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Zack & Cody Martin
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Suite Life on Deck character
Cody Martin.PNG
Cody in Bon Voyage
First appearance "Hotel Hangout" (2005)
Last appearance "Cole & Dylan Sprouse" (So Random!; 2012)
Created by Danny Kallis and Jim Geoghan
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Family Kurt Martin (father)
Carey Martin (mother)
(Identical twin brothers)
Nationality American

Zack Martin (played by Dylan Sprouse) and Cody Martin (played by Cole Sprouse) are the main characters created by Danny Kallis and Jim Geoghan for The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and its sequel, The Suite Life on Deck. They appear on cross-over episodes of other Disney Channel series also, such as That's So Raven; Wizards of Waverly Place; Hannah Montana; I'm in the Band; So Random!; and the special Studio DC: Almost Live.

Concept and creation

Dylan Sprouse stated that the idea of twins living in a hotel was something he and his brother came up with when they were shooting Big Daddy and stayed in a hotel for four months. Sprouse said of Zack and Cody, "The characters were originally based off of [sic] our personalities. In fact, they were originally named Dylan and Cole."

Character information

The twins were born at St. Joseph's Hospital in Seattle, Washington on a Saturday: Zack at 6:30 and Cody at 6:40. The year of their births is not clear. In The Suite Life on Deck episode, "Das Boots", it is said to be 1993. In the episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody titled "Poor Little Rich Girl", however, a baby video of the two is date-stamped September 23, 1992.

The twins attended Buckner Middle School during seasons 1 & 2, Cheevers High School during season 3 of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and Seven Seas High on board the SS Tipton in The Suite Life on Deck. In one episode of The Suite Life on Deck, Cody and Zack fight over the fact that Zack stole an old term paper from Cody rather than writing his own, and Zack admits that he knows he'll never match Cody academically and feels inferior to his brother; in response, Cody admits that he works hard to get grades because Zack is better at sports, better with girls, and more popular, while the only thing Cody has going for him is his intelligence. Cody is shown to have a strong—almost obsessive—fear of germs. The twins are proven to have Swedish backgrounds in the Suite Life on Deck episode, "The Swede Life". They originally intended to attend Harvard University; however, they have a bad encounter with a Dean there, as the dean helped to lie when Zack dated the dean's daughter.


Cody is more erudite and intelligent than Zack. He also tends to be more caring, sensitive, polite, and more well-behaved than his brother, but even he is not perfect; he occasionally shows acts of meanness and greed. He generally receives good grades in school, and according to Zack, Cody has a 5.0 grade point average. He is often referred to as a nerd, though he prefers the phrase "educationally gifted". London Tipton, daughter of the man who owns the Tipton Hotel in which the twins reside for the duration of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, uses him on various occasions to complete her school work.

Despite his exceptional intelligence and relative maturity when compared to Zack, Cody exhibits some comically regressive behaviors, such as calling his mother "Mommy", screaming when frightened, and carrying a "blankey" into his teens. This becomes a running joke throughout the series. In "Big Hair & Baseball", it is revealed that he has astigmatism. Later on, Cody decides to attend Yale. Cody says that his biggest dream is to win a Nobel Prize. While Cody shows the same interest in girls as his brother, he prefers long-term relationships with one girl, rather than dating many girls at once, like Zack.


Zack is more laid-back, self-centered and outgoing than Cody. Zack tends to be less mature than his brother, but he does occasionally show signs of compassion and caring. He generally receives bad grades in school. Zack is intelligent, as is shown when he was sent to summer school and was the smartest kid in class to the point he taught the other kids the lesson himself. This shows that if Zack applied himself, he could do much better in school. He also has a talent for woodshop to the point that the teacher was willing to entrust the class into his care and recommend him for advanced placement woodshop.


The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

After traveling around the nation, the twins and their mother Carey arrive in Boston, which becomes their home until The Suite Life on Deck. Cody and Zack become friends with Maddie Fitzpatrick, they each keep a picture of her in their rooms when they move to the SS Tipton. During the On Deck episode Maddie On Deck, Maddie flirts with Zack a bit while visiting and even kisses him to give him confidence. Cody does well in school and is interested in several intellectual activities, which results in him attending math camp and winning a spelling bee.

Like Zack, Cody inherits musical talents from his parents. He can sing and dance, as seen in Lip-Syncing in the Rain and Sleepover Suite, and can act. In addition to singing, Cody plays the French horn and the violin. Cody is closer than Zack to their mother and often heeds her advice.

In the first season, Cody is as much of a troublemaker as Zack. As the show progresses, his character develops into a type who generally only gets in trouble by mistake or (more often) due to Zack's influence. Cody is often the victim of various sight gags (which range from humorous to traumatic). Examples include being pushed in horse feces; getting trampled; and being frozen in ice.

During the third season, Cody works part-time as a bag boy at the Paul Revere minimart over the summer holidays. It becomes a setting and theme for some episodes, most notably Summer of Our Discontent, Who's the Boss? and Baggage. Cody acted as producer of London Tipton's "Yay Me! Starring London Tipton" webcast, although he quits or rejoins the show based on his relationship with London.

The Suite Life on Deck

Cody shares a room with Woody Fink, a messy, overweight student. While at school on board the SS Tipton, Cody becomes the ship's towel boy to earn money after Zack maxes out both of their student cash cards on non-essential items, particularly food and gifts for girls Zack is interested in. Zack initially shares a room with Bailey Pickett, a smart and intelligent student, who's a girl disguised as a boy. Zack initially develops a crush on Bailey after finding out that she is a girl. He starts fighting with Cody over her, but after Mr. Moseby tells them that Bailey is still not over her ex-boyfriend Moose, Zack tells Cody that he can have her. In the third season, Zack starts developing feelings for a girl named Maya Bennett. Initially, she rejects him because he is a "player". They finally get together in Party On!" In "Graduation on Deck", the series finale, Maya joined the Peace Corps in Africa, and as a result, breaks up with Zack, because she could not handle a long-distance relationship.

The Suite Life Movie

Cody and girlfriend, Bailey, originally plan to spend spring break together, but Cody decides instead to intern for Dr. Spaulding for the opportunity to earn a Yale scholarship. He writes a long letter to Bailey explaining his decision, but he starts to quarrel with Zack and loses the letter. She becomes upset with him. Cody goes to the marine biology lab where he will intern, but Zack gets him into a quarrel and they damage the lab's property, costing Cody his spot. Zack attempts to make it up to him, and helps Cody to get an internship with Dr. Olsen in the Gemini Project.

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