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Romanian leu
Leu românesc (Romanian)
1 leu. Romania, 2005 a.jpg 001 RON.png
one leu one ban
ISO 4217
Code RON
 1/100 ban
Plural lei
 ban bani
 Freq. used 1 leu, 5, 10, 50, 100 lei
 Rarely used 200, 500 lei
 Freq. used 10, 50 bani
 Rarely used 1 ban, 5 bani
User(s)  Romania
Socialist Republic of Romania (1965-1989)
Romanian People's Republic (1947-1965)
Romania Transnistria Governorate (1941-1944)
 Kingdom of Romania (1881-1947)
Romania Principality of Romania (1867-1881)
Central bank National Bank of Romania (since 1867)
Red Army (1944)
INFINEX (1941-1944)
General Romanian Bank (1917-1919)
Printer National Bank of Romania (since 1867)
Goznak (1944)
Reichsbank (1917-1919)
Mint Monetăria Statului (since 1867)
Saint Petersburg Mint, temporary located in Krasnokamsk (1944)
Reichsdruckerei (1917-1919)
Inflation 1.88% (September 2013 / September 2012)
 Source National Bank of Romania

The leu is the money that is used in Romania. The smaller kind of money used is the ban, or bani(plural). 100 bani make up a leu. Because Romania joined the European Union, they will start using the euro in 2014.

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