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Miss XV: BFF
Promotional poster with the series' principal cast.
Genre Teen Telenovela, Comedy, Musical
Created by Jorge Durán Chávez
Written by Jorge Durán Chávez
Directed by Various
Starring Paulina Goto
Natasha Dupeyrón
Eleazar Gómez
Yago Muñoz
Jack Duarte
Macarena Achaga
Theme music composer Carlos Lara
Opening theme "Wonderland"
"A Mis Quince"
"Súper Loca"
"Desde tu Adiós"
"Te Quiero Más"
"Solamente Tú" by Eme 15
Ending theme "Wonderland"
"A Mis Quince"
"El Mapa de Mi Interior"
"Súper Loca"
"No hay manera" by Eme 15
Composer(s) Carlos Lara
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 120
Executive producer(s) Pedro Damián
Producer(s) Televisa
RCN Televisión
Production location(s) Televisa San Ángel in Mexico City
Running time 45 Minutes
Distributor Televisa
Original network Nickelodeon
Canal 5
Original release April 16 – September 28, 2012 (2012-09-28)
Preceded by Grachi
Followed by 11-11:En Mi Cuadra Nada Cuadra

Miss XV, sometimes stylized as Miss 15, is a Mexican teen musical comedy-drama television series, it was inspired by the 1986 telenovela Quinceañera. Pedro Damián produced the series for Nickelodeon and Canal 5 in 2012.

Paulina Goto, Natasha Dupeyrón, Yago Muñoz, and Jack Duarte are the protagonists. Eleazar Gómez and Macarena Achaga are the antagonists.


Miss XV follows the story of two teenage best friends, Valentina and Natalia, (who were born on the same day at the same hour), who dream of the perfect quinceañera birthday party, and long to become the girlfriends of their respective crushes, Niko and Eddy.


Pre-production and background

Miss XV is inspired by the 1986 telenovela Quinceañera, starring Adela Noriega and Thalía. Producer Pedro Damián explained that the project is not a remake, nor is it an adaptation of the 1987 telenovela, Quinceanera. The project was first announced in late 2010, and filming began on October 12, 2011 in Mexico City. Filming concluded in Mexico City in early June 2012. There are 120 episodes. The program began airing on April 16, 2012 for Nickelodeon Latin America and began airing on May 14, 2012 on Canal 5. The series finale aired on September 28, 2012 for cable, and aired on October 26, 2012, for Canal 5 in Mexico.

The program debuted in the United States on Unimás on March 2, 2013, and was moved to Galavisión as of March 25, 2013, in Brazil on March 4, 2013 and Italy on March 30, 2013.

A second season, in the form of a spin-off, was considered by producers at Televisa largely due to the show and band, Eme 15's commercial success in Mexico. However, in May 2013, Eme 15 confirmed that plans for a second season or spin-off series of the show were cancelled. The show's producers declined to commission a second season, and instead, opted to focus on Eme 15's success as a musical act.

Original cast and recasting

In 2010, Miss XV (previously called Miss XV: Sueña Princesa) was announced as the latest television production from producer Pedro Damián as a collaboration for Canal 5, and Nickelodeon Latin America. Mexican actresses Danna Paola, Natasha Dupeyrón, and Renata Notni were all cast as leads for the telenovela. A trailer for the telenovela featuring all three actresses was released in late 2010. Mexican actor Eddy Vilard was previously attached to the project for a lead role alongside Danna Paola, but dropped out.

By the beginning of 2011, Miss XV was cancelled before production began for unknown reasons. However, in June 2011, the series was reformatted and recast. Most of the original actors previously attached to the project were dropped and their roles were recast. Casting was conducted in Mexico City during June and July 2011. Dupeyrón's role was not recast and she remained an original cast member. Danna Paola and Renata Notni were both dropped from the project. Paola stated that she was no longer interested and wished to work on her solo album.

Paulina Goto was cast as one of the lead protagonists, replacing Danna Paola. Eiza González auditioned for one of two lead roles. Gonzalez was considered for a part, but was later told that she lost the role because producers felt she was too old. Argentine singer and actress Brenda Asnicar also auditioned for a role, but did not receive a part.

Casting finalization

In August 2011, producers had completed casting in Mexico City. Paulina Goto, Eleazar Gómez, Natasha Dupeyrón, Yago Muñoz, and Jack Duarte were confirmed as the first five lead cast members. However, Pedro Damián revealed that producers were looking to cast third actress as the female antagonist "La Black Princess". In mid-August 2011, newcomer Macarena Achaga, an Argentine MTV Latin America television hostess and model, was confirmed as the lead female antagonist, "Leonora Martínez" . Miss XV is Achaga's acting debut.


  • Paulina Goto - Valentina Contreras (Protagonist)
  • Natasha Dupeyrón - Natalia D'Acosta (Protagonist)
  • Eleazar Gómez - Alejandro "Alexis" Reyes Mendez (Villain)
  • Yago Muñoz - Nicolas "Niko" Perez Palacios (Co-protagonist)
  • Jack Duarte- Eduardo "Eddy" Contreras (Co-protagonist)
  • Macarena Achaga - Leonora Martínez (Villain)
  • Gabriela Platas - Marina Landeros de D'Acosta
  • Raquel Garza - Catalina Rosenda Gónzalez de los Monteros y Galicia de García de Contreras
  • Verónica Jaspeado - Margara Ramona "Margarita, Magos" Contreras
  • Sergio DeFassio - Rómulo Pedraza Sotelo
  • Amairani - Juana Palacios / Lady Venenosa
  • Reynaldo Rossano - Quirino Contreras
  • Ignacio Casano - Sebastián D'Acosta
  • Antonio De Carlo - Arístides Reyes / Magic Dragon
  • Beatriz Moreno - Teodora Cuevas
  • Oswaldo Zárate - Dosberto del Valle
  • Fuzz - Lula López
  • Pamela Ruz - Renata Domensaín
  • Natalia Sainz - Tania Meza
  • Alfonso Dosal - Maximiliano "Max" Menéndez
  • Paola Torres - Fanny del Olmo
  • José Eduardo Derbez - Patricio "Pato" Fuentes Pedraza
  • Mariana Quiroz - Daniela "Manzanita" Contreras Gónzalez de los Monteros
  • Lourdes Canale † - Filomena "Miss Filo" Zapata
  • Charly Rey - Camilo
  • Araceli Mali - Maestra Miranda
  • Montserrat Fligelman - Federica Martínez
  • José Pablo Minor - Princípe Antonio Hernández de López y Martínez de Cervantes y del Hojeara Camacho
  • Werner Bercht - Enrique "Kike" Martínez
  • Nicole Vale - Paula Gil
  • Joshua Gutiérrez - Miguel
  • Raquel Pankowsky - Griselda
  • Nicole Fur - Debbie Landeros / Agente Rosa
  • Hendrick Marine - Fabián Espejo
  • Queta Lavat - María
  • Maricarmen Vela - Viuda de Robles

Guest stars

Musical Group: Eme 15

Eme 15 was a band composed of the six main actors in the series. The members are Paulina Goto, Eleazar Gómez, Natasha Dupeyrón, Macarena Achaga, Yago Muñoz, and Jack Duarte. The band will sing songs presented on the show. Eme 15's debut performance was at Mexico's Kids Choice Awards on September 3, 2011 in Mexico City. They performed their first single, 'Wonderland'. The official music video for Wonderland was filmed in October 2011 in Las Pozas, a park in Xilitla, San Luis Potosí. The music video premiered on April 4, 2012 on 'Wonderland' was officially released for digital download on iTunes in Mexico on April 24, 2012. Eme 15's debut album was available for on June 26, 2012 for physical and digital release.

On December 18, 2013, it was officially announced to fans via the band's official Twitter account that the band would split up, following their final concert on January 5, 2014 at the Mega Feria Imperial de Acapulco in Acapulco, Mexico.

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