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The Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame (CMHF) was founded in 1993 by Lee Abrahamson and Gary Magwood assisted by Len Coates to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of the Canadian motorsport communities.

The inaugural induction ceremony was held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, August 19, 1993, and has been held annually since. Generally, inductees are required to have been retired from competitive racing for at least three years or have been in motor racing for at least a quarter of a century. Inductees are selected by the CMHF Nomination Committee, which is composed of a panel of motor racing experts, following a nomination process that sees names put forward for consideration and undergo a scoring process by the committee. An international category was created by the CMHF in 2010 to recognize "significant contributions to motorsports in Canada" and "prominent international figures".

The Hall of Fame holds an annual Induction Gala. It originally was located near Milton, Ontario. The building holds plaques of the inductees along with some racing cars. The Canadian Automotive Collection now operates a museum and an archives at 40 Carl Hall Road at Parc Downsview Park in Toronto, as well as the website, Canadian Automotive Collection. A new museum at 39 Carl Hall Road is under construction, and will be called the Canadian Motorsport Heritage Museum.

In 2010 the name will officially change to The Canadian Motorsport Heritage Foundation to better describe the mission of the organization.

Its mission statement is to be "Canada's leading collection of racing vehicles and primary source of historical motorsport information".

Inductees into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame

This list includes notable individuals and companies that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Inductee Motorsport Activity Active period Induction Year
Achs, Ken Drag Racing 1962 - 1973 1993
Allers, Frank Road Racing 1971 - 2001 2005
Armstrong, Dale Drag Racing 1980s and 1990s 1995
Asbury, Art Powerboat Racing 2001
Atchison, Bob Drag Racing 2006
Baker, Dick Road Racing 2002
Bastedo, Larry Motorcycling 2004
Beck, Gary Drag Racing 1999
Bennett, Alec Motorcycling 2006
Bicknell, Pete Oval Track 2002
Biederman, Don Oval Track 2001
Billes, Dave Road Racing 1994
Bird, John Rally Sport 2006
Bonin, Gordie Drag Racing 2000
Boyce, Walter Rally Sport Driver 2003
Brack, Bill Road Racing 1993
Bradley, Francis Road Racing 1995
Branston, Wallie Oval Track 1997
British Empire Motor Club Motorcycle and Road Racing 1929- 2003
Burgess, Tom Rally Sport 1998
Cabana, Jean-Paul Oval Track 2001
Canfield, Jack Motorcycling 2003
Cannon, John Road Racing 1993
Capp, Terry Drag Racing 2001
Carter, Maurice "Mo" Road Racing 1999
Castrol North America Builder 1999
Chapman, George Road Racing 1994
Christie, Jack Builder - Road Racing 2007
Coniam, Warren Oval Track 1996
Cordts, John Road Racing 2003
Couture, Jacques Road Racing 2000
De Gruchy, John Motorcycling/Builder 1957–1975 2005
de St Croix, Ross Road Racing 1994
Deeley, Trevor Motorcycling 1995
DeRosier, Jacob Motorcycling 2002
Duff, John Road Racing and Oval 2006
Duff, Mike Motorcycling 1994
Duhamel, Yvon Motorcycling 1999
Duncan, Doug Builder 1996
Eaton, George Road Racing 1994
Elliot, Sandy Drag Racing 1998
Farmer, Ron Contributor 1998
Fedderly, Bernie Drag Racing 1996
Fergusson, Jim Road Racing, Motorcycling 2004
Fergusson, Alice Road Racing, Motorcycling 2004
Fisher, Craig Road Racing 1997
Foster, Billy Oval Track 1993
Francis, Brad Road Racing, Builder 1999
Goodyear, Scott Road Racing, Oval 2002
Greedy, Jack Oval Track 2004
Greenblatt, David Road Racing 1998
Greening, Harry Powerboat Racing 2003
Gunn, Jim RallySport 1997
Hallahan, Jim Oval Track 2002
Hanley, Junior Oval Track 2000
Hanna, Bob Road Racing Builder 1994
Harvey, Bob Drag Racing Builder 2004
Harvey, Helen Drag Racing Builder 2004
Hawley, Frank Drag Racing 1995
Hayward, Bob Powerboat Racing 2000
Heimrath, Ludwig Road Racing 2000
Heinonen, Taisto RallySport Driver 2003
Henderson, George G "Pete" Oval Track 1915–1920 2005
Hill, Craig Road Racing 1996
Hodgson, Ron Drag Racing 2000
Hogan, Ted Oval Track 1995
Howard, Jimmy Oval Track 1994
Hudes, Harvey Builder 1964–1989 1996
Imperial Tobacco Builder 1961–2003 1993
Jenner, Gordon Drag Racing 2000
Johnston, Tom Road Racing 1998
Jones, Tom Road Racing 1998
Kelly, Jim Motorcycling 1998
Kennington, Doug Drag Racing 2004
King, Grant Builder 1999
Kroll, Horst Road Racing 1994
Kydd, Billy Drag Racing 1997
Leavens, Ed Road Racing 1997
Leibel, Lorne Powerboat Racing 2006
Lelliott, Norm Oval Track 1995
LeMay, George Oval Track 2004
Lennox, Harvey Oval Track 1997
Light, Graham Drag Racing 1996
Lombardo, Guy Powerboat Racing 2002
Marisi, Dan & Dallaire, Jacques Builders 2006
MacDonald, Rollie Oval Track 2004
McCaig, Roger Road Racing 1997
McLean, Bob Road Racing 1993
McLean, Ernie Oval Track Builder 2000
Mechlenbacher Family Drag Race Builder 1997
Molson Breweries Builder 1996
Moore, Greg Road racing 2000
Morris, David T. Road Racing 1998
Murray, "Dizzy" Dean Builder 1995
Namerow, Norm Road Racing Builder 1994
Oland, Derek Road Racing Builder 1995
Paton, Barry Drag Racing 2002
Pease, Al Road Racing 1998
Pedersen, Ross Motorcycling 1998
Peets, Ray Drag Racing 1999
Perusse, Jean-Paul Rally Sport [Driver] 2004
Petre, Kay Road Racing 1995
Powell, Ted Road Racing / Builder 2006
Rasmussen, Eldon Oval Track 2001
Rathgeb, Chuck Road Racing Builder 1993
Reelie, Gordon Oval Racing 2004
Robertson, Brian Road Racing 1964–1994 2005
Ross, Earl Oval Track 2000
Ross, John Builder 1994
Rotharmel, Mark Powerboat Racing 2004
Ryan, Peter Road Racing 1993
Sadler, Bill Road Racing Builder 1993
Scully, Dr Hugh Builder 2000
Sehl, David Motorcycling 2002
Sharpless, Bill Motorcycling 2001
Shaw, Lloyd Oval / Builder 2006
Slack, Bob Oval Track Builder 2002
Slack, Leone Oval Track Builder 2002
Smith, Jack Oval Track 1919–1974 2005
Smith, Roy Oval Track 2002
Spenard, Richard Road Racing 2001
Stewart, Brian Road Racing Builder 2004
Straus, Bert Drag Racing 2003
Sturgess, Ted Motorcycling 1938–1963 1996
Theoret, Robert Powerboat Racing 2006
Thompson, Jim PowerBoat Racing 1950–1961 2005
Villeneuve, Gilles Road Racing 1971–1982 1993
Villeneuve, Jacques Road Racing and Snowmobiling 1973 - 2001
White, Eve Builder, Motorcycling 1995
White, Ron Builder, Motorcycling 1995
Wietzes, Eppie Road Racing 1993
Wildman, David Motorcycling 1997
Williams, John Motorcycling 1996
Wilson, Harold PowerBoat Racing, Rally, Builder 1926–1961 2005
Wilson, Scott Drag Racing 1997
Wolf, Walter Road Racing 1998
Foley, Dick 2012
Bartling, Rudy 2012
Edwardes, Robin Rally co-driver (navigator) 2012
Manson, Paul S. Rally co-driver (navigator) (Canadian Rally Champion) 1940 2012
Docktor, Ben 2012
Sewart, Greg Oval Track 2012
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