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The House of Stewart, or Stuart, is a royal house of Scotland and England. The Tudor dynasty ended when Queen Elizabeth I died in 1603. She named her cousin James I as heir. He became James I of England, and started the Stuart dynasty.

List of monarchs

Here are the rulers of the Stuart dynasty:


Portrait Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
Robert II, King of Scotland.png Robert II of Scotland 22 February 1371 19 April 1390 nephew of David II of Scotland who died without any children. Robert's mother Marjorie Bruce was daughter of Robert I of Scotland.
Robert III, King of Scotland.png Robert III of Scotland 19 April 1390 4 April 1406 son of Robert II of Scotland.
King James I of Scotland.jpg James I of Scotland 4 April 1406 21 February 1437 son of Robert III of Scotland.
James II, King of Scotland.png James II of Scotland 21 February 1437 3 August 1460 son of James I of Scotland.
James III, King of Scotland.png James III of Scotland 3 August 1460 11 June 1488 son of James II of Scotland.
James IV of Scotland.jpg James IV of Scotland 11 June 1488 9 September 1513 son of James III of Scotland.
James V of Scotland2.jpg James V of Scotland 9 September 1513 14 December 1542 son of James IV of Scotland.
Mary I Queen of Scots.jpg Mary I of Scotland 14 December 1542 24 July 1567 daughter of James V of Scotland.

Great Britain and Ireland

Portrait Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
James VI of Scots.jpg James VI of Scotland
James I of England
24 July 1567
24 March 1603
27 March 1625 son of Mary, Queen of Scots and Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. King of Scotland alone, 1567—1603, until inheriting the titles King of England and Ireland.
Charles I (Daniel Mytens).jpg Charles I of England, Scotland & Ireland 27 March 1625 30 January 1649 (executed) son of James VI of Scotland & I of England & Ireland.
Charles II (1670s).jpg Charles II of England, Scotland & Ireland 30 January 1649 6 February 1685 son of Charles I of England, Scotland & Ireland. In exile from 1649 to 1660, during a republican period of government known as the Commonwealth of England.
James II by John Riley.png James VII of Scotland
James II of England and Ireland
6 February 1685 13 February 1689 brother of Charles II of England, Scotland & Ireland, who died with no legitimate children. Son of Charles I. Overthrown at the Revolution of 1688.
Queen Mary II.jpg Mary II of England, Scotland and Ireland 13 February 1689 28 December 1694 daughter of James II of England and Ireland & VII of Scotland, who was still alive and pretending to the throne. Co-monarch was William III & II who outlived his wife.
Wissing, Willem - Queen Anne, 1687.jpg Anne of Great Britain and Ireland 8 March 1702 1 May 1707 sister of Mary II, daughter of James II of England and Ireland & VII of Scotland. Name of state changed to Great Britain with the political Acts of Union 1707, though family has used title since James I & VI. Died issueless, rights pass to House of Hanover.

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