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California Historical Landmarks in Inyo County, California facts for kids

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This list includes properties and districts listed on the California Historical Landmark listing in Inyo County, California. Click the "Map of all coordinates" link to the right to view a Google map of all properties and districts with latitude and longitude coordinates in the table below.

Image Landmark name Location City or town Summary
209 Bend City Mazourka Canyon Rd.
36°49′09″N 118°07′50″W / 36.819167°N 118.130556°W / 36.819167; -118.130556 (Bend City)
444 Bennett-Arcane Long Camp Death Valley National Park
811 Bishop Creek Battleground State Hwy 168 and Bishop Creek Rd.
37°20′29″N 118°28′52″W / 37.341517°N 118.4812°W / 37.341517; -118.4812 (Bishop Creek Battleground)
Burned Wagons Point
441 Burned Wagons Point Death Valley National Park
Stovepipe Wells
Camp Independence
349 Camp Independence Miller Ln. & Salvabell Ln.
36°49′59″N 118°13′21″W / 36.833183°N 118.222567°W / 36.833183; -118.222567 (Camp Independence)
Independence, California
Cottonwood Charcoal Kilns
537 Cottonwood Charcoal Kilns State Hwy 395
36°24′55″N 118°00′43″W / 36.4152°N 118.012033°W / 36.4152; -118.012033 (Cottonwood Charcoal Kilns)
Death Valley 49ers Gateway
442 Death Valley 49ers Gateway California Route 190, near Badwater Rd.
36°26′55″N 116°51′10″W / 36.448583°N 116.8527°W / 36.448583; -116.8527 (Death Valley 49ers Gateway)
Furnace Creek
Eichbaum Toll Road
848 Eichbaum Toll Road Death Valley National Park
Stovepipe Wells
Farley's Olancha Mill Site
796 Farley's Olancha Mill Site State Hwy 395
Furnace of Owens Lake Silver-Lead Company
752 Furnace of Owens Lake Silver-Lead Company State Hwy 136
36°31′49″N 117°54′49″W / 36.53014°N 117.913556°W / 36.53014; -117.913556 (Furnace of Owens Lake Silver-Lead Company)
Grave of 1872 Earthquake Victims
507 Grave of 1872 Earthquake Victims State Hwy 395
36°37′06″N 118°04′07″W / 36.61835°N 118.068517°W / 36.61835; -118.068517 (Grave of 1872 Earthquake Victims)
Lone Pine
953 Laws Station Silver Canyon Rd.
37°24′04″N 118°20′46″W / 37.401°N 118.346°W / 37.401; -118.346 (Laws Station)
Manzanar Relocation Center
850 Manzanar Relocation Center State Hwy 395
36°43′34″N 118°08′41″W / 36.7262°N 118.144783°W / 36.7262; -118.144783 (Manzanar Relocation Center)
Independence Also on the NHRP list as NPS-76000484
Mary Austin's Home
229 Mary Austin's Home 253 Market St.
36°48′06″N 118°12′07″W / 36.8017°N 118.2019°W / 36.8017; -118.2019 (Mary Austin's Home)
211 Mayfield Canyon Battlefield Mayfield Canyon
37°26′49″N 118°38′14″W / 37.446876°N 118.637344°W / 37.446876; -118.637344 (Mayfield Canyon Battlefield)
Old Harmony Borax Works
773 Old Harmony Borax Works Death Valley National Park
36°28′48″N 116°52′24″W / 36.48°N 116.873472°W / 36.48; -116.873472 (Old Harmony Borax Works)
Furnace Creek Also on the NHRP list as NPS-74000339
Old Stovepipe Wells
823 Old Stovepipe Wells Death Valley National Park
36°39′33″N 117°04′44″W / 36.659167°N 117.078889°W / 36.659167; -117.078889 (Old Stovepipe Wells)
Stovepipe Wells
230 Owensville State Hwy 6 & Silver Canyon Rd.
37°24′03″N 118°20′44″W / 37.400833°N 118.345556°W / 37.400833; -118.345556 (Owensville)
Bishop Also called "First Permanent White Habitation in Owens Valley"
223 Putnam's Stone Cabin 139 Edwards St.
36°48′11″N 118°12′00″W / 36.802933°N 118.200033°W / 36.802933; -118.200033 (Putnam's Stone Cabin)
208 San Francis Ranch Red Hill Rd. & State Hwy 168
37°21′41″N 118°27′12″W / 37.361317°N 118.4532°W / 37.361317; -118.4532 (San Francis Ranch)
443 Valley Wells Trona Wildrose Rd. & Valley Wells Rd.
35°49′42″N 117°19′54″W / 35.828333°N 117.331667°W / 35.828333; -117.331667 (Valley Wells)
Valley Wells
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