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Lawrence Mark "Larry" Sanger was (born on July 16, 1968) and is a person who worked with Jimmy Wales to create the internet encyclopedias, Nupedia and Wikipedia before he created his own online encyclopedias Digital Universe and Citizendium.

Wales, through his company Bomis, paid Sanger to help them to maintain Nupedia, an internet encyclopedia.

On January 2, 2001, Ben Kovitz, Sanger's friend, had the idea to use a wiki to help to make Nupedia better. Sanger in turn told Wales, and on January 10, 2001, Wikipedia was launched. There are different opinions on which of the three people are most responsible for Wikipedia.

In 2005, Sanger created Digital Universe, an online encyclopedia like Wikipedia.

In 2006, Sanger created Citizendium, another online encyclopedia. Citizendium uses the MediaWiki engine (like Wikipedia) but the rules are different. People must use their given names on Citizendium and experts are given special status in approving articles.

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