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Gamma is a Greek letter. Used as a symbol or name it may refer to:


  • Latin gamma, used as an IPA symbol for voiced velar fricative, and in the alphabets of African languages.

Science and Mathematics

The Greek letter gamma is used in both science and mathematics very often.


  • Gamma wave, a type of brain wave
  • Lapse rate, the temperature change with height in an atmosphere
  • linewidth, relating to uncertainty of mass energy in short-lived particles
  • Gamma is an old non-SI name for either a microgram or for a nanotesla, SI units
  • Gamma quadra, in Socionics

Lower case, γ

  • Gamma correction, a property of images and video displays
  • Gamma ray, also Gamma radiation, an electromagnetic ray
  • Adiabatic index, also known as the Heat capacity ratio, the ratio of the heat capacity at constant pressure to that at constant volume.
  • Bayer designation, the third brightest star
  • Euler-Mascheroni constant, a mathematical constant
  • photon, seen as an elementary particle in physics
  • Lorentz factor in relativity theory and astronomy
  • propagation constant of an electromagnetic wave
  • voiced velar fricative in phonetics

Upper case, Γ

  • Gamma distribution, a probability distribution function
  • Gamma function, a mathematical function
  • Christoffel symbol in General Relativity
  • reflection coefficient in electrical engineering
  • mathematical finance, where it is a risk measure, or Greek
  • center of the Brillouin zone
  • The Feferman-Schütte_ordinal Γ0


  • Gamma software, in computer software and video game development
  • GM Gamma platform - a subcompact automobile platform by General Motors
  • Gamma correction, in video, graphics, color spaces, and photographic imaging
  • Elias gamma coding, in computer science, encoding, compression

Things and places

Popular culture

  • Brave New World, where it is the third caste
  • E-102 Gamma, a video game character
  • Gamma (band), a rock band

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