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paper fragment with writing
Tocharian B manuscript, c. 7th century AD
Native to Agni, Kucha, Turfan and Krorän
Region Tarim Basin
Ethnicity Tocharians
Extinct 9th century AD
Language family
  • Tocharian
Agnean (Tocharian A)
Kuchean (Tocharian B)
Kroränian (Tocharian C)
Writing system
  • Brahmi script (Tocharian alphabet)
  • Manichaean script
Linguist List xto Tocharian A
  txb Tocharian B
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The Tocharian languages were a branch of the Indo-European languages. They are now extinct. They were spoken on the northern side of the Tarim Basin (now in Xinjiang, China). Writing was found from around the 5th century to the 8th century AD. There were three known languages in the branch, named A, B and C.

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