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Millennium: 1st millennium
Centuries: 4th century5th century6th century
Decades: 450s  460s  470s  – 480s –  490s  500s  510s
Years: 480 481 482 – 483 – 484 485 486
Pope Felix III (483–492)

Year 483 (CDLXXXIII) was a common year starting on Saturday of the Julian calendar.


By place

Byzantine Empire

  • Illus, Byzantine general (magister officiorum), and Verina (widow of the late emperor Leo I) try to overthrow emperor Zeno. They try to place another general named Leontius on the throne.


  • The Ostrogoths are given status as foederati. They control a large part of Macedonia and Thrace (Balkans).

By topic



  • Xiao Baojuan, emperor of Southern Qi (d. 501)
  • Xuan Wu Di, emperor of Northern Wei (d. 515)
  • Yuan Xun, crown prince of Northern Wei (d. 497)
  • Zhu Yi, high official of Southern Liang (d. 549)


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