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Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 18th century19th century20th century
Decades: 1840s  1850s  1860s  – 1870s –  1880s  1890s  1900s
Years: 1872 1873 187418751876 1877 1878




Published music

  • "Angels, Meet Me At the Cross Road"     w.m. Will Hays
  • "Carve Dat Possum" by Sam Lucas & Herbert Hershy
  • "Dreaming Forever of Thee"      w.m. John Hill Hewitt
  • "Grandfather's Clock"     w.m. Henry C. Work
  • "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen"     w.m. Thomas P. Westendorf
  • "Nancy Lee" w. Frederick Edward Weatherly, m. Stephen Adams (pseudonym of Michael Maybrick)
  • "The Witches Flight (Galop Caprice)" by Henry A. Russell

Musical theater

  • Trial By Jury, Gilbert & Sullivan, London production opened at the Royalty Theatre on March 25
  • Trial By Jury Philadelphia production opened at the Arch Street Theatre on October 22
  • Trial By Jury, New York production opened at the Eagle Theatre on November 15
  • The Zoo, Lyrics and Book: Bolton Rowe Music: Arthur Sullivan, London production opened at St. James Theatre on June 5

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