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Perth, Western Australia hosts a variety of unique and biologically diverse habitats found nowhere else on Earth. Many of these habitats include islands. Islands provide habitat and safe refuge for endangered native fauna as they are free of invasive species and the pressures of human development. Coastal islands of this region heavily feature limestone as their base structure, while the inland islands are predominantly made of serpentine soil.

Coastal islands

The coastal islands of the Perth Metropolitan Region are:

Sea lions on carnac island april 2009
Australian sea lions on Carnac Island.
Penguin Island FromWA
View of Penguin Island from the Australian mainland.
Name Location Locality Size (ha) Distance from mainland (km) Notes
Rottnest Island 32°00′22″S 115°36′46″E / 32.00611°S 115.61278°E / -32.00611; 115.61278 (Rottnest Island) - 1900 17 Home to the largest population of quokkas in the world.
Garden Island 32°12′18″S 115°40′24″E / 32.205°S 115.67333°E / -32.205; 115.67333 (Garden Island (Western Australia)) - 1200 2.2 Home to a tammar wallaby population.
Carnac Island 32°07′30″S 115°39′46″E / 32.125°S 115.66278°E / -32.125; 115.66278 (Carnac Island) - 19 6.9 High abundance of tiger snakes.
Penguin Island 32°18′23″S 115°41′20″E / 32.30639°S 115.68889°E / -32.30639; 115.68889 (Penguin Island (Western Australia)) Shoalwater 12.5 0.7 Home to the largest population of fairy penguins in the world.
Seal Island 32°17′36″S 115°41′19″E / 32.29333°S 115.68861°E / -32.29333; 115.68861 (Seal Island (Shoalwater, Western Australia)) Shoalwater 1.4 0.9 Home to a small population of Australian sea lions.
Bird Island 32°16′42″S 115°41′17″E / 32.27833°S 115.68806°E / -32.27833; 115.68806 (Bird Island (Western Australia)) Peron 0.8 0.4 Part of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.
Shag Island 32°17′44.7″S 115°41′30.2″E / 32.29575°S 115.691722°E / -32.29575; 115.691722 (Shag Island (Western Australia)) Shoalwater 0.4 0.85 Part of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.
Little Island 31°48′44.4″S 115°42′32″E / 31.812333°S 115.70889°E / -31.812333; 115.70889 (Little Island (Western Australia)) Hillarys 0.1 1.9 Part of the Marmion Marine Park.
Trigg Island 31°52′33.1″S 115°45′03.6″E / 31.875861°S 115.751°E / -31.875861; 115.751 (Trigg Island) Trigg 0.1 Part of the Marmion Marine Park.

Rottnest Island satellite islands

Name Location Size (m²) Distance from Rottnest Island (m) Notes
Dyer Island 32°01′07.8″S 115°33′0.35″E / 32.018833°S 115.5500972°E / -32.018833; 115.5500972 (Dyer Island Island (Western Australia)) 7000 730 Australian sea lions sun themselves on the northern beach.
Green Island 32°01′00.5″S 115°29′57.1″E / 32.016806°S 115.499194°E / -32.016806; 115.499194 (Green Island Island (Western Australia)) 1800 60 Lies within the Kitson Point snorkelling trail.
Wallace Island 32°00′44.6″S 115°33′18.8″E / 32.012389°S 115.555222°E / -32.012389; 115.555222 (Wallace Island Island (Western Australia)) 1300 140 Known for seabirds resting on the island.
Parakeet Island 31°59′14.9″S 115°30′51.3″E / 31.987472°S 115.51425°E / -31.987472; 115.51425 (Dyer Island Island (Western Australia)) 800 30 Lies within a popular snorkelling area near Parakeet Bay.

Inland islands

Inland islands include those located in the Swan River, Canning River, and Beeliar Wetlands.

Name Location Locality Size (ha) Notes
Heirisson Island 31°57′58″S 115°52′50″E / 31.96611°S 115.88056°E / -31.96611; 115.88056 (Heirisson Island) East Perth/Victoria Park 28.5 Home to a small population of western grey kangaroos.
Kuljak Island 31°56′25.83″S 115°54′55.92″E / 31.9405083°S 115.9155333°E / -31.9405083; 115.9155333 (Kuljack Island) Ascot 28 The surrounding wetlands are a Bush Forever site.
Lake Island 31°45′10.9″S 115°47′22.9″E / 31.753028°S 115.789694°E / -31.753028; 115.789694 (Lake Island) Joondalup 14 Crucial nesting site for the endangered Carnaby's black cockatoo.
Malup Island 31°44′09.5″S 115°47′00.8″E / 31.735972°S 115.783556°E / -31.735972; 115.783556 (Malup Island) Joondalup 11 Part of Yellagonga Regional Park.
Ron Courtney Island 31°55′15.8″S 115°56′28.5″E / 31.921056°S 115.94125°E / -31.921056; 115.94125 (Ron Courtney Island) Ashfield 1.6 Good fishing spot for catching mulloway, tailor and black bream.
Monger Island 31°55′55.5″S 115°49′24.9″E / 31.932083°S 115.823583°E / -31.932083; 115.823583 (Monger Island) Wembley 1.3 Created in the 1960s as a bird refuge.
unnamed 32°01′46.8″S 115°54′12.1″E / 32.029667°S 115.903361°E / -32.029667; 115.903361 Riverton 0.6 Part of the Canning River Regional Park.
Jualbup Island 31°57′32.1″S 115°48′41.4″E / 31.958917°S 115.8115°E / -31.958917; 115.8115 (Jualbup Island) Shenton Park 0.3 Used as a feeding, resting and breeding site for a variety of native waterbirds.
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