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Map of Minnesota highlighting Fillmore County
Location of Fillmore County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Fillmore County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Fillmore County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 36 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.


Fillmore County's National Register properties reflect its development as an agricultural region typical of Southeast Minnesota. Euro-American settlement began in the 1850s and initially relied on rivers and stagecoach roads for transportation. The Forestville Townsite, now a living history museum, preserves a portion of one of these early communities. Several towns vied for county seat status; the William Strong House in Carimona and the Fillmore County Jail and Carriage House in Preston were nominated as the best surviving structures representing this period.

Fillmore County's many rivers and streams powered a milling region of statewide importance before Minneapolis achieved primacy. Additionally, properties like the Quickstad Farm Implement Company and Rushford Wagon and Carriage Company represent the agricultural focus of manufacturing in the county. The Gilded Age prosperity of population centers like Spring Valley and Chatfield is reflected by other listings, several of which are noted for their architecture.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Allis Barn
Allis Barn
April 27, 1982
County Highway 17
43°42′40″N 92°01′58″W / 43.711043°N 92.032742°W / 43.711043; -92.032742 (Allis Barn)
Preston vicinity Landmark three-story barn built c. 1899, associated with 19th-century stock farming and Milwaukee's Allis-Chalmers company, a key Midwestern manufacturer of milling equipment. Now the centerpiece of a resort.
2 Francis H. Bartlett House
Francis H. Bartlett House
May 24, 1984
Gold and Pearl Streets
43°42′21″N 92°16′07″W / 43.705701°N 92.268623°W / 43.705701; -92.268623 (Francis H. Bartlett House)
Wykoff 1876 Second Empire house of Wykoff's co-founder, built the same year the town was incorporated.
3 Bridge No. 5722
Bridge No. 5722
July 20, 2011
N. Section St. (U.S. Route 63) over Spring Valley Creek
43°41′17″N 92°23′21″W / 43.688015°N 92.389076°W / 43.688015; -92.389076 (Bridge No. 5722)
Spring Valley 1936 bridge on a concrete box culvert, an unusual basis for a bridge on a U.S. highway.
4 Bridge No. L4770
Bridge No. L4770
November 6, 1989
Township Road 213 over Mahoney Creek
43°44′23″N 92°05′39″W / 43.739587°N 92.094285°W / 43.739587; -92.094285 (Bridge No. L4770)
Fountain vicinity Short, semicircular stone arch bridge built c. 1915, of a distinctive type developed by the State Highway Commission in the 1910s for use in rural southeast Minnesota. Likely demolished (see talk page). Photo is of the site only.
5 Chatfield Public Library
Chatfield Public Library
April 27, 1982
Main Street
43°50′41″N 92°11′14″W / 43.844674°N 92.187336°W / 43.844674; -92.187336 (Chatfield Public Library)
Chatfield 1915 Prairie School Carnegie library designed by Claude and Starck.
6 Commercial House Hotel
Commercial House Hotel
July 19, 2001
146 South Broadway
43°41′13″N 92°23′29″W / 43.687069°N 92.391297°W / 43.687069; -92.391297 (Commercial House Hotel)
Spring Valley Hotel built in 1874 and twice expanded, a key amenity in the commercial development of Spring Valley from the railroad into the automobile era.
7 Daniel Dayton House
Daniel Dayton House
December 6, 1977
Off County Highway 17
43°34′46″N 92°04′13″W / 43.579509°N 92.070376°W / 43.579509; -92.070376 (Daniel Dayton House)
Harmony vicinity One of Minnesota's few surviving stagecoach inns, built in 1857 on the DubuqueSt. Paul Stage Road. Also noted for its stone architecture and association with Harmony Township's pioneer era.
8 Samuel Thompson Dickson House
Samuel Thompson Dickson House
August 15, 1985
225 3rd Street SW
43°50′35″N 92°11′28″W / 43.843135°N 92.191013°W / 43.843135; -92.191013 (Samuel Thompson Dickson House)
Chatfield 1863 house of a prosperous mill owner, best surviving symbol of Chatfield's once-robust flour milling industry.
9 Fillmore County Jail and Carriage House
Fillmore County Jail and Carriage House
March 5, 1982
Houston and Preston Streets
43°40′15″N 92°05′07″W / 43.670953°N 92.085139°W / 43.670953; -92.085139 (Fillmore County Jail and Carriage House)
Preston Fillmore County's long-serving law complex, with an Italianate jail/office/residence built 1869–70 and adjacent carriage house built c. 1900. Now a bed and breakfast.
10 Forestville Townsite (Meighan Store)
Forestville Townsite (Meighan Store)
April 13, 1973
County Highway 12 in Forestville Mystery Cave State Park
43°38′34″N 92°12′54″W / 43.642881°N 92.215065°W / 43.642881; -92.215065 (Forestville Townsite (Meighan Store))
Forestville Township 1853 townsite representative of the rapid frontier settlement following the treaties of 1851. Also associated with populist political figures William and Thomas Meighan. Now a Minnesota Historical Society living history museum.
11 George H. Haven House
George H. Haven House
November 19, 1982
132 Winona Street
43°50′50″N 92°11′11″W / 43.847119°N 92.186523°W / 43.847119; -92.186523 (George H. Haven House)
Chatfield 1874 Italianate house with an 1892 Greek Revival annex.
12 Inspiration Point Wayside Rest
Inspiration Point Wayside Rest
November 16, 2015
MN 16, 2 mi. SW. of Cty. Rd. 21
43°41′39″N 91°59′48″W / 43.694028°N 91.996667°W / 43.694028; -91.996667 (Inspiration Point Wayside Rest)
Lanesboro vicinity One of Minnesota's early NPS rustic style roadside parks established by the state highway department with New Deal assistance, constructed 1934–37, and its only surviving example built by a Civilian Conservation Corps erosion control camp.
13 Lanesboro Historic District
Lanesboro Historic District
September 9, 1982
Roughly Kirkwood, Coffee, and Parkway Streets
43°43′15″N 91°58′37″W / 43.720934°N 91.977032°W / 43.720934; -91.977032 (Lanesboro Historic District)
Lanesboro Well-preserved commercial and industrial districts of a 19th-century milling and railroad town, with 36 contributing properties.
14 Lenora Methodist Episcopal Church
Lenora Methodist Episcopal Church
November 19, 1982
County Highways 23 and 24
43°34′26″N 91°52′48″W / 43.573823°N 91.880135°W / 43.573823; -91.880135 (Lenora Methodist Episcopal Church)
Canton vicinity Church built 1856–1865, anchor of one of Fillmore County's few settlements established before railroad access.
15 Ellen M. Lovell House
Ellen M. Lovell House
November 19, 1982
218 Winona Street
43°50′48″N 92°11′10″W / 43.846661°N 92.186014°W / 43.846661; -92.186014 (Ellen M. Lovell House)
Chatfield 1896 house also known as Oakwenwald Terrace, nominated as one of Minnesota's leading examples of Shingle style architecture. Now a bed and breakfast.
16 Milwaukee Elevator
Milwaukee Elevator
May 31, 2006
Fillmore Street and Root River State Trail
43°40′14″N 92°04′46″W / 43.670448°N 92.079468°W / 43.670448; -92.079468 (Milwaukee Elevator)
Preston 1902 grain elevator typifying the engineering and construction of such structures in rural Minnesota.
17 Norway Township Stone House
Norway Township Stone House
April 27, 1982
County Highway 10
43°43′49″N 91°46′58″W / 43.730177°N 91.782666°W / 43.730177; -91.782666 (Norway Township Stone House)
Rushford vicinity c. 1870s house significant for its locally unique masonry construction and its association with Fillmore County's Norwegian immigrant settlement, particularly Norway Township—one of southeast Minnesota's earliest and largest such communities.
18 Parsons Block and Hall
Parsons Block and Hall
November 19, 1982
112 South Broadway
43°41′15″N 92°23′28″W / 43.687437°N 92.391189°W / 43.687437; -92.391189 (Parsons Block and Hall)
Spring Valley Elaborate 1871 Italianate building with a second-floor meeting hall, which provided essential commercial and social space in burgeoning Spring Valley.
19 Pietenpol Workshop and Garage
Pietenpol Workshop and Garage
April 27, 1982
County Highway 5
43°35′17″N 92°17′19″W / 43.588065°N 92.288745°W / 43.588065; -92.288745 (Pietenpol Workshop and Garage)
Cherry Grove 1921 workshop of Bernard Pietenpol (1901–1984), pioneering designer of homemade aircraft.
20 Preston Brewery
Preston Brewery
April 27, 1982
Bluff Street
43°40′24″N 92°04′38″W / 43.673378°N 92.077296°W / 43.673378; -92.077296 (Preston Brewery)
Preston 1859 brewery, Fillmore County's oldest surviving industrial building and a symbol of Preston's early settlement.
21 Preston Overlook
Preston Overlook
August 4, 2003
On U.S. Route 52
43°40′25″N 92°04′25″W / 43.673494°N 92.073578°W / 43.673494; -92.073578 (Preston Overlook)
Preston Exemplary early Minnesota highway wayside, built 1937–38. Also noted for its National Park Service rustic design by landscape architect Arthur R. Nichols.
22 Quickstad Farm Implement Company
Quickstad Farm Implement Company
April 27, 1982
Mill Street
43°47′11″N 91°50′03″W / 43.786495°N 91.834129°W / 43.786495; -91.834129 (Quickstad Farm Implement Company)
Peterson 1875 and 1901 buildings representative of the area's agricultural manufacturing economy. The latter building also exemplifies Fillmore County's stone industrial facilities.
23 Rushford City Mill
Rushford City Mill
April 27, 1982
301 Winona Street
43°48′52″N 91°45′20″W / 43.81453°N 91.755626°W / 43.81453; -91.755626 (Rushford City Mill)
Rushford 1875 mill representing Rushford's industrial development and Fillmore County's importance as Minnesota's first wheat and flour producing region.
24 Rushford Wagon and Carriage Company
Rushford Wagon and Carriage Company
April 27, 1982
Elm Street
43°48′33″N 91°45′18″W / 43.80909°N 91.754867°W / 43.80909; -91.754867 (Rushford Wagon and Carriage Company)
Rushford Sole remaining building of a factory complex established in 1872, source of the widely used Rushford Wagon and a symbol of Rushford's agricultural manufacturing industry.
25 Michael Scanlan House
Michael Scanlan House
April 27, 1982
708 Parkway South
43°42′46″N 91°58′35″W / 43.712778°N 91.976389°W / 43.712778; -91.976389 (Michael Scanlan House)
Lanesboro c. 1892 Queen Anne house of a prominent Lanesboro resident active in commerce and politics. Now a bed and breakfast.
26 Southern Minnesota Depot
Southern Minnesota Depot
June 20, 1986
Elm Street and Pickle Alley
43°48′25″N 91°45′19″W / 43.807029°N 91.755295°W / 43.807029; -91.755295 (Southern Minnesota Depot)
Rushford 1867 railway station symbolizing the impact of the Southern Minnesota Railroad on Rushford, whose development exploded upon becoming the line's western terminus. Now a museum and visitor center.
27 Spring Valley Carnegie Library
Spring Valley Carnegie Library
April 27, 1982
201 South Broadway
43°41′12″N 92°23′26″W / 43.686667°N 92.390556°W / 43.686667; -92.390556 (Spring Valley Carnegie Library)
Spring Valley 1904 Carnegie library noted as an intact small-town example of Beaux-Arts architecture and as a symbol of Spring Valley's early-20th-century progressivism.
28 Spring Valley Mausoleum
Spring Valley Mausoleum
April 27, 1982
Spring Valley Cemetery
43°40′57″N 92°22′49″W / 43.6826°N 92.380224°W / 43.6826; -92.380224 (Spring Valley Mausoleum)
Spring Valley Mausoleum built 1913–14 as a symbol of Spring Valley's rising affluence and modernity during the Progressive Era.
29 Spring Valley Methodist Episcopal Church
Spring Valley Methodist Episcopal Church
May 12, 1975
221 West Courtland Street
43°41′17″N 92°23′35″W / 43.688097°N 92.392965°W / 43.688097; -92.392965 (Spring Valley Methodist Episcopal Church)
Spring Valley Victorian Gothic church built 1876–78, noted for its polychrome façade and numerous stained glass windows. Now the Spring Valley Methodist Church Museum.
30 Ephraim Steffens House
Ephraim Steffens House
April 27, 1982
404 North Broadway
43°41′29″N 92°23′33″W / 43.691421°N 92.392573°W / 43.691421; -92.392573 (Ephraim Steffens House)
Spring Valley 1877 Victorian Gothic house of a prosperous local entrepreneur and politician.
31 William Strong House
William Strong House
April 27, 1982
508 North Huron Avenue
43°41′35″N 92°23′44″W / 43.692941°N 92.395502°W / 43.692941; -92.395502 (William Strong House)
Spring Valley 1879 Second Empire house of wealthy local banker William H. Strong (d. 1909).
32 William Strong House
William Strong House
April 27, 1982
County Highway 12
43°39′37″N 92°09′32″W / 43.660246°N 92.158974°W / 43.660246; -92.158974 (William Strong House)
Carimona Township William Strong's earlier house, dating to the late 1850s; the only surviving structure of an 1853 village significant to Fillmore County's early settlement and government.
33 Tunnel Mill
Tunnel Mill
May 12, 1975
Off County Highway 1
43°45′43″N 92°22′48″W / 43.761811°N 92.380018°W / 43.761811; -92.380018 (Tunnel Mill)
Spring Valley vicinity 1871 gristmill uniquely powered by a tunnel shortcutting a horseshoe bend in a creek; the last surviving representative of one of Minnesota's key milling regions in northwestern Fillmore County. Now a craft smithing center.
34 Walker and Valentine House
Walker and Valentine House
April 27, 1982
504 High Street
43°48′55″N 91°45′18″W / 43.815398°N 91.755044°W / 43.815398; -91.755044 (Walker and Valentine House)
Rushford Semi-detached house built 1859–61 for two of Rushford's founders and early industrial entrepreneurs. Also noted for its local stone construction.
35 Wykoff Commercial Historic District
Wykoff Commercial Historic District
August 5, 1994
100 South Gold–123 North Gold Street
43°42′26″N 92°16′06″W / 43.70733°N 92.268301°W / 43.70733; -92.268301 (Wykoff Commercial Historic District)
Wykoff Well preserved and architecturally cohesive commercial district of a railway-based agricultural center, with 17 contributing properties mostly dating to the 1890s.
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