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Highway shields for primary, urban primary, secondary and tertiary sections of PR-1.
Highway names
Interstates: Interstate PRnn (PRI-nn)
Commonwealth: Puerto Rico Highway nn (PR-nn)
Puerto Rico Highway
Highway in Puerto Rico between Juana Diaz and Santa Isabel.

The system of highways in Puerto Rico is made up of about 14,400 kilometers (8,900 mi) of roads. It is managed by Puerto Rico's Department of Transportation and Public Works.

The roads in Puerto Rico are divided into four types:

  • Primary roads
  • Urban primary roads
  • Secondary (or inter-municipal) roads
  • Tertiary (or local) roads

A highway may contain several types of roads, but the highway will continue to have the same route number. Primary roads have numbers 1 to 99. Secondary roads are numbered 100 to 299. Municipal (tertiary) roads are numbered 300 to 9999.


Puerto Rico Interstates
Map of Puerto Rico's Interstate Highways

There are three Interstate Highways in Puerto Rico. Together, they total 410 km (250 mi). As with Interstate Highways in Alaska and Hawaii, these routes do not connect to the rest of the United States' Interstate Highway System. However, they still get money from the U.S. government.

These Interstate Highways run along tollways and roads that are not grade-separated, which means drivers must use a specially made group of ramps to get to the road. There are no signs for these Interstate Highways. They are signed as Puerto Rico routes.

Puerto Rico's interstate routes are not to be confused with Puerto Rico Routes PR-1, PR-2, and PR-3. These are other major highways in Puerto Rico.

The three Interstate Highways in Puerto Rico are:

  • Interstate PRI-1 goes from San Juan southwest to Ponce on the shortest route. It goes along Puerto Rico Highway 52 and Puerto Rico Highway 18. It is 71.08 miles (114.39 km) long.
  • Interstate PRI-2 goes from San Juan to Ponce along the coast of western Puerto Rico. It goes along Puerto Rico Highway 22 and Puerto Rico Highway 2. It is 138.13 miles (222.30 km) long.
  • Interstate PRI-3 goes from San Juan southeast to Ceiba. It goes along Puerto Rico Highway 53. It is 40.56 miles (65.27 km) long.

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