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Millennium: 1st millennium BC
Centuries: 6th century BC5th century BC4th century BC
Decades: 430s BC  420s BC  410s BC  – 400s BC –  390s BC  380s BC  370s BC
Years: 408 BC 407 BC 406 BC405 BC – 404 BC 403 BC 402 BC

Year 405 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar.


By place


  • The Athenian fleet follows the Spartan admiral, Lysander, to the Hellespont. The Athenian fleet is destroyed in the Battle of Aegospotami.
  • The Spartan king Pausanias lays siege to Athens. Lysander's fleet blockades Piraeus. This starves Athens.
  • Theramenes tries to negotiate with Lysander. He is away for three months.


  • Dionysius the Elder rises to power as the tyrant of Syracuse. He makes peace with the Carthaginian general. Carthage is in control of most of Sicily.
  • Dionysius the Elder expands his power. He builds a wall around Syracuse. The Greek citizens of Naxos, Catana, and Leontini are removed from their cities. Many of them are made slaves.

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  • The Erechtheum, which includes The Porch of Maidens (Caryatid Porch), is completed in the Ionian style on the Acropolis in Athens after 16 years of building.


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