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Battle of Chaeronea
Battle of Chaereonea

An 1882 depiction of Battle of Chaeronea, from Cassell's Illustrated Universal History
Date August 2, 338 BC
Chaeronea, Boeotia, Greece
38°21′N 22°58′E / 38.350°N 22.967°E / 38.350; 22.967
Result Decisive Macedonian victory
Macedon establishes hegemony over the majority of Southern Greece (except Sparta)
Macedon, Thessaly, Argos, Arcadia Athens, Thebes, Corinth, Megara, Achaea, Chalcis, Epidaurus, Akarnania, , and Troezen
Commanders and leaders

Philip II of Macedon

Chares of Athens,
Lysicles of Athens,
Theagenes of Boeotia
30,000 infantry,
2,000 cavalry
Casualties and losses
unknown ~2,000 dead, ~4,000 captured

The Battle of Chaeronea was a battle in Ancient Greece. It was fought in 338 BC near the city of Chaeronea in Boeotia. It was fought between the armies of Philip II of Macedon and an alliance of some of the Greek city-states including Athens and Thebes. The battle was the end of Philip's campaign in Greece (339–338 BC). It was a strong victory for the Macedonians.

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