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The Children's Literature Prize "Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cento" is an international competition aimed at authors of children's books (elementary and middle school) in Italian, original or translated.


The Prize Cento was established in 1979 on the initiative of the Cassa di Risparmio di Cento and the Faculty of Education at the University of Ferrara. Initially the winner was determined by a panel of experts chaired by Gianni Rodari; the current method of selection was adopted in 1981.

The award is currently sponsored and organized by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cento, with the support of the Region of Emilia-Romagna, the Province of Ferrara, the City of Cento, of the University of Ferrara and Bologna.

Method of selection

The competition includes a first phase of selection among all entries of two sets of finalists by a Selection Committee consisting of: Guido Clericetti (cartoonist and scriptwriter), Fulvia Sisti (journalist), Giovanni Genovesi (University of Ferrara), Mario Schiavato (writer), Franco Frabboni (University of Bologna), Tiziana Ferrario (journalist), Paolo Valentini (journalist) and Folco Quilici (documentary filmmaker). To determine the final ranking and then the winners, a second phase involves two juries, one made up of students in the last three grades of elementary school, the other of students in the first three years of secondary school.

The top three authors in the two sections, are awarded respectively € 5,000, € 2,000 and € 1,000.


Among the best known writers to have won the Prize Cento are Roberto Piumini (1979 and 1995), Bianca Pitzorno (1988), Daniel Pennac (1993), Susanna Tamaro (1995), and J. K. Rowling (1998).

Hall of Fame

Year Winning Year Winning Year Winning
1979 Roberto Piumini 1996 Silvana Gandolfi, Guido Quarzo and Anna Vivarelli 2013
1980 Marcello Venturi 1997 Ian Whybrow, Elizabeth Honey 2014
1981 Marina Gemelli 1998 Angela Nanetti, J. K. Rowling 2015
1982 Giovanni Arpino 1999 Maria Vago, Fiona May and Paola Zannoner 2016
1983 Pino Nucci 2000 Domenica Luciani, Louis Sachar 2017
1984 Renata Schiavo Campo 2001 Paul Shipton, Silvio Conte and Mariella Ottino
1985 Pier Mario Fasanotti 2002 Anna Vivarelli, Francesca d'Adamo
1986 Beatrice Solinas Donghi 2003 Anna Lavatelli, Uri Orlev
1987 Christine Nostlinger 2004 Sheila Och, Eoin Colfer
1988 Bianca Pitzorno 2005 Luigi Garlando, Michael Morpurgo
1989 Mario Lodi 2006 Roberta Grazzani, Angela Ragusa
1990 William Steig 2007 Sebastiano Ruiz Mignone, Jordan Sonnenblick
1991 Roberta Grazzani, Michel Lucet 2008 Kate DiCamillo, Pina Varriale
1992 Pinin Carpi, Sam Llewellyn 2009 Aquilino, Finn Zetterholm
1993 Ole Lund Kirkegaard, Daniel Pennac 2010 Angela Nanetti, Gianpietro Scalia
1994 Friedl Neuhauser, Barbara Novak and Alexander Rinesch, Silvana Gandolfi 2011 not assigned
1995 Susanna Tamaro and Roberto Piumini 2012 Guido Sgardoli
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