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Elizabeth Blount (c. 1498/c. 1500 /c. 1502 – 1539/1540), often called Bessie Blount, was famous for having an affair with King Henry VIII of England.

Early life

Blount was the daughter of Sir John Blount and Catherine Pershall, of Shropshire

Not much is known about Elizabeth Blount's early years, not even her year of birth.

She became a lady-in-waiting (a type of personal helper) to Queen Catherine of Aragon. She became King Henry's lover during 1514 or 1515.

Royal mistress

Blount's relationship with Henry VIII lasted a long time compared to many of his other affairs. On 15 June 1519, Blount and the King had a son, named Henry FitzRoy. After FitzRoy was born, their affair ended.

Later life

In 1522, Blount married Gilbert Tailboys, 1st Baron Tailboys of Kyme. By this marriage, she had two sons and one daughter.  Her husband, Tailboys, died in 1530.

On 23 July 1536, Henry VIII and Blount's son Henry FitzRoy died, probably of tuberculosis.

Blount then married Edward Clinton at some point between 1533 and 1535. They had three daughters.

Blount died in 1539 or 1540.

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