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Line or lines could mean:

  • Line, a type of geometric figure that is made up of an endless number of points.
  • a length of rope, cable or chain when put to use (such as a clothesline, anchor line)
  • a line or queue of people waiting in a queue area
  • a line of text in writing
    • Lines (punishment), punishment by forced writing of text
  • relationships in genetics and genealogy, such as Lineage (evolution) and kinship and descent
  • Lines (video game)
  • A one-, two- or three-line whip, a notice issued by a Chief Whip in the UK parliament


  • Dick Lines (born 1938), former Canadian baseball player
  • Richard D. Lines, American amateur astronomer

In science and technology:

  • Line (electrical engineering), a circuit or loop
  • Line (video), a measure of video display resolution or image resolution
  • line, former name of the unit of magnetic flux, the Maxwell (unit)
  • Line (length), an obsolete unit of length equal to one-twelfth or one-tenth of an inch

In transport:

  • a railway line
  • Shipping line, a company engaged in sea transport
  • Airline
  • A bus line, see List of bus operating companies

In business:

  • Line function, a business activity
  • Product lining, in marketing

In the military:

  • Line (formation), a standard tactical formation of forces
    • Line infantry, a line formation of infantrymen who were part of the "Line Regiments"
  • Line of battle, in naval warfare, a line of warships, hence "ship of the line"

In sport:

  • The point spread in spread betting
  • in cricket, the direction of a delivery, see line and length
  • Offensive line or defensive line in American football
  • Line (racing), in auto racing, a path taken through a corner

In the arts:

  • Line (play), a long-running play written by Israel Horovitz
  • Lines (Emily Brontë poem), written in December 1837
  • "Lines", abbreviation for "Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, on Revisiting the Banks of the Wye during a Tour. July 13, 1798," a poem by William Wordsworth

The abbreviation LINE could mean:

  • Marine Corps LINE combat system, a martial arts system
  • LINEs, a type of retrotransposon in the human genome

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