized tribes in the United States
Flags of Native Americans in the United States Official seals of Native American tribes:

Historical seals

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