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Lunar Jim
Genre Animation
Science fiction
Created by Alexander Bar
Directed by
  • Alex Busby
  • Peter Huggan
  • Benny Zelkowicz
Voices of Ben Small
Robert Tinkler
Michael Cera
Joanne Vannicola
Composer(s) Volcano Music
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 46 (92 segments)
Executive producer(s)
  • Charles Bishop
  • Ken Faier
  • Alex Greeg
  • Jeff Rosen
  • Charles Bishop
  • Katrina Walsh
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Halifax Film Company
Alliance Atlantis
Original network CBC Television
Original release January 2, 2006 (2006-01-02) – April 24, 2012 (2012-04-24)

Lunar Jim is a Canadian animated science-fiction stop-motion television show oriented around Lunar Jim who is an astronaut on the blue moon L22. It was produced in Canada by Halifax Film and Alliance Atlantis, and was based on an original concept created by Alexander Bar. Ben Small provides the voice of Jim.


Jim and his team – Rover the Robot Dog, Ripple the Super Space Mechanic, Eco the Farmer, and T.E.D, the Technical Equipment Device – live on Blue Moon L22, the second-to-last moon on the edge of the Milky Way. Focusing on exploration and inquiry, Lunar Jim intends to promote such life skills as problem-solving, persistence, creativity, and cooperation, with an emphasis on "pre-science skills". His rallying cry is "Let's get lunar!"

The first series featured only the main 5 (6 if counting Pixel) characters as they explored the moon, and they are established as the only people of the time to live on a moon. Series 2 established that they are part of a larger network of moon-dwelling astronauts, and introduced 3 new recurring characters.



  • Jim (voiced by Ben Small in the UK and Ben Zelkowicz in the US) is the main character in the series. He is an adventure and mystery loving sort of guy. He is a very curious character.
  • Rover (voiced by Robert Tinkler and later Michael Cera) is a robot dog and is always by Jim's side. Rover loves to play fetch and is always helping Jim on his lunar missions. He speaks only in beeps, and only Jim and T.E.D are able to understand him.
  • Ripple (voiced by Joanne Vannicola) is the engineer on the moon. She is always coming up with new inventions to help Jim and often helps him on his missions. She drives the Scooter.
  • Eco (voiced by Kenneth Branagh) is the farmer on the moon who works in the Eco dome growing plants and raising the animals. Eco loves to collect rocks and plants to study and help Jim. He doesn't often go on missions because he is too busy farming in the Eco dome. He usually drives the Hopper.
  • T.E.D (Technical Equipment Device) is another robot. Unlike Rover, T.E.D is a humanoid robot. He is the clumsiest on the moon and usually having his clumsiness creating simple slapstick comedy. He is somewhat paranoid, being afraid of many non-existent things. However, he is quite smart and sometimes solves the problem in the story, though much of his main plot elements involve him being extremely arrogant. T.E.D represents a child and essentially, the show's target audience.
  • Pixel is the computer that helps Jim and his friends find things on the lunar surface and tells them their jobs for the day.
  • Daisy is a cow. Lunar Jim and his team get their milk from Daisy.
  • Delores is a chicken who provides eggs for the team.
  • Skye is a young trainee astronaut who comes to Moona Luna for "hands-on" training. She only appears in the second series.
  • Yik Yak is an alien who speaks in rhyme. He visits Jim and his friends often, but his visits usually result in some sort of unintentional problem. He is a turtle-like alien, apart from that he is blue or turquoise. He appeared in the second series and he made a cameo in the first series.
  • Zippity is a space mailman who sounds like a robot, but is never described as such. He only appears in the second series.


In the television series, there are a handful of minor characters who make an appearance. These characters usually make a one time appearance on the show, and cause some trouble.

  • Colby the Collector – Used to collect objects on the moon to study. He was sent to the moon before Lunar Jim. He makes more than one appearance.
  • The Garden-bot – Built by Ripple to help Eco garden, but malfunctions and destroys all the plants.
  • The Lunar worm – A worm that lives in a compost crater who the peels of fruits and jupiterbugs.
  • The Fluffies– A small species of animals on the moon who reproduce on the double. They are sometimes seen in the background of a few episodes.


Blue Moon L22

Blue Moon L22 is the moon where the series takes place. For the show, the moon is divided into sectors (e.g. sector "L" or sector "12"). Each sector also contains certain locations like "The Crystal Caves" or "The Chime Flower Meadow". Lunar Jim usually explores these sectors in each episode, and is always finding new ones.

Moona Luna

Moona Luna is the small settlement where Jim and his friends live. The settlement includes the Eco dome, Mission control, Jim's home, Ripple's home (never mentioned) and a windmill which is also never mentioned. Mission control is the building where Jim "gets lunar" and where all the vehicles are stored. The Eco dome is a lunar greenhouse.

This is the place where Eco is usually found farming and taking care of the livestock Daisy and Dolores. Jim's home is where he and Rover live and is usually the place where each episode begins. In Season Two, the Moonport, which is a spaceship landing, refueling and repair port, is built, although few other spaceships visit. The places where T.E.D or Eco live are never mentioned. In many episodes it has been mentioned that there are other colonies of astronauts on the moon, but they're never seen in person.


When Jim "gets lunar", he chooses one of the following vehicles for his mission.

  • The Hopper – The hopper is the only wheeled vehicle on the moon. It comes with a trailer and a winch.
  • The Lunar Lifter – A hovering vehicle. Its main use is using the built-in winch on the bottom.
  • The Crawler – The crawler is a simple backhoe on tracks. It has a selection of arms and once had a voice control unit.
  • The Scrambler – The fastest vehicle on the moon. It is small and sleek for getting to a mission fast.
  • The Scooter – Similar to the Scrambler, only it has a winch at the bottom and is only used by Ripple when she accompanies Jim on a mission.


The first season was executive produced by Mike Thurmeier. It was script edited in this season by Peter Serafinowicz.


Season 1 (2006)

No. overall No. in season Title Description Original airdate
1 1 Meteor Mystery / That Sinking Feeling When Rover and T.E.D get all twitchy and an oversized beanstalk grows out of control, there's a mystery to be solved and adventure to be had. Jim and the Moona Luna team zoom into action as they try to uncover the cause of all the confusion. Could Eco's runaway vines be the solution they need?; When Jim is placing a new satellite dish in an area, he gets distracted by the glare of the satellite dish and accidentally drops Rover's ball in a dust puddle. He tries to get the ball but falls in the puddle himself. He gets stuck and is unable to get out, and he can't call his friends for help because the dust has clogged his communicator. January 2, 2006
2 2 Pest Problem / The Secret of Crystal Cave Eco is distraught when some critter sneaks into his garden for a taste of moon melon rinds and blue moon banana peels. With some investigating, Jim and his friends find the culprit to be an adorable lunar worm with an appetite for compost; When all the lights in Moona Luna run out of batteries, Jim and his friends go to Crystal Cave to get crystals to replace the lights. But the crystals won't light up when they get to Moona Luna. January 3, 2006
3 3 The Moon Thief / That's Odd, Where's the Pod? Some strange disappearances have Jim and the rest of the crew playing detective as they try to discover who stole their equipment, Gnordegrin the garden gnome, and even tried to kidnap T.E.D! When the monthly supply pod that's scheduled to arrive is nowhere to be found, Jim and his friends try to look for it. January 4, 2006
4 4 Up, Up, and Away (almost) / The Whistling Craters When T.E.D's bungled attempt to drive the Lunar Crawler leaves them trapped inside a cave, it's up to Jim, Rover and Ripple to find themselves a means of escape. Putting their heads together, the team comes up with a solution that appreciates the gravity of the situation; Jim and his friends hunt for the source of a whistling sound in the Ecodome. January 5, 2006
5 5 Wrong Way, T.E.D / Running on Empty When Rover goes missing, Jim and T.E.D are hot on his trail and find not only the robo-pup but a fabulous lunar playground. Problem is navigator T.E.D can't remember the way home; When Rover tries to jump over a lunar clam plant, the plant snatches his tail plug, causing Rover to lose his battery power. Meanwhile, when T.E.D gets sprayed by the lunar vehicle washer, his joints start squeaking. January 6, 2006
6 6 Jim Gets Mucky / Forget Me Nots While Eco is on vacation, Jim and his friends do the work in the Ecodome for him. Meanwhile, Ripple has prepared a robot called the Gardenbot for a surprise for Eco when he gets back to Moona Luna. Lazily, T.E.D cons Ripple into turning on the Gardenbot so it can do the work for them, but when the Gardenbot crashes into a rock, it starts doing the opposite; it starts pulling out other plants; Jim and his friends have a lot of chores to do that day, but after collecting some flowers and smelling them, they suddenly forget which chores they're supposed to do. January 7, 2006
7 7 Recipe for Rover / Voice Recorder T.E.D When the supply pod arrives in Moona Luna, Jim and his friends discover that nothing's in there, so Jim reprograms the supply pod so it would go back to Earth. When they return to Moona Luna, they discover that Rover is still inside the supply pod, so they have to go back and rescue Rover before the supply pod blasts off. But the only vehicle they have that isn't broken has a flat tire, making it nearly impossible to get there in time; Ripple has installed a voice control unit for the Lunar Crawler, but when T.E.D touches the voice unit, he becomes a voice recorder. When Jim climbs down to explore the cliffs, he is unable to get back up because the Crawler only responds to Jim's voice and he's too far away to be heard. So T.E.D tries to rescue Jim by playing back Jim's commands using his newly found voice recorder unit. January 9, 2006
8 8 Real Slick, T.E.D / The Space Pirate When Jim discovers an area of slippery lunar moss that's perfect for skating, he gets his friends to come over and try to skate on there. When T.E.D reluctantly tries to skate, he accidentally slips and gets stuck between two rocks, and is unable to break loose; After Eco tells everyone a story about a space pirate, the story appears to be becoming real when strange buzzing noises are heard every night. It becomes even more mysterious the next day, when everybody's chores are already done, and nobody claims that they did the chores. January 10, 2006
9 9 Puddle Predicament / The Chime Flowers When Jim tries to get Eco a Purple Plutonian Pansy, he accidentally falls in a green puddle. When he gets out of the puddle, the goop becomes solid and Jim is stuck in there. So his friends have to figure out how to turn the goop into a liquid again so Jim can break free; When Ripple has gone missing, Jim searches for Ripple and finds out that Ripple is in a chime flower field, in which when anyone hears the music, they fall asleep. So Jim has to find a way to rescue Ripple without hearing the chime flower music. January 11, 2006
10 10 Mind and Muscle / Moonbubbles and Bellyburps When Jim tries to get a blue lunar sapphire for Eco inside a cave, a gigantic blue sapphire rolls by and blocks the cave entrance, which is too big and heavy for them to push away using their muscles; The lunar worm is sick and has the bellyburps, so Jim and his friends search for moonbubbles for the lunar worm, which is the only cure for bellyburps. But the moonbubbles are invisible, so Jim always squashes the moonbubbles when he tries to pick them. January 12, 2006
11 11 The Big Switcheroo / A Little Moon Music Ripple has invented a lunar teleporter machine, but the teleporter machine mixes up anything that's put inside there, so when Rover and T.E.D have a fight, they accidentally get into the machine, and Rover now has T.E.D's body and T.E.D has Rover's body. T.E.D is the only one who knows how to fix the machine, but he has Rover's body, and is unable to operate it; When T.E.D accidentally breaks Ripple's keyboard instrument, Jim and his friends try to search for new musical instruments for Ripple. They've found four objects that have instrumental sounds, but none of the objects can make music themselves. January 13, 2006
12 12 Rover's Big Dig / The Big Sneeze Mystery When Rover has dug up a lunarsaurus bone, T.E.D becomes afraid that a lunarsaurus will look for the bone, despite everyone assuring him that lunarsauruses are extinct. The bone, which is seemingly useless, proves to be useful when a leg of the Control Tower is broken, and the bone is the perfect replacement leg; When Ripple sneezes uncontrollably whenever Rover is around her, it's suspected that Ripple has developed an allergy to Rover, but it turns out that Ripple is just allergic to Rover's new robot polish. January 14, 2006
13 13 Too Many Fluffies / Jim and T.E.D's Wild Ride It's Lunar Winter, so Jim and his friends bring crystals from Crystal Cave back to Moona Luna for warmth. Then, a fluffy arrives, so they decide to keep it as a pet. But the fluffies start reproducing uncontrollably and there's no more space, so they have to make the fluffies leave. When they discover that the fluffies are attracted to the crystals, they try to bring the fluffies to Crystal Cave; Eco doesn't want to feed the animals manually, so Ripple creates a remote control for Eco's feeder. But the remote control doesn't work for Eco's feeder. Instead, it causes other trouble, when the lights in Jim's house began flicking on and off for no reason, the music in the Eco Dome suddenly turns on, and then, while T.E.D's polishing Jim's Scrambler, the Scrambler blasts off itself, carrying T.E.D. Jim tries to rescue T.E.D using his Lunar Lifter, but just as he's about to catch T.E.D, the Lifter gets out of control. January 16, 2006
14 14 Cosmic Kite / Crater Critter Jim and his friends are flying kites, but when T.E.D tries to fly a kite, the wind blows him off the ground, and he gets stuck on a tall ridge. Jim has a ladder but he's unable to reach T.E.D because the wind's blowing the ladder, making it unsafe to climb; When Jim and T.E.D are replacing a satellite dish, T.E.D finds a critter inside a crater so he decides to take the critter home. But the critter starts eating everything on sight. Another problem happens when the satellite dish stopped working because the vines next to the satellite dish have grown out of control and tangled the satellite dish. January 17, 2006
15 15 Lost and Found Friends / Space Junk Eco has knitted Daisy a sweater, but since the sweater is to small for her, it's given to Rover instead. The sweater is proven to be useful when Jim and his friends explore a big cave and end up getting lost, when Rover uses the string of the sweater to mark their path; When the ground starts shaking, Jim and his friends go to see the reason and it turns out that some space junk have fallen and they've covered the lunar playground. So they remove the space junk, and build another playground using the materials. January 18, 2006
16 16 Ripple's Moon Blast-Off Board / Force Field Trampoline When Jim explores the Lunar Fissure by scanning the fissure using Ripple's multi-tool, he accidentally drops the multi-tool inside. The fissure is very narrow, so none of the vehicles can fit inside it, but then Ripple realizes that her moon blast-off board is small enough to fit; The supply pod has lost control and is going to have a crash landing, so Jim and his friends have to find things that would cushion the impact of the supply pod's landing before it lands and breaks. January 19, 2006
17 17 The Fallen Star / Big Bowling Bash When a star has fallen from the sky, Jim and his friends try to send the star back into the sky, but they are unable to launch the star high enough; When Jim teaches T.E.D how to bowl, he starts to get obsessed with bowling. He reluctantly goes with Jim and his friends for a treasure search, but the cave with the treasure is blocked by large rocks. It turns out bowling is the solution to the answer when they notice a large boulder on a slope, which could be pushed to knock away the large rocks. January 20, 2006
18 18 Scooperbot Hide'n'Seek / Ripple's Web Sprayer When Ripple invents a robot, called Scooperbot, which collects metal things, the robot takes away T.E.D's voice chip and hides away, so Jim and his friends have to find Scooperbot and try to get T.E.D's voice chip back from Scooperbot; When Jim and T.E.D have to put a signal light on a slope, T.E.D volunteers to do it by controlling the Lunar Crawler. But T.E.D accidentally breaks the emergency break, and the Crawler starts going backwards towards Stinky Lake. So Jim must figure out a way to stop the Crawler from going further. January 21, 2006
19 19 Moon Mischief / Short Circuit Gloves After a meteor shower hits the moon, Jim and T.E.D go to stack the meteors up, but T.E.D is frightened because the stacked meteors look like monsters. Meanwhile, a lunar gopher has entered the Eco Dome, and he starts pulling out Eco's plants just for fun. Tearfully, Eco tries to get Jim to help, but none of the suggestions are working because the gopher is fast and able to jump over fences; When Jim is asked to measure the lengths of lunar craters, Ripple gives Jim heating gloves to wear because the crater area is very cold. Problems happen when after Jim measures the craters, everything Jim touches starts malfunctioning, including Ripple's multi-tool, Rover, and then T.E.D. February 13, 2006
20 20 I'm Like a Bird / Lunar Lily Pads When Jim and his friends are exploring, a lunar loon takes away the Scrambler's chain, and the Scrambler's unable to fly without the chain. The lunar loon refuses to give it back, so they have to make the lunar loon open its mouth and drop the chain; When Jim finds floating lunar lily pads, he brings them home to show to his friends. When Jim finds out Eco isn't there, they realize that when Eco's collecting mushrooms, he accidentally parked the Hopper into a lunar mud puddle, and the vehicle is sinking, so Jim and his friends must figure out how to get the Hopper out of the puddle. February 20, 2006
21 21 The Topsy Turvy Zone / Robo Puzzle After Jim and his friends visit the Topsy-Turvy zone, Jim mysteriously starts doing things backwards, such as driving and walking backwards, uprooting plants, bringing in the garbage, having breakfast at dinnertime, and sleeping in the daytime. So everyone tries to figure out what did Jim do to make him start doing things backwards; After a meteor shower, Jim and his friends find Colby the Collector stuck under a meteor, with his body pieces disassembled. So they try to get his pieces reassembled, but the pieces don't seem to fit each other. April 7, 2006
22 22 Lunar Litter Bugs / Rhyme Me a River The garbage pipeline seems to be broken when all the garbage has been appearing on the sides of Stinky Lake instead of in the Recycler. So Jim has to dive into Stinky Lake to check out the reason. At first, Jim is hesitant because the lake is stinky and looks dangerous, but then realizes that it's beautiful down there and there's no danger; When Jim and his friends are discovering new places, T.E.D finds an interesting rock, and takes it with him. Then, he suddenly starts a rhyming streak and rhymes every sentence, but once they get back home, T.E.D stops rhyming and everyone else seems to start rhyming. April 8, 2006
23 23 Incredible Shrinking T.E.D / Rover's Rocket Roamer When Jim and Ripple bring home a Shrinkberry plant for Eco, T.E.D accidentally touches the juice of a berry of the plant and shrinks, becoming tiny. So Jim and his friends have to find something that would make T.E.D big again; The supply pod has lost control and has landed on a ledge under the Lunar Cliffs. Someone has to push a button to get the supply pod back up, but nobody can reach the button using their hands while driving a vehicle. April 10, 2006
24 24 T.E.D and the Beanstalk / Moon Pixies When Jim and T.E.D are collecting lunar seeds for Eco, T.E.D loses his balance while carrying a heavy seed. So he trips over Jim, and Jim, T.E.D, and Rover all fall into a deep ravine. They're unable to get out because it's too steep to climb up and all the vehicles are too big to get into the ravine and rescue them; Mysterious things start happening in Moona Luna when Eco's Hopper's wheels have come off for no reason, Ripple's tools start moving by themselves, and T.E.D's had suddenly getting turned backwards. The pranksters turn out to be moon pixies, which are tiny creatures that live in Orbit Orchids. April 17, 2006
25 25 Lunar Attraction / The Floating Fruit When Jim and his friends are watching a comet fly over, a part of the comet crashes in the moon, which hits T.E.D in the head. After the hit, T.E.D loses his memory because the impact made the memory chip bounce out of his head. So they find that the memory chip is stuck inside a rock, but the rock's opening is too small for anybody's hands to reach it; When Jim discovers two different types of lunar fruit, he brings them home. After finding out that the fruits are safe to eat, they eat the fruit, but afterwards, Jim starts floating and Eco feels heavy and is unable to move. April 18, 2006
26 26 Cowbot T.E.D / A Surprise for Jim It's a rootin' tootin' time at the Moona Luna corral as T.E.D goes western and somehow manages to save the day and Delores with his lassoing skills; Happy birthday Jim! It's a fun-filled mission for Jim as he travels around the moon looking for clues that lead to a big surprise. April 19, 2006

Season 2 (2012)

No. overall No. in season Title Description Original airdate
27 1 Tag the Dog / Homemade Circus Rover's dog tag falls off while he’s testing Ripple’s Space Springers, and he loses his sense of direction. He’s discovered high up on a column in Crazy Column Cave. Jim uses the Space Springers to jump up to Rover and rescue him; T.E.D. is extremely disappointed when the Super Space Circus has to cancel their visit to MoonaLuna at the last minute. The day is saved when each of the others transforms a work activity into a circus act. April 23, 2012
28 2 T.E.D.'s Big Bang Boomerang / Magnetic Personality A blade on the fan of the Ecodome heater has broken, and it’s getting dangerously cold for the plants. Luckily, a replacement fan blade is scheduled to arrive on the Supply Pod; T.E.D. has trouble figuring out how to use Ripple’s new magnetizer – magnetizing himself instead of other objects. But when Rover gets marooned on the thin ice of Glassy Lake, it’s a magnetized T.E.D. who is lowered down to Rover to lift him off the ice and save the day. April 23, 2012
29 3 Moon Mole Madness / Ted & the Stick-um Plant The base is in need of power stones that Ripple has discovered buried under the lunar surface. Theonly problem is that the surface is too hard for shovels, drills, or the Earth Eater to break through; When T.E.D. inadvertently sticks himself to Delores with Eco’s sticky tree tar, his hand pops free when it comes in contact with Ripple’s frozen lunar berry treats. Who knew lunar berries had that kind of property? April 23, 2012
30 4 March of the Fluffies / Lunar Laser Flies The Fluffies are on their annual march, and nothing can stop their forward progress as they head for the lunar berry fields. When Pixel reveals that they’re marching straight toward a deep canyon, something that can function as a bridge has to be found quickly. T.E.D. ends up being the bridge, and the Fluffies cross safely; Jim, T.E.D. and Rover investigate a strange glow in a cave. Its lunar laser flies, who become attracted to T.E.D. when he inadvertently gets some of their goopy food on him. April 23, 2012
31 5 Poppin' Pancakes / Night Light Yik Yak has arrived to share a treat from his home planet with the Moona Luna gang – Poppin' Pancakes. These special pancakes start as a small ball of dough, then pop and expand to 100 times its size. But before anyone can chow down, Jim has to go to on a mission; Skye is preparing a class assignment on night and day. When Ripple announces a distant solar panel is malfunctioning, Jim, T.E.D. and Skye go out to fix it. April 23, 2012
32 6 Moonshrooms / Leaf Thief Jim, Skye and T.E.D. have discovered some colourful small plants on a fruitless mission to locate some moon clover for Daisy. Jim gives one little plant to Eco, Skye gives one to Ripple, and Jim saves one for his house. To his dismay, he and Eco discover that the plant is called a Moonshroom,and it grows very quickly once a year; It’s a very hot day on Moona Luna. Eco has found a lunar grove where it’s nice and shady. But when the gang arrives, all the leaves from the moon trees are gone! It’s too hot to stay outside, so back tothe Ecodome they go – only to discover that leaves are missing from Eco’s apple trees. There’s a leaf thief on Moona Luna! April 23, 2012
33 7 Let's Get Balloonar! / Tight Squeeze Jim and Skye search out the source of some mysterious large balloon-shaped orbs that seem to berising from Bottomless Crevasse. Skye disobeys Jim’s warning about getting too close to the edge of the crevasse, and they both slide to the bottom Yik Yak is enchanted by the sound of air escaping from tires – it reminds him of music back on his home planet. As the gang heads out to clear some meteorites from a Supply Cave opening, Yik Yak slows their departure by deflating one of the Hopper’s tires so the escaping air can accompany hissong of farewell. April 23, 2012
34 8 Popper Berries / Moonport Blues Eco is going to bake some Popper berry pie, so Jim, Skye, Rover and T.E.D. set out to pick some. The only problem is that the berries pop when they’re touched. How can they be picked?; After much discussion, our team puts bright blue landing lights instead of red ones on the Moonport. But spaceships stop landing at the Moonport. Rover notices that the spaceships are landing in another spot. April 23, 2012
35 9 The Lunar Twist / A Prickly Problem T.E.D. discovers a creature called a Dansilla, which only communicates through dance movements. While trying to teach it the Lunar Twist – his favourite dance – T.E.D. gets his leg trapped in a lunar rock pile. It's up to the Dansilla to try and communicate to the Moona Luna gang that T.E.D. is in trouble and needs their help; A satellite dish is broken and needs to be replaced. When Jim and the gang arrive to replace it, they’re bombarded with thistles by nearby plants. April 23, 2012
36 10 Copy That, Jim! / The Space Chompster Skye has made a new substance – called Clomp – in her lab at the Lunar Academy. It starts off soft, but hardens quite quickly – perfect for making moulds and sculptures. When a gear breaks on the base's water pump, a perfect replacement needs to be found quickly!; Jim and Ripple have ordered a surprise for Eco – a “Choo Choo” plant. But when Zippity delivers it, there appears to have been something else in the cargo bay – a voracious Space Chompster! April 23, 2012
37 11 The Missing Astronaut / Comet Atchou The gang receives an SOS from a stricken spaceship. They manage to bring it in to the Moonport by remote control, but discover there’s no one on board. A search turns up an escape pod fired from the ship, but with only a wilted plant inside. Where is the astronaut?; Comet Atchou - a rare comet - passes over Moona Luna, sprinkling everyone with its sparkly dust. A little while later Jim, Ripple and Eco unaccountably freeze, statue-like, while Rover, T.E.D. and Skye – who has a bad cold – are unaffected. April 24, 2012
38 12 Where's Jupiterbug? / Hatching A Plan Zippity has left a rare Jupiterbug with the gang for safekeeping while he makes a special delivery for Eco. When T.E.D. unwittingly lets the bug out of its terrarium, the race to find it is on – made moredifficult by the bug’s chameleon-like ability to change colour; A spheroid-shaped UFO has appeared on Moona Luna. The gang takes it back to the base, and discovers it's an egg. They try to hatch it by various means, but are unsuccessful until they return it to where they found it – the place where the conditions were perfect in the first place. April 24, 2012
39 13 The Lunar Leaper / The No-See-Um Ray A Lunar Leaper has leapt onto Moona Luna and threatens the base with its reverberating jumps. Allattempts to tire it out fail, until Jim remembers the soothing music he uses to lull himself to sleep; Yik Yak’s No-See-Um Ray has turned Eco’s apple tree and Daisy invisible. Its antidote, the Peekaboo Ray, has fallen somewhere on Moona Luna. It's found in the nest of a protective Lunar Loon. T.E.D. has to turn himself invisible to retrieve the Peekaboo Ray, and thus return Daisy and Eco's apple tree to visibility. April 24, 2012
40 14 The Homeless Crab / The Bouncing Buzzpip Jim and the gang try to find a new home for a little Lunar Crab, who has outgrown its old one.They try various possibilities – a box, a flowerpot, a moon melon rind – but finally discover that ahollow rock Jim and Rover found is perfect for the little crab; Skye needs to get a photo of the elusive Bouncing Buzzpip for a project at the Lunar Academy. Many people have tried, but the Buzzpip will never stay still long enough. April 24, 2012
41 15 T.E.D.'s Pet / Yik Yak in the Crater Zippity has brought T.E.D. a new pet. Everyone else thinks it’s just a rock, but T.E.D. insists it’s avery special rock, named Jeffrey. He teaches it tricks, takes it for walks, lets it have a nap, andfinds other moon rock friends for it; While T.E.D. and Yik Yak are fooling around out at Crater Corner, Yik Yak gets firmly stuck in acrater. All attempts to free him fail, until Eco realizes he can use the pent up gas from his barrel ofFizzyberry juice to blow Yik Yak out of his trap in the crater. April 24, 2012
42 16 Wind Power / Lunar Legs T.E.D. creates havoc when he reverses the motor on Ripple’s vacuum cleaner and blows Zippity right up his conveyor belt into his Mail Rocket. But when Rover is trapped in a Supply Cave by a rockslide, all attempts to free him fail until T.E.D. realizes the motor on the Sampler can be reversed; After rescuing Yik Yak – who has gotten himself stuck in a plant – by using some Yik Yak SlikSlak, (a lubricant from Yik Yak’s planet), Jim learns the Yik Yak handshake – high five, low five,palm tickle. Yik Yak has the opportunity to help Eco and Ripple with his Slik Slak – and teachthem his handshake, too. When Jim, Eco and Ripple come down with Lunar Legs – an ailmentwhich causes their legs to move crazily for a while - no one can figure out how they got it. April 24, 2012
43 17 Moonbeard's Treasure / Rocket Pack T.E.D. Jim discovers an ancient treasure map hidden by Moonbeard, an ancient Space Pirate. It promises atreasure of “Ruby, sapphire, emerald, gold”. The gang has to decipher three clues to find thetreasure – which turns out to be the root-ball of a tree. They plant it, and a Rainbow Tree sprouts,revealing branches of "ruby, sapphire, emerald, and gold"; T.E.D. disobeys Ripple’s wishes and tries out her new invention, a rocket pack. There’s only oneproblem – he doesn’t know how to land! Both Jim and Skye try to rescue him – unsuccessfully.Ripple’s Space Pillow Foam – invented to protect Delores’ eggs from breaking – is hastily spreadover the Moonport just as T.E.D.’s fuel runs out above them. April 24, 2012
44 18 Skater T.E.D. / Space Symphony T.E.D. loves practicing on his new skateboard. The only problem? He keeps getting in everyoneelse’s way! But when the Scrambler breaks down on a mission to get some Cosmic Cactus juicefor Zippity to take on an emergency run to another base, it’s T.E.D. who saves the day; The Moona Luna gang is going to perform a live music piece for an intergalactic broadcast. But T.E.D. doesn’t have an instrument! He and Jim set off to find one. April 24, 2012
45 19 A Major Problem / The Real Ripple T.E.D. klongs his head on Zippity’s mail hatch door as he rushes to get his latest copy of hisfavorite comic “Rocket Robot”. His circuits get scrambled and he thinks he’s Rocket Robot; Ripple is accidentally duplicated by a space copier. Confronted by two Ripples, the gang has tofigure out which one is genuine? Luckily, a “likes and dislikes” quiz T.E.D. gave everyone at thestart of the show provides the clue to revealing the real Ripple. April 24, 2012
46 20 A Sticky Situation / The Squawker Eco and Skye, and then Jim, get stuck to a fruit while trying to pick it. Ripple comes to the rescue,but its Rover who notices birds can land on and take off from the fruit with no problem – afterthey’ve landed on a nearby bush. Closer examination reveals pollen on the bush’s flowers, whichnegates the stickiness on the fruit; A baby bird’s loud squawks are disturbing everyone and making work impossible. Attempts tocalm it down are all unsuccessful, unless T.E.D. is present. The problem is the baby bird keepspecking at the coloured wristband T.E.D. is wearing to remind him of the chores he has to do.Eventually they realize that the colour of T.E.D.'s wristband reminds the baby of its mother’s feathers. April 24, 2012


The series was broadcast on CBC Television in Canada, V-me in the United States, TG4 in Ireland, Discovery Kids in Latin America, Cultura in Brazil, Canal Panda in Portugal, MiniMini in Poland, EBS in South Korea, NRK Super in Norway, Boomerang in Spain, ABC 4 Kids in Australia, Nickelodeon in the Netherlands and South Africa, and on eToonz Hop! Channel in Israel since 2007. A British dub aired on Cbeebies in the UK from 2006-2012.

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