Auto racing

1 and 2 Audi R8
American Le Mans Endurance Racing.

Auto racing (also known as automobile racing, autosport or motorsport) is a sport involving racing automobiles. Auto racing began in France in 1895 and is now one of the world's most popular spectator sports.

Types of auto racing

Formula One is the top level racing championship worldwide. Formula One cars have no fenders or quarter panels. At the front and back of each car there is a spoiler, or wing, which causes the car to have more grip and allows it to go faster. Each Formula One race takes place in a different country. These are called Grands Prix.

Indy Cars look very similar to Formula One cars, but race on some oval tracks with two to four sweeping curves that are usually banked and have only left hand turns, and road courses which have both left and right hand turns.

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