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Temporal range: Albian–Cenomanian, ~105–92.5Ma
Nicorhynchus capito.jpg
Holotype jaw fragment of N. capito in multiple views
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Pterosauria
Suborder: Pterodactyloidea
Clade: Ornithocheirae
Family: Ornithocheiridae
Subfamily: Coloborhynchinae
Genus: Nicorhynchus
Holgado & Pêgas, 2020
Type species
Ornithocheirus capito
Seeley, 1870
  • N. capito (Seeley, 1870)
  • N. fluviferox (Jacobs et al., 2019)
Coloborhynchus fluviferox by Nick Longrich
Restoration of N. fluviferox

Nicorhynchus (meaning "knucker snout"; a knucker is a type of water dragon) was a pterosaur that has been discovered in both England and Morocco. Both species (N. capito and N. fluviferox) were originally species of Coloborhynchus.

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