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Freddi Fish
Freddi Fish & Luther.gif
Freddi Fish and Luther, as they appear in Freddi Fish and the Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse
Genres Adventure, Edutainment
Developers Humongous Entertainment
Publishers Humongous Entertainment
Ubi Soft
Creators Ron Gilbert, Larry Kay, Tami Caryl Borowick
Platforms Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, Linux
First release Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds
Latest release Freddi Fish's Fun House

Freddi Fish is a series of children's point and click adventure games from Humongous Entertainment. The series began in 1994. Freddi Fish is a yellow fish who takes on detective investigations throughout the series. Her best friend, a green fish named Luther, goes with her on all her adventures. The voice of Freddi Fish was performed by Annette Toutonghi and the voice of Luther was performed by Mike McAuliffe at Bad Animals Studio in Seattle, Washington. The series sold more than 2.5 million copies and won over 75 awards of excellence.


Freddi and Luther move from one area to another by clicking where the cursor turns into a 3-D arrow. In each area, there are places that the player can click that play a fun animation that is irrelevant to the plot, including crossover cameos of the three other Humongous Entertainment Junior Adventure series (Putt-Putt, Pajama Sam and Spy Fox), as well as important items to collect (including sea urchins that can be spent as money to buy other items) and non-playable characters to speak with. Some items or areas are inaccessible unless the impediment is removed by helping a NPC or obtaining another item needed to advance. All items collected are kept with Freddi and stored in an inventory for later use, and her ability to carry them all out of sight is left unexplained. The two fish usually journey together, but in rare instances throughout the series, they may be separated and the player takes control of Luther. In such sequences, items cannot be used until Luther reunites with Freddi. It is also possible to save a game in progress so that it can be continued later. Overall, Freddi Fish Junior Adventures are mainly about helping solve others' problems which are tied into a constantly progressing story line.

In all the Freddi Fish games except the second game (Haunted Schoolhouse), the game is divided into two areas: a larger main game world where the player completes favors for other NPCs and gathers and uses items to work towards solving the mystery in question, and a smaller endgame area that is a point of no return where Freddi and Luther lose most or all of their items and confront the main antagonists and finally solve the mystery. The third and fourth games end with a mystery to find out who was the thief. In the third game, they give one or two clues that point to the personality of one of several possible suspects determined at random; in the fourth game, a clue in the Hogfishes' room points to an object the suspect had been using.


Adventure games

Other games

"Junior Arcade" puzzle games
Game Releases Developer, Publisher Notes
Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze Madness
  • Windows, Macintosh: November 22, 1996
  • iOS: September 2, 2013
  • Android: April 1, 2014
  • Linux: April 17, 2014
Freddi Fish and Luther's Water Worries
  • Windows, Macintosh: November 27, 1996
  • Linux: May 1, 2014
Freddi Fish Jellyfish Jamboree
  • Handheld LCD: 1999
Humongous Entertainment Based on the minigame of the same name in Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds.
Activity Programs
Game Releases Developer, Publisher Notes
Freddi Fish's One-Stop Fun Shop
  • Windows, Macintosh: April 5, 2000
Humongous Entertainment, Infogrames Gained Award of Excellence from Review Corner
Freddi Fish And Friends: ABC Under The Sea
  • Nintendo DS: October 5, 2010.
1st Playable Productions A compilation of educational [[minigames involving characters and locations from the Freddi Fish series. Despite the game's subtitle, some minigames address other subjects besides spelling and the alphabet.
Freddi Fish's Fun House
  • iOS, Android: July 17, 2013.
Nimbus Games



This series takes place under the sea and features many anthropomorphic sea life, with the adult fish characters being highly anthropomorphized in that they float with their heads raised and tails pointing downward, atypical of real fish, and even wear human clothing.

Main characters

  • Freddi Fish - A yellow fish with orange fins and blue eyes. She volunteers to investigate any mystery or crime that has recently affected her friends. She often counters the crooks she catches with morals of wrongdoings, and has a desire to be a police officer when she reaches adulthood. She was voiced by Annette Toutonghi.
  • Luther - A green fish with beige fins and black eyes. He is Freddi's best friend and sidekick. He is a guppy like Freddi, and is very faithful to his friends and family. He was voiced by Mike McAucliffe.

Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds (1994)

  • Boss & Spongehead - Two thieving blue sharks who steal kelp seeds that feed the whole town specially for the Squidfather. As their names reflect, Boss is the shark that does the planning, and Spongehead is the shark that follows the instructions with some outcomes going wrong. They also present a major role in the second game.
  • Eddie - A mean, green electric eel, who stands in other fishes' way and has a big appetite. Plays the same role in the second game.
  • Gabby - A young fish who gets stuck in the rocks in a cave until Freddi and Luther use a wooden board to free him.
  • Grandma Grouper - A purple grouper and Freddi's grandmother who grows the kelp seeds. Also makes a small appearance in the fifth game.
  • Mrs. Halibut - Gabby's mother.
  • Ray - An aqua-coloured manta ray with a fancy for collecting pretty items of value. Plays the same role in the second game.
  • Sam - Pelican and close friend to Freddi and Luther.
  • Squidfather - A pink giant squid, who groans and mumbles when he talks. He is constantly grumpy and spends a lot of time stroking his pet white catfish. In his angriest moments he expels ink. He is based on Vito Corleone from The Godfather and Ernst Stavro Blofeld from the James Bond movies.
  • Tucker Turtle - A green sea turtle and a good friend to Freddi and Luther. Plays a more important role in the second game.

Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse (1996)

  • Barnacle Bob - An orange octopus who specializes in selling pulleys. By his own admission, he cannot help but speak in sentences that rhyme with each other.
  • Captain Schnitzel - A blue flounder who wears a captain's hat and a brown sweater. He is an expert in knots.
  • Casey - A magenta fish shaped like Luther with the same colored fins. In the fifth game he analyzes a sample of "sea cheese" found in Coral Cove Park with his microscope.
  • Mr. Triplefin - A blue an aqua fish with green fins. He is a retired janitor who lives in a secluded shack and plays a guitar.
  • Mrs. Croaker - A purple fish who wears a magenta dress. She teaches the young guppies at school.

Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell (1998)

  • Claw - An orange lobster who has the same personality as Eddie and even owns a "bully's club". He was voiced by Craig English.
  • Gill Barker - A turquoise-colored shark who acts as a traveling salesman and a carnival ringmaster. Also is one possible suspect in the fourth game. He was voiced by Stephen Weyte.
  • Horst Fedders - A purple seahorse and a tourist. He was voiced by Ken Boynton.
  • Magenta - A monkey who loves bananas. She was voiced by Lyn McManus.
  • Nadine - A pink narwhal who always takes care of her tooth. She was voiced by Lisa Wick.
  • Old Soggy - Blenny's pet dogfish that resembles a basset hound.
  • Pierre - A pompous yellow needlefish with a French accent and a tailor. He is known to brag about his mending. He was voiced by Ken Boynton.
  • Rosy Pearl - A blue squid who acts as a host of a talent show. She was voiced by Lauren Tewes.
  • Uncle Blenny - Luther's uncle and the "Grand Exalted Keeper of the Conch". He was once blamed for stealing the conch. He was voiced by Craig English.

Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch (1999)

  • Cousin Calico Catfish - Freddi's cousin, a yellow catfish with light blue hair and hogfish rancher. She was voiced by Kate Fleming.
  • E Tippet - A red hermit crab who makes his home in his own mailbox. He was voiced by Andromeda Dunker.
  • Eight Finger Phil - A blue octopus with a green bowler hat. He serves as the piano player of the Sodaloon. He was voiced by Ken Boynton.
  • Fluke - A blue sperm whale who has a cabaret hall inside her mouth and something stuck between her teeth. She was voiced by Kate Fleming.
  • Goby and Moray - Two hogfish rustlers. Goby is beige and skinny, while Moray is dark brown and fat. Moray's job is to feed the hogfish (the hogfish hate his cooking), and Goby's job is to guard the hideout. Moray's shown to be smarter than Goby. Goby was voiced by William Dufrees, and Moray was voiced by Mike Shapiro.
  • Gruntle - One of Calico's prized hogfish. She was voiced by Sharon Collar.
  • Hammerhead and Sawfish - Two sharks who do carpentry and frequently drink coffee. Hammerhead was voiced by Gene Cordova and Sawfish was voiced by Dex Manley.
  • Hungry Shark - A pink shark, who wears a green hat with a yellow ribbon and has only two visible teeth and very good at chewing through stuff.
  • Nelson Torso - A blue and strong fish wearing cadet blue overalls with a front pocket and constructing glasses and has a son named Half Nelson. He specialises in making belt buckles. He was voiced by Gene Cordova.
  • Puffer - A Mint Green puffer fish who tends to inflate when anyone comes near. He was voiced by Sharon Collar.
  • Sahara Slim - A reddish brown, elderly fish who once went through the Sahara Desert. He was voiced by Scott Burns.
  • Saltwater Stella - A purple fish who is the owner of the Sodaloon. She was voiced by Kymberli Colbourne.
  • Shady Shark - A green loan shark who has a debt to collect from Gill Barker. He was voiced by Ken Boynton.
  • Sheriff Shrimp - A turquoise shrimp who's the sheriff of Briny Gulch. He was voiced by Mike Madeoy.
  • Squids - A trio of blue, orange and purple ink spitting squids who reside at the entrance to the Sodaloon. The purple squid is named Orchid, the orange one is named Apricot (Ape for short), and the blue one is named Periwinkle (Perry for short). Orchid was voiced by Kymberli Colbourne, Apricot/Ape was voiced by William Dufrees, and Periwinkle/Perry was voiced by Andromeda Dunker.
  • U - An orange sea snail. U's real name is Uriah Jedadiah Eruipides Algernon Fortesque Forsythe (he forgets the rest). He was voiced by Chris Wicklund.

Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove (2001)

  • Al B. Core - A large Maya Blue fish, who owns a stand for exchanging trading cards. His name is a play on the word "albacore." He was voiced by Ken Boynton.
  • Clyde - An absent minded barber who gives fish makeovers, with the same scale and fin colors as Freddi. He was voiced by Craig English.
  • Dadfish - A grouchy pink fish with red fins who lives with his baby daughter and doesn't like anyone touching his house roof. He was voiced by Rick May.
  • Donna - A beautiful pink fish and one of the citizens with a blonde crest and blue eyes and wears a working hat. She is a mechanic who repairs the Claw Machine. Her love interest is Laren. She was voiced by Kelly Wright.
  • Earl - A smart turtle and one of the citizens who has an excellent skill in map reading. His love interest is Kipper. He was voiced by Craig English.
  • Gillian Barker - Gil Barker's twin sister. She was voiced by Ken Boynton.
  • Kipper - A large and sweet pink fish and one of the citizens who wears a magenta dress with a beige collar and is the owner of the taffy shop. Her love interest is Earl. She was voiced by Kymberli Colbourne.
  • Kit - A wimpy blue octopus with orange hair and one of the citizens who works as a craftsman. His love interest is Marge the Sarge. He was voiced by Dennis Bateman.
  • Laren - A shy turquoise farmer fish and one of the citizens with emerald green fins and a tail who wears a patched shirt and an orange and blue hat and tries to make his own jug band. His love interest is Donna, and he speaks with a Wild Western accent. He was voiced by Ken Boynton.
  • Marge the Sarge - A pink fish and Kit's love interest with overgrown red hair and wears green military uniform. She's a military strategist who trains tetras and is one of the citizens. Her love interest is Kit. She was voiced by Bobbi Kotula.
  • Marty Sardini - An evil, selfish, and greedy green fish who developed Coral Cove Park. He secretly drove Xamfear out of the park and stole his deed so he could prevent his reputation from being ruined. He also lied to the citizens about Xamfear being an evil sea monster terrorizing the park and manipulated them to rise up against Xamfear. He was voiced by Rick May.
  • Mayor Marlin - A blue marlin and mayor of the ocean. He was voiced by Dennis Bateman.
  • Nick - A purple fish who owns a shop full of cool stuff. He was voiced by Mark Lund.
  • Officer Beverly - A yellow fish with red fins and wears a police hat. She guards the entrance to Coral Cove Park. She was voiced by Bobbi Kotula.
  • Rollo - A literal clown fish (not to be confused with a clownfish) who sounds gloomy and sells stuff. He was voiced by Ken Boynton.
  • Xamfear Duncan Dogberry Valentine - A giant, three-eyed pink sea monster with beige spots and fins who lives in Coral Cove Park. He was voiced by Jock Blaney.


Various Children's books about Freddi Fish have been published by Lyrick Publishing, including story books, colouring books and activity books.

Title Date Writer Publisher Illustrator
Freddi Fish: Color and Activity Book 2000 Guy Davis Lyrick Publishing Art Mawhinney
Freddi Fish the Big Froople Match July 2000 Dave Grossman Lyrick Publishing R. Alvord
Freddi Fish: The Missing Letters Mystery August 2000 Dave Grossman, N. S. Greenfield Lyrick Publishing Jay B. Johnson
Freddie Fish a Whale of a Tale! January 2001 Scott Nickel Lyrick Publishing Jay B. Johnson
Freddi Fish What's Different? January 2001 Nancy Parent Lyrick Publishing Cary Rillo
Freddi Fish and the Pirate's Treasure July 15, 2001 Guy Davis Lyrick Publishing Becky Winslow
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