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Amazon weasel
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The Amazon weasel (Mustela africana), is a type of weasel. It is native to South America. It is also called the tropical weasel. It was first identified from a museum example that was not labeled well. The museum label said it was from Africa. That is why the scientific name is Mustela africana.


The Amazon weasel is 43 to 52 cm (17 to 20 in) in length. Its tail is 16 to 21 cm (6.3 to 8.3 in) long. They have a long, slender, torso and short legs and ears. They have short fur. It is reddish to dark brown on the upper body, and is pale orange-tan on the underparts. The whiskers are short and there is almost no hair on the bottom of the feet.


The Amazon weasel live in the Amazon basin in northern Brazil and eastern Peru and Ecuador. They may also live in southern Colombia, Venezuela and the Guyanas, as well as northern Bolivia. The region it lives in is covered by tropical rainforest.

Biology and Behavior

The Amazon weasel is rarely seen. Little is known about its habits. They eat rodents and other small mammals. They have been reported to make burrows in the stumps of hollow trees. They have been found from sea level to 1,250 m (4,100 ft). They have been reported to swim in rivers or estuaries. Sometimes, they swim far from the shore.

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