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California Historical Landmarks in Sonoma County, California facts for kids

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List table of the properties and districts — listed on the California Historical Landmarks — within Sonoma County, California.

  • Note: Click the "Map of all coordinates" link to the right to view a Google map of all properties and districts with latitude and longitude coordinates in the table below.


Image Landmark name Location City or town Summary
Bear Flag Monument
7 Bear Flag Monument Sonoma Plaza
38°17′36″N 122°27′24″W / 38.293233°N 122.4568°W / 38.293233; -122.4568 (Bear Flag Monument)
Blue Wing Inn
17 Blue Wing Inn Sonoma State Historic Park
38°17′36″N 122°27′20″W / 38.29345°N 122.455483°W / 38.29345; -122.455483 (Blue Wing Inn)
Bodega Bay & Harbor
833 Bodega Bay & Harbor Doran Park
38°19′25″N 123°02′52″W / 38.323611°N 123.047778°W / 38.323611; -123.047778 (Bodega Bay & Harbor)
Bodega Bay
Buena Vista Winery
392 Buena Vista Winery 18000 Old Winery Rd.
38°17′58″N 122°25′23″W / 38.299444°N 122.423056°W / 38.299444; -122.423056 (Buena Vista Winery)
Sonoma Also on the NHRP list as NPS-86001902
835 Cooper's Sawmill Mirabel and River Rds.
Santa Rosa
879 Cotati Downtown Plaza Downtown plaza
38°19′36″N 122°42′22″W / 38.32655°N 122.706167°W / 38.32655; -122.706167 (Cotati Downtown Plaza)
Fort Ross
5 Fort Ross Fort Ross State Historic Park, 19005 Coast Hwy
38°30′51″N 123°14′34″W / 38.514289°N 123.242708°W / 38.514289; -123.242708 (Fort Ross)
392-1 Haraszthy Villa Castle Rd. near Buena Vista Winery
Icaria-Speranza Commune
981 Icaria-Speranza Commune W side of Asti Rd.
Italian Swiss Colony
621 Italian Swiss Colony
Jack London State Historic Park
743 Jack London State Historic Park Jack London State Historic Park
38°21′02″N 122°32′35″W / 38.350556°N 122.543056°W / 38.350556; -122.543056 (Jack London State Historic Park)
Glen Ellen Also on the NHRP list as NPS-66000240
939 John Medica Gardens 5000 Medica Rd.
Santa Rosa
Luther Burbank Home and Gardens
234 Luther Burbank Home and Gardens 200 Santa Rosa Ave.
38°26′10″N 122°42′42″W / 38.436111°N 122.711667°W / 38.436111; -122.711667 (Luther Burbank Home and Gardens)
Santa Rosa Also on the NHRP list as NPS-66000241
Mission San Francisco de Solano
3 Mission San Francisco de Solano Sonoma State Historic Park
38°17′38″N 122°27′21″W / 38.294012°N 122.455781°W / 38.294012; -122.455781 (Mission San Francisco de Solano)
667 Nash-Patton Adobe 579 1st St. E.
38°17′25″N 122°27′25″W / 38.290367°N 122.45695°W / 38.290367; -122.45695 (Nash-Patton Adobe)
Petrified Forest
915 Petrified Forest 4100 Petrified Forest Rd.
Presidio of Sonoma
316 Presidio of Sonoma Sonoma State Historic Park
38°17′37″N 122°27′24″W / 38.2937°N 122.4566°W / 38.2937; -122.4566 (Presidio of Sonoma)
Rancho Petaluma Adobe
18 Rancho Petaluma Adobe Petaluma Adobe State Historic Park, 3325 Adobe Rd.
38°15′20″N 122°35′04″W / 38.25547°N 122.58451°W / 38.25547; -122.58451 (Rancho Petaluma Adobe)
Petaluma Also on the NHRP list as NPS-70000151
Saint Teresa of Avila Church, Bodega
820 Saint Teresa of Avila Church, Bodega Bodega Hwy near Bodega Ln.
38°20′46″N 122°58′21″W / 38.346197°N 122.972528°W / 38.346197; -122.972528 (Saint Teresa of Avila Church, Bodega)
501 Salvador Vallejo Adobe 421 1st St.
38°17′37″N 122°27′32″W / 38.2936°N 122.458783°W / 38.2936; -122.458783 (Salvador Vallejo Adobe)
739 Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery 394 4th St E
38°17′36″N 122°26′58″W / 38.293367°N 122.449483°W / 38.293367; -122.449483 (Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery)
Swiss Hotel
496 Swiss Hotel 18 W. Spain St.
38°17′38″N 122°27′29″W / 38.2938°N 122.457967°W / 38.2938; -122.457967 (Swiss Hotel)
Temelec Hall
237 Temelec Hall 220 Temelec Circle
38°16′00″N 122°29′34″W / 38.266667°N 122.492778°W / 38.266667; -122.492778 (Temelec Hall)
627 Union Hotel & Union Hall 35 Napa and 1st St.
Vallejo Estate
4 Vallejo Estate Corner of Spain and West 3rd Streets
38°17′50″N 122°27′40″W / 38.297222°N 122.461111°W / 38.297222; -122.461111 (Vallejo Estate)
Sonoma Also on the NHRP list as NPS-72000262
Walters Ranch Hop Kiln
893 Walters Ranch Hop Kiln 7501 Sonoma Hwy.
38°32′10″N 122°52′04″W / 38.536134°N 122.867848°W / 38.536134; -122.867848 (Walters Ranch Hop Kiln)
William Hood House
692 William Hood House 7501 Sonoma Hwy.
38°26′37″N 122°34′36″W / 38.443611°N 122.576667°W / 38.443611; -122.576667 (William Hood House)
Santa Rosa Also on the NHRP list as NPS-97001658
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