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Gregory XI
Papacy began December 30, 1370
Papacy ended March 27, 1378
Predecessor Pope Urban V
Successor Pope Urban VI
Personal details
Birth name Pierre Roger de Beaufort
Born 1331
Limousin, France
Died March 27, 1378(1378-03-27)
Other Popes named Gregory

Pope Gregory XI (Latin: Gregorius Undecimus; 1331 –27 March 1378), born Pierre Roger de Beaufort, was an French cleric of the Roman Catholic Church and the 202nd Pope from 1370 until his death.

He was the seventh and last of the popes who lived in Avignon in France.

Early life

Pierre Roger de Beaufort was born in 1331 in Limousin in France. The Rosier or Roger family were important in Limousin in central France.

Beaufort was a nephew of Pope Clement VI.


Clement VI raised Beaufort to the rank of cardinal in 1348.


Cardinal Beaufort was elected pope in 1370; and he chose to be called Gergory XI. He was ordained as a priest on January 4, 1371; and was crowned pope on the following day, January 5, 13271

In 1377, Gregory XI was persuaded by Catherine of Siena to return to Rome. He reestablished the papacy in Italy.

Gregory is also remembered as the Pope who condemned John Wycliffe.

Western Schism

When Gregory died on March 27, 1378, the cardinals in Rome elected an Italian-born pope named Urban VI as his successor.

In Avignon, the cardinals elected a French-born pope who they named Clement VII.

The Western Schism begins with the dispute between the supporters of the Italian-born pope and the French-born pope.

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Preceded by
Urban V
Succeeded by
Urban VI

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