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Avatar: The Last Airbender
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 20
Original network Nickelodeon
Original release February 21 (2005-02-21) – December 2, 2005 (2005-12-02)
List of Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes

Season One (Book 1: Water) of Avatar: The Last Airbender had 20 episodes and they were shown from 21 February 2005 until 2 December 2005. The series was created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, and starred Zach Tyler Eisen, Mae Whitman, Jack DeSena, Mako, Dante Basco, and Jason Isaacs as the main character voices.

The season goes around the protagonist, Aang, and his friends Katara and Sokka and their journey to the North Pole (to North Water Tribe) to find a Waterbending master to teach Aang and Katara how to control water. Fire Lord Ozai, the current Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, is waging a seemingly endless war against the Earth Kingdom, the Water Tribes, and the already destroyed Air Nomads. Aang, the current Avatar, must master the four elements—Air, Water, Earth, and Fire—before win the Fire Lord and ending the war. Along the way, Aang and his friends are chased by various pursuers, including Prince Zuko, a banished Fire Nation prince, and Admiral Zhao, a key member of the Fire Navy.

Each episode of Season One attracted more than a million viewers on its first airing. Season One won "Best TV Series" and "Best Animated Television Series" in the boys 9–14-year old demographic at the 2005 Pulcinella Awards, which gives awards for excellence in animation.

Between 4 January 2006 and 19 September 2006, five DVD sets were released in the USA, each had four episodes from the season. On 12 September 2006, Nickelodeon also released the "Complete Book One Collection Box Set", which had all of the episodes in the season as well as a special features disc. The original releases were encoded in Region 1 (USA), a DVD type that plays only in American DVD players. From 2007 to 2009, Nickelodeon released Region 2 DVDs (Europe), which can play in Europe.

The first has been adapted into a live-action movie The Last Airbender, directed by M. Night Shyamalan and was released in July 2010.


The show was produced by and shown on Nickelodeon, which is owned by Viacom. The show's creators, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, worked with Aaron Ehasz. Eight episodes were directed by Dave Filoni. Animation directors Lauren MacMullan and Giancarlo Volpe directed five episodes each, and Anthony Lioi directed two. Episodes were written or co-written by a team of writers, which included Nick Malis, John O'Bryan, Matt Hubbard, James Eagan, Ian Wilcox, Tim Hedrick and Elizabeth Welch Ehasz. All of the show's music was written by "The Track Team", which consists of Jeremy Zuckerman and Benjamin Wynn, who were known to Dante and Konietzko because Zuckerman was Konietzko's roommate.


Actor Role
Zach Tyler Eisen Aang
Mae Whitman Katara
Jack DeSena Sokka
Dante Basco Zuko
Mako Iwamatsu Iroh
Dee Bradley Baker Appa & Momo
Jason Isaacs Zhao
Crawford Wilson. Jet


Episode's number Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. Code
1 The Boy in the Iceberg Dave Filoni Michael Dante DiMartino + Bryan Konietzko 21 February 2005 101
2 The Avatar Returns Dave Filoni Michael Dante DiMartino + Bryan Konietzko 21 February 2005 102
3 The Southern Air Temple Lauren MacMullan Michael Dante DiMartino 21 February 2005 103
4 The Warriors of Kyoshi Giancarlo Volpe Nick Malis 4 March 2005 104
5 The King of Omashu Anthony Lioi John O'Bryan 18 March 2005 105
6 Imprisoned Dave Filoni Matt Hubbard 25 March 2005 106
7 The Spirit World: Winter Solstice, Part 1 Lauren MacMullan Aaron Ehasz 8 April 2005 107
8 Αvatar Roku: Winter Solstice, Part 2 Giancarlo Volpe Michael Dante DiMartino 15 April 2005 108
9 The Waterbending Scroll John O' Bryan 29 April 2005 109
10 Jet Dave Filoni James Eagan 6 May 2005 110
11 The Great Divide Giancarlo Volpe John O' Bryan 20 May 2005 111
12 The Storm Lauren MacMullan Aaron Ehasz 3 June 2005 112
13 The Blue Spirit Dave Filoni Michael Dante DiMartino 17 June 2005 113
14 The Fortuneteller Dave Filoni Aaron Ehasz 23 September 2005 114
15 Bato of the Water Tribe Giancarlo Volpe Ian Wilcox 7 Οctober 2005 115
16 The Deserter Lauren MacMullan Tim Hedrick 21 October 2005 116
17 The Northern Air Temple Dave Filoni Elizabeth Welch Ehasz 4 November 2005 117
18 The Waterbending Master Giancarlo Volpe Michael Dante DiMartino 18 November 2005 118
19 The Siege of the North, Part I Lauren MacMullan John O' Bryan 2 December 2005 119
20 The Siege of the North, Part II Dave Filoni Aaron Ehasz 2 December 2005 120

DVD releases

Region 1

Nickelodeon began releasing the Season One DVDs on 31 January 2006. Each DVD, with one exception, had four episodes on one disc. The exception was The Complete Book One Collection Box Set, which had all of the 20 episodes in the season on six discs.

In the USA, all Season One DVDs were encoded using NTSC. Since this is not compatible in most countries outside North America, Nickelodeon released separate DVDs in regions where the video would be encoded using PAL instead. These releases began on 19 February 2007; each DVD was released months after the original release. As with the original DVDs, each set contained four episodes on one disc, with the exception would be The Complete Book One Collection Box Set, which contained all of the twenty episodes in the season on five discs.

Volume Discs Episodes Release date
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 1 4 24 January 2006 19 February 2007 15 March 2007
2 1 4 28 March 2006 4 June 2007 5 July 2007
3 1 4 30 May 2006 3 September 2007 13 March 2008
4 1 4 18 July 2006 18 February 2008 19 June 2008
5 1 4 19 September 2006 26 May 2008 5 March 2009
Box set 6 20 12 September 2006 26 January 2009 4 June 2009

Movie adaptation

The Last Airbender is a live action movie based on the first season of the animated television series and had a theatrical release on 1 July 2010. The movie is directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

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