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Uzbekistan was first at the Olympic Games as an independent nation in 1994. They have been in every Games since then.

Before 1994 Uzbek athletes were part of the Soviet Union at the Olympics from 1952 to 1988. They were part of the Unified Team in 1992.

Uzbek athletes have won 20 medals at the Summer Olympic Games, mostly in wrestling and boxing. The nation has also won a single medal at the Winter Olympic Games.

The National Olympic Committee for Uzbekistan was formed in 1992. The International Olympic Committee gave recognition in 1993.


Medal Name Games Sport Event
11 Gold Cheryazova, LinaLina Cheryazova 1994 Lillehammer Freestyle skiing Women's aerials
33 Bronze Tulaganov, KarimKarim Tulaganov 1996 Atlanta Boxing Men's light middleweight
22 Silver Bagdasarov, ArmenArmen Bagdasarov 1996 Atlanta Judo Men's middleweight
11 Gold Abdoollayev, MahammatkodirMahammatkodir Abdoollayev 2000 Sydney Boxing Men's light welterweight
22 Silver Taymazov, ArturArtur Taymazov 2000 Sydney Wrestling Men's freestyle super heavyweight
33 Bronze Saidov, RustamRustam Saidov 2000 Sydney Boxing Men's super heavyweight
33 Bronze Mihaylov, SergeySergey Mihaylov 2000 Sydney Boxing Men's light heavyweight
11 Gold Taymazov, ArturArtur Taymazov 2004 Athens Wrestling Men's freestyle super heavyweight
11 Gold Dokturishvili, AlexandrAlexandr Dokturishvili 2004 Athens Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman welterweight
22 Silver Ibragimov, MagomedMagomed Ibragimov 2004 Athens Wrestling Men's freestyle heavyweight
33 Bronze Sooltonov, BahodirjonBahodirjon Sooltonov 2004 Athens Boxing Men's bantamweight
33 Bronze Haydarov, UtkirbekUtkirbek Haydarov 2004 Athens Boxing Men's light-heavyweight
11 Gold Taymazov, ArturArtur Taymazov 2008 Beijing Wrestling Men's freestyle 120 kg
22 Silver Tigiev, SoslanSoslan Tigiev 2008 Beijing Wrestling Men's freestyle 74 kg
22 Silver Tangriev, AbdulloAbdullo Tangriev 2008 Beijing Judo Men's +100 kg
33 Bronze Sobirov, RishodRishod Sobirov 2008 Beijing Judo Men's 60 kg
33 Bronze Fokin, AntonAnton Fokin 2008 Beijing Gymnastics Men's parallel bars
33 Bronze Khilko, EkaterinaEkaterina Khilko 2008 Beijing Gymnastics Women's trampoline
33 Bronze Sobirov, RishodRishod Sobirov 2012 London Judo Men's judo 60 kg
33 Bronze Atoev, AbbosAbbos Atoev 2012 London Boxing Men's boxing middleweight
11 Gold Taymazov, ArturArtur Taymazov 2012 London Wrestling Men's freestyle 120 kg

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