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The list of Roman hoards in Britain comprises significant archaeological hoards of coins, jewellery, precious and scrap metal objects and other valuable items discovered in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) that are associated with period of Romano-British culture when Southern Britain was under the control of the Roman Empire, from AD 43 until about 410, as well as the subsequent Sub-Roman period up to the establishment of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. It includes both hoards that were buried with the intention of retrieval at a later date (personal hoards, founder's hoards, merchant's hoards, and hoards of loot), and also hoards of votive offerings which were not intended to be recovered at a later date, but excludes grave goods and single items found in isolation.

Most Roman hoards are composed largely or entirely of coins, and are relatively common in Britain, with over 1,200 known examples. A smaller number of hoards, such as the Mildenhall Treasure and the Hoxne Hoard, include items of silver or gold tableware such as dishes, bowls, jugs and spoons, or items of silver or gold jewellery.

List of hoards

Hoard Image Date Place of discovery Year of discovery Current Location Contents
Acton Hoard The Acton votive hoard late 2nd century Acton
53°04′23″N 2°32′53″W / 53.073°N 2.548°W / 53.073; -2.548 (Acton Hoard)
2014 Nantwich Museum Votive hoard of five silver denarii of the emperor Septimius Severus (AD 193–211) in a lead alloy conical container with a lead alloy disc stopper.
Agden Hoard late 3rd century Woolstencroft Farm, Agden
53°22′52″N 2°25′12″W / 53.381°N 2.420°W / 53.381; -2.420 (Agden Hoard)
1957 Grosvenor Museum, Chester About 2,500 antoniniani and the lower half of jar
Aldbury Hoard late 3rd century near Aldbury
51°48′29″N 0°35′38″W / 51.808°N 0.594°W / 51.808; -0.594 (Aldbury Hoard)
1870 116 brass coins
fragments of brass plate
half a brass ring
silver wire ring
2 brooches
Alton Barnes Hoard late 3rd century Alton Barnes
51°21′32″N 1°50′46″W / 51.359°N 1.846°W / 51.359; -1.846 (Alton Barnes Hoard)
2005 Wiltshire Museum, Devizes 3,854 silver and bronze Roman coins
Backworth Hoard late 2nd century Backworth
Tyne and Wear
55°02′13″N 1°31′26″W / 55.037°N 1.524°W / 55.037; -1.524 (Backworth Hoard)
1811 British Museum, London Silver skillet covered by silver mirror, 5 gold rings, silver serpent ring, 2 gold chains with wheel and crescent pendants, silver-gilt brooches, 1 gold bracelet, silver spoons, 280 denarii, brass coins, silver dish
Baldock Hoard Votive plaques from the Baldock Hoard 3rd to 4th century near Baldock
51°59′24″N 0°11′20″W / 51.990°N 0.189°W / 51.990; -0.189 (Baldock Hoard)
2002 British Museum, London 26 gold and silver objects including gold jewellery, 7 gold votive plaques, 12 silver votive plaques, two silver model arms, and a silver figurine
Barkway Hoard Votive plaques from the Barkway Hoard early 3rd century near Barkway
52°00′14″N 0°00′04″E / 52.004°N 0.001°E / 52.004; 0.001 (Barkway Hoard)
1743 British Museum, London 5 silver and bronze objects, including one silver-gilt votive plaque dedicated to Mars, and two silver votive plaques dedicated to Vulcan
Barlaston Hoard 276 AD Barlaston 2015 2015 Roman coins and other objects
Beau Street Hoard second half of 3rd century Bath
51°22′49″N 2°21′37″W / 51.3804°N 2.3604°W / 51.3804; -2.3604 (Beau Street Hoard)
2008 Roman Baths Museum, Bath 30,000 silver Roman coins
Beckfoot Hoard Unknown Beckfoot, near Silloth
54°49′12″N 3°24′36″W / 54.820°N 3.410°W / 54.820; -3.410 (Beckfoot Hoard)
2010 308 Roman coins in a pot
Beech Bottom Dyke Hoard early 2nd century Beech Bottom Dyke, St Albans
51°46′08″N 0°19′34″W / 51.769°N 0.326°W / 51.769; -0.326 (Beech Bottom Dyke Hoard)
1932 Dispersed About 100 silver denarii
Binnington Carr Hoard Binnington Carr Hoard AD74-75 Binnington Carr near Willerby,
North Yorkshire
54°11′53″N 0°26′48″W / 54.1981°N 0.44659°W / 54.1981; -0.44659 (Binnington Carr Hoard)
c.1876 Yorkshire Museum 12 silver denarii
Bishopswood Hoard mid-4th century Bishopswood, near Walford, Ross-on-Wye
51°52′12″N 2°35′06″W / 51.870°N 2.585°W / 51.870; -2.585 (Bishopswood Hoard)
1895 Hereford Museum and Art Gallery 17,548 coins
Boldre Hoard late 3rd century Boldre
50°46′56″N 1°33′12″W / 50.7821°N 1.5533°W / 50.7821; -1.5533 (Boldre Hoard)
2014 St Barbe Museum & Art Gallery, Lymington 1,608 base silver radiates
Boothstown Hoard late 3rd century Boothstown
Greater Manchester
53°30′07″N 2°25′12″W / 53.502°N 2.420°W / 53.502; -2.420 (Boothstown Hoard)
1947 British Museum, London
Manchester Museum
550 bronze coins dated between 259 and 278 AD found in two pottery urns
Braithwell Hoard late 3rd century Braithwell
South Yorkshire
53°26′38″N 1°12′11″W / 53.444°N 1.203°W / 53.444; -1.203 (Braithwell Hoard)
2002 British Museum (4)
Doncaster Museum (1)
1,331 base silver radiates
1 base metal denarius
13 sherds of greyware jar
Breamore hoards late 3rd century Breamore
50°58′N 1°46′W / 50.96°N 1.77°W / 50.96; -1.77 (Breamore hoards)
1998 (B) Returned to finder (B) Hoard A: 1,782 base silver radiates
Hoard B:398 base silver radiates and pot
Bredon Hill Hoard Roman coins from the Bredon Hill Hoard mid-4th century Bredon Hill
52°03′36″N 2°03′47″W / 52.060°N 2.063°W / 52.060; -2.063 (Bredon Hill Hoard)
2011 Worcestershire County Museum, Hartlebury Castle 3,784 debased silver coins in a clay pot
Burgh Castle Hoard 3rd century Burgh Castle
52°34′57″N 1°39′05″E / 52.5826°N 1.6515°E / 52.5826; 1.6515 (Burgh Castle Hoard)
1958-1961 Glass vessels and a copper alloy bell placed in a bronze bowl, all within an iron-bound bucket.
Canterbury Treasure Items from the Canterbury Treasure on display in the local Roman Museum early 5th century Canterbury
51°16′41″N 1°05′38″E / 51.278°N 1.094°E / 51.278; 1.094 (Canterbury Treasure)
1962 Roman Museum, Canterbury 12 silver spoons, 3 ingots, 1 tooth pick and jewellery
Capheaton Treasure Silver vessel handle from the Capheaton Treasure 2nd or 3rd century Capheaton
55°07′26″N 1°56′49″W / 55.124°N 1.947°W / 55.124; -1.947 (Capheaton Treasure)
1747 British Museum, London 5 silver vessel handles, and 1 fragment of a silver trulla base
Castlethorpe Hoard mid-2nd century Castlethorpe
52°05′35″N 0°50′24″E / 52.093°N 0.840°E / 52.093; 0.840 (Catlethorpe Hoard)
c.1827 British Museum, London Coins, a pair of silver snakeshead bracelets (both inscribed undearneath), silver finger ring with carnelian intaglio. Found within a ceramic jar.
Chaddesley Corbett Hoard early 4th century Chaddesley Corbett
52°21′36″N 2°09′32″W / 52.360°N 2.159°W / 52.360; -2.159 (Chaddesley Corbett Hoard)
1999 and 2003 Worcestershire County Museum, Hartlebury Castle 434 base silver nummi
38 sherds of pottery
Chalgrove hoards The Chalgrove II hoard late 3rd century Chalgrove
51°39′50″N 1°04′59″W / 51.664°N 1.083°W / 51.664; -1.083 (Chalgrove hoards)
1989 (I)
2003 (II)
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (2003) I: 4,145 coins (
II: 4,957 base silver coins
Charnwood Forest Hoard 1852 etching of the Charnwood Forest Hoard by George Cruikshank mid-3rd century Mount St Bernard Abbey, Charnwood Forest
52°44′24″N 1°18′36″W / 52.740°N 1.310°W / 52.740; -1.310 (Charnwood Forest Hoard)
1840 Large number of bronze coins, some dating between 254 and 268, in an urn
Chells Manor Hoard late 3rd century Chells Manor Estate, Stevenage
51°55′05″N 0°09′36″W / 51.918°N 0.160°W / 51.918; -0.160 (Chells Manor Hoard)
1986 2,579 coins
Chilbolton Down Hoard Coins and pot of the Chilbolton Down Hoard early 4th century Chilbolton Down
51°07′48″N 1°24′54″W / 51.130°N 1.415°W / 51.130; -1.415 (Chilbolton Down Hoard)
c. 1952 Winchester City Museum Bronze and silver coins dated 306–337 in a pot
Chorleywood Hoard mid-4th century Chorleywood
51°38′42″N 0°31′05″W / 51.645°N 0.518°W / 51.645; -0.518 (Chorleywood Hoard)
1977 British Museum (244)
Verulamium Museum, St Albans (446)
4,358 coins
Clapton Hoard late 3rd century Clapton in Gordano
51°27′36″N 2°45′54″W / 51.460°N 2.765°W / 51.460; -2.765 (Clapton Hoard)
1922–1924 Museum of Somerset, Taunton (59) and Nicholson Museum, Sydney, Australia (over 3400) 3500 Roman bronze coins, (mainly Gallienus to Claudius II)
Cookley Hoard mid 1st century Cookley
52°19′30″N 1°26′42″E / 52.325°N 1.445°E / 52.325; 1.445 (Cookley Hoard)
2018 58 silver denarii and two silver-plated fake denarii, dating between 153 BC and AD 61
Corbridge Hoard (1911) Corbridge hoard on display at the British Museum mid-2nd century Corbridge
54°58′41″N 2°01′59″W / 54.978°N 2.033°W / 54.978; -2.033 (Corbridge Hoard (1911))
1911 British Museum 160 gold aureus coins in a bronze jug, with two bronze coins in the neck of the jug to disguise the worth of contents.
Corbridge Hoard (1964) mid-2nd century Corbridge
54°58′41″N 2°01′59″W / 54.978°N 2.033°W / 54.978; -2.033 (Corbridge Hoard (1964))
1964 Corbridge Roman Site Museum
Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne
Various finished and unfinished iron products, including pieces of armour, a sword scabbard, javelinheads, spearheads, arrowheads, artillery bolts, and various knives, nails, spikes and cramps
Corbridge Treasure The Corbridge lanx 4th century Corbridge
54°58′16″N 2°00′58″W / 54.971°N 2.016°W / 54.971; -2.016 (Corbridge Treasure)
1731–1760 British Museum, London 5 pieces of silverware, including a lanx (serving platter), a bowl and a vase
Cridling Stubbs Hoard mid 4th century Cridling Stubbs
North Yorkshire
53°40′59″N 1°12′47″W / 53.683°N 1.213°W / 53.683; -1.213 (Cridling Stubbs Hoard)
1967 Leeds City Museum (447 coins) More than 3,300 bronze nummi coins in a grey-ware jar with a makeshift lid
Cunetio Hoard late 3rd century Cunetio Roman town, Mildenhall
51°25′23″N 1°41′24″W / 51.423°N 1.690°W / 51.423; -1.690 (Cunetio Hoard)
1978 British Museum, London 54,951 coins
Curridge Hoard early 3rd century Curridge
51°26′38″N 1°17′31″W / 51.444°N 1.292°W / 51.444; -1.292 (Curridge Hoard)
1998–1999 West Berkshire Heritage 425 bronze sestertius or dupondii/asses
Dairsie Hoard late 3rd century Dairsie
56°20′42″N 2°56′42″W / 56.345°N 2.945°W / 56.345; -2.945 (Dairsie Hoard)
2014 National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh More than 300 pieces of hacksilver from at least four silver Roman vessels
Didcot Hoard late 2nd century Didcot
51°36′22″N 1°14′24″W / 51.606°N 1.240°W / 51.606; -1.240 (Didcot Hoard)
1995 British Museum, London 126 gold coins
Edge Hill Hoard mid-1st century Edge Hill
52°07′12″N 1°28′30″W / 52.120°N 1.475°W / 52.120; -1.475 (Edge Hill Hoard)
2008 Market Hall Museum, Warwick 1,146 silver denarii in a small pot, coins dating between 190 BC and AD 63–64
Ethy Hoard late 3rd century Ethy, near Lerryn
50°23′06″N 4°37′37″W / 50.385°N 4.627°W / 50.385; -4.627 (Ethy Hoard)
2000 Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro 1,095 base silver radiates
coarseware jar
Esclusham Hoard late 1st century Esclusham
53°02′02″N 3°04′01″W / 53.034°N 3.067°W / 53.034; -3.067 (Esclusham Hoard)
2016 82 silver denarii dating to the reigns of Augustus, Nero, Galba, Vitellius and Vespasian in a red pot
Eye Hoard late 4th century Near Eye, Suffolk
52°17′56″N 1°08′24″E / 52.299°N 1.140°E / 52.299; 1.140 (Eye Hoard)
1781 600 gold coins
Felmingham Hall Hoard 2nd to 3rd centuries near Felmingham
52°48′53″N 1°20′23″E / 52.814648°N 1.339601°E / 52.814648; 1.339601 (Felmingham Hall Hoard)
1845 British Museum, London Romano-British temple treasure consisting of a pottery bowl, a buckle, a rattle, heads of Jupiter and Minerva, a mask of Sol with sun rays, a lar or household god, a wheel associated with the Celtic god Taranis, two statuettes of birds
Fenwick Hoard 61AD Colchester
2014 Colchester Castle 2 pairs of gold earrings, 1 gold bracelet, 2 gold armlets, 5 gold finger-rings, 1 silver chain and loop, 1 copper-alloy bulla, 1 silver armlet, 2 silver cuff bracelets, 1 glass intaglio, Roman republican coins, remains of a silver pyxis (jewellery box).
Frampton Hoard late 3rd century Frampton
50°45′14″N 2°31′55″W / 50.754°N 2.532°W / 50.754; -2.532 (Frampton Hoard)
1998 Returned to finder 511 base silver radiates and pot
Fremington Hagg Hoard One of the harness fittings from the Fremington Hagg hoard late 1st century Fremington Hagg, Reeth
North Yorkshire
pre-1833 British Museum and Yorkshire Museum Several hundred pieces of horse-gear, including mounts and strap fittings.
Frome Hoard Pile of coins from the Frome Hoard early 4th century Near Frome
51°13′41″N 2°16′48″W / 51.228°N 2.280°W / 51.228; -2.280 (Frome Hoard)
2010 Museum of Somerset, Taunton 52,503 coins (5 silver, the rest debased silver and bronze)
Gloucester Hoard early 1st century Gloucester
51°52′30″N 2°17′06″W / 51.875°N 2.285°W / 51.875; -2.285 (Gloucester Hoard)
2017 8 silver denarii dated 134BC – AD37
Grassmoor Hoard 4th century Grassmoor
53°12′04″N 1°23′49″W / 53.201°N 1.397°W / 53.201; -1.397 (Grassmoor Hoard)
2001 Chesterfield Museum and British Museum, London 1,421 silver coins
Hayle Hoard (1825) late 3rd century Hayle
50°10′57″N 5°25′47″W / 50.1824°N 5.4297°W / 50.1824; -5.4297 (Hayle Hoard (1825))
1825 Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro Several thousand radiates in a copper bowl
Hayle Hoard (2017) late 3rd century Hayle
50°10′48″N 5°24′54″W / 50.180°N 5.415°W / 50.180; -5.415 (Hayle Hoard (2017))
2017 1,965 base silver radiates with the remains of a tin container and a lead stopper, found in a stone-lined pit
Heslington Hoard 4th century Heslington
North Yorkshire
53°56′56″N 1°03′00″W / 53.949°N 1.050°W / 53.949; -1.050 (Hayle Hoard (2017))
1966 Yorkshire Museum 2,800 coins
Hickleton Hoard late 2nd century Hickleton
South Yorkshire
53°31′59″N 1°16′59″W / 53.533°N 1.283°W / 53.533; -1.283 (Hickleton Hoard)
2001 Doncaster Museum 350 silver coins
36 copper-alloy coins
High Green Hoard late 3rd century High Green
South Yorkshire
53°28′23″N 1°29′38″W / 53.473°N 1.494°W / 53.473; -1.494 (High Green Hoard)
2001 738 base silver radiates
High Weald Hoard 3rd century Burwash
West Sussex
2006 Brighton Museum & Art Gallery 2894 silver coins
Hockwold Hoard (1962) Silver cups from the Hockwold Hoard late 1st century Hockwold cum Wilton
52°27′54″N 0°32′31″E / 52.465°N 0.542°E / 52.465; 0.542 (Hockwold Hoard (1962))
1962 British Museum, London 4 silver cups
4 silver handles
1 silver pedestal
Hockwold Hoard (1999) mid-4th century Hockwold cum Wilton
52°27′54″N 0°32′31″E / 52.465°N 0.542°E / 52.465; 0.542 (Hockwold Hoard (1999))
1999 British Museum, London 816 copper alloy coins
Howe Hoard late 1st century Howe
52°33′04″N 1°21′22″E / 52.551°N 1.356°E / 52.551; 1.356 (Howe Hoard)
1981–2002 British Museum, London 15 gold aurei
131 silver denarii
Hoxne Hoard Reconstruction of the chest containing the Hoxne Hoard early 5th century Hoxne
52°19′48″N 1°10′59″E / 52.330°N 1.183°E / 52.330; 1.183 (Hoxne Hoard)
1992 British Museum, London 14,865 coins (569 gold, 14,272 silver, 24 bronze)
29 items of gold jewellery
98 silver spoons and ladles
1 silver tigress
4 silver bowls
1 small dish
1 silver beaker
1 silver vase or juglet
4 pepper pots
Hyderabad and Meeanee Barracks Hoard 271 AD Hyderabad and Meeanee Barracks, Colchester
51°52′59″N 0°54′14″E / 51.883°N 0.904°E / 51.883; 0.904 (Hyderabad and Meeanee Barracks Hoard)
2011 Colchester Museum Two pots, one empty and one containing 1,247 coins
Itteringham Hoard late 2nd century Itteringham
52°49′52″N 1°10′59″E / 52.831°N 1.183°E / 52.831; 1.183 (Itteringham Hoard)
2000 British Museum, London 3 silver finger rings
2 copper-alloy cosmetic sets
1 bronze key
62 silver denarii
42 copper-alloy coins
pot fragments
Killingholme Hoard first half of 4th century South Killingholme
53°36′00″N 0°16′30″W / 53.600°N 0.275°W / 53.600; -0.275 (Killingholme Hoard)
1993 Mostly dispersed; 86 in British Museum, London. 3,800 bronze coins dating to reign of Constantine the Great in a pot
Kingston Deverill Hoard The Kingston Deverill vessels during excavation late 1st century Kingston Deverill
51°07′59″N 2°13′12″W / 51.133°N 2.220°W / 51.133; -2.220 (Kingston Deverill Hoard)
2005 Salisbury Museum 3 bronze trullei or patera (shallow handled bowls)
2 bronze wine strainers
Kirkham Hoard Kirkham Hoard.JPG mid 3rd century Kirkham
53°46′55″N 2°52′23″W / 53.782°N 2.873°W / 53.782; -2.873 (Kirkham Hoard)
1853 Harris Museum, Preston, Lancashire 35 silver denarii and one bronze semis in a Samian ware pot.
Kirton in Lindsey hoards late 3rd century Kirton in Lindsey
53°28′34″N 0°35′20″W / 53.476°N 0.589°W / 53.476; -0.589 (Kirton in Lindsey hoards)
1999 (1)
2001, 2004 (2)
6 coins at British Museum, London Hoard 1: 875 base silver radiates
Hoard 2: 111 base silver radiates (2001); 85 base silver radiates (2004)
Knaresborough hoard YORYM H144 2-2.jpg 4th century Knaresborough
North Yorkshire
1860 Yorkshire Museum Mixed metalwork. Copper alloy vessels: a large fluted bowl, six hemispherical 'Irchester' type bowls, four strainers with handles, a strainer bowl, a handled pan, two plates, a scale pan, and a large jar in the shape of a pottery vessel. Iron objects in the hoard include two iron axes, an adze, and a smith's cross. Objects accidentally melted down in the 19th century include several other large copper alloy plates, flat plates with handles, other dishes and bowls, a "great quantity" of iron nails, and a fire grate.
Knutsford Hoard Silver-gilt trumpet brooches from the Knutsford Hoard late 2nd century Knutsford
Cheshire53°18′00″N 2°22′12″W / 53.300°N 2.370°W / 53.300; -2.370 (Knutsford Hoard)
2012 Liverpool Museum, Congleton Museum 3 silver-gilt trumpet brooches, 2 silver finger rings, and more than 100 coins which were issued between 32BC to the late 2nd century AD
Langley with Hardley Hoard late 3rd century Langley with Hardley
52°33′43″N 1°29′06″E / 52.562°N 1.485°E / 52.562; 1.485 (Langley with Hardley Hoard)
1997, 1999, 2001, 2004 Returned to finder 2,044 base silver radiates
Langtoft hoards early 4th century Langtoft
East Yorkshire
54°05′13″N 0°27′25″W / 54.087°N 0.457°W / 54.087; -0.457 (Langtoft hoards)
2000 Yorkshire Museum, York
British Museum, London
Hoard A: 976 base silver coins and 21 sherds of a jar
Hoard B: 924 base silver nummi and 9 sherds of a pot
Leominster Hoard Radiate of Maximian 1 from the Leominster Hoard late 3rd century Leominster,
52°13′48″N 2°44′24″W / 52.230°N 2.740°W / 52.230; -2.740 (Leominster Hoard)
2013 Returned to landowner 518 Roman radiates, originally contained within leather bags.
Lightwood Hoard late 3rd century Lightwood Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
52°59′17″N 2°07′59″W / 52.988°N 2.133°W / 52.988; -2.133 (Lightwood Hoard)
1960 Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent 2,461 coins and two silver bracelets in an earthenware pot
Malpas Hoard 50 AD Malpas, Cheshire 2014 Liverpool Museum, Congleton Museum 7 Iron Age British coins made between AD20 and AD50. The 28 Roman coins are early examples, before the conquest of Britain, of the type that would have been in circulation when Roman soldiers arrived in Britain in AD43
Little Brickhill hoards (1962–1964) 4th century Little Brickhill, Milton Keynes (borough)
51°59′46″N 0°42′36″W / 51.996°N 0.710°W / 51.996; -0.710 (Little Brickhill hoards (1962–1964))
1962–1964 Bletchley Archaeological Society, Bletchley 1962
251 loose coins
About 400 corroded mass of coins
4th-century pottery and sherds
13th-century jug (part)
11th to 12th-century sherds
2nd-century Samian ware fragments
glass and jet beads
43 coins
Little Brickhill hoards (1967 & 1987) late 2nd century Little Brickhill, Milton Keynes (borough)
51°59′31″N 0°42′00″W / 51.992°N 0.700°W / 51.992; -0.700 (Little Brickhill hoards (1967 & 1987))
British Museum, London
Buckinghamshire County Museum, Aylesbury
296 silver denarii
hearth tools
bronze brooch and terret ring
3rd- to 4th-century sherds
627 silver denarii
Little Orme Hoard (1981) late 3rd or early 4th century Little Orme, near Llandudno
53°19′26″N 3°46′41″W / 53.324°N 3.778°W / 53.324; -3.778 (Little Orme Hoard)
1981 National Museum Cardiff 5 ox-head bucket-mounts
1 razor handle
1 knife or chisel handle
2 brooches
1 harness ring
68 coins
Llanvaches Hoard Coins from the Llanvaches Hoard mid-2nd century Llanvaches
51°37′01″N 2°49′01″W / 51.617°N 2.817°W / 51.617; -2.817 (Llanvaches Hoard)
2006 National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon 599 silver denarii
M1 Motorway Hoard late 3rd century M1 motorway
Leicestershire (see note)
1980 (see note) 207 silver denarii
228 base-silver radiates
2 grey ware pottery fragments
Maundown Hoard late 3rd century Maundown, near Wiveliscombe
51°03′14″N 3°20′10″W / 51.054°N 3.336°W / 51.054; -3.336 (Maundown Hoard)
2006 Museum of Somerset, Taunton 2,118 bronze coins
Mildenhall Treasure The great dish from the Mildenhall Treasure mid-4th century Mildenhall
52°22′01″N 0°26′02″E / 52.367°N 0.434°E / 52.367; 0.434 (Mildenhall Treasure)
1942 British Museum, London 34 items of silver tableware
Monknash Hoard mid-2nd century Monknash
South Glamorgan
51°25′30″N 3°33′07″W / 51.425°N 3.552°W / 51.425; -3.552 (Mildenhall Treasure)
2000 National Museum Wales, Cardiff 103 silver denarii
grey ware pot
Nether Compton Hoard mid-4th century Nether Compton
50°57′14″N 2°34′26″W / 50.954°N 2.574°W / 50.954; -2.574 (Nether Compton Hoard)
1989 22,670 coins
Newport Pagnell Hoard mid-4th century near Newport Pagnell
52°05′13″N 0°43′19″W / 52.087°N 0.722°W / 52.087; -0.722 (Newport Pagnell Hoard)
2006 More than 1,400 bronze coins
Osgodby Hoard 2nd century Osgodby
53°25′01″N 0°22′59″W / 53.417°N 0.383°W / 53.417; -0.383 (Osgodby Hoard)
1999 British Museum, London 44 silver denarii
finger ring
bronze brooch
coarseware pottery vessel
Otterbourne Hoard I Coins and pot of the Otterbourne Hoard I early 5th century Otterbourne
51°00′25″N 1°20′31″W / 51.007°N 1.342°W / 51.007; -1.342 (Otterbourne Hoard I)
1978 Winchester City Museum Nearly 550 silver siliquae and other coins dated 364–423 in a pot
Otterbourne Hoard II Coins from the Otterbourne Hoard II early 5th century Otterbourne
51°00′25″N 1°20′31″W / 51.007°N 1.342°W / 51.007; -1.342 (Otterbourne Hoard II)
1978 Winchester City Museum Silver siliquae
Overton Hoard Coins from the Overton Hoard 205 AD Overton
North Yorkshire
53°59′38″N 1°09′22″W / 53.994°N 1.156°W / 53.994; -1.156 (Overton Hoard)
2016 Yorkshire Museum, York 37 silver coins and pottery fragments.
Patching Hoard mid-5th century Patching
West Sussex
50°50′49″N 0°27′25″W / 50.847°N 0.457°W / 50.847; -0.457 (Patching Hoard)
1997 Worthing Museum and Art Gallery 13 Roman and 10 Visigothic gold solidi
21 Roman, 3 Visigothic, and 3 unidentified silver coins
2 gold rings
54 pieces of scrap silver, including a scabbard fitting
Piddletrenthide Hoard (2016) Piddletrenthide hoard in situ late 3rd century Piddletrenthide,
50°48′00″N 2°25′30″W / 50.800°N 2.425°W / 50.800; -2.425 (Piddletrenthide Hoard (2016))
2016 2,114 Roman radiate coins in an incomplete pottery vessel.
Pot Shaft Hoard 4th century Alderley Edge Mines
53°17′46″N 2°12′43″W / 53.296°N 2.212°W / 53.296; -2.212 (Pot Shaft Hoard)
1995 Manchester Museum 564 Roman coins dating from AD 317–336, mainly Constantine and house of Constantine pieces
Preshaw Park Hoard Coins from the Preshaw Park Hoard early 4th century Preshaw Park, Exton
51°00′58″N 1°11′17″W / 51.016°N 1.188°W / 51.016; -1.188 (Preshaw Park Hoard)
1855 Winchester City Museum 280 uncirculated bronze coins dated 280–309 in a narrow-necked pot
Prestwood hoards early 3rd to early 4th century Prestwood
51°41′35″N 0°43′55″W / 51.693°N 0.732°W / 51.693; -0.732 (Prestwood hoards)
1999 and 2005 Buckinghamshire County Museum, Aylesbury Hoard A: 112 silver denarii and 1 radiate
Hoard B: 735 base silver nummi and pot fragment
Reading Hoard Unknown The Ridgeway School, Reading
51°25′41″N 0°57′07″W / 51.428°N 0.952°W / 51.428; -0.952 (Reading Hoard)
2015 Reading Museum, Reading About 300 coins in a pottery vessel
Rhayader Treasure 2nd to 3rd century Rhayader
52°17′N 3°30′W / 52.29°N 3.50°W / 52.29; -3.50 (Rhayader Treasure)
1899 British Museum, London 1 gold ring with onyx stone; 11 pieces of gold necklet with 8 stones, 1 piece of scroll and a small embossed section; 4 pieces of gold armlet
Ribchester Hoard The Ribchester Helmet late 1st to early 2nd century Ribchester
53°49′N 2°32′W / 53.81°N 2.53°W / 53.81; -2.53 (Ribchester Hoard)
1796 British Museum, London bronze cavalry helmet, a number of patera, pieces of a vase, a bust of Minerva, fragments of two basins, and several plates.
Rogiet Hoard late 3rd century Rogiet
51°35′N 2°47′W / 51.58°N 2.79°W / 51.58; -2.79 (Rogiet Hoard)
1998 National Museum of Wales, Cardiff 3,778 silver coins
Seaton Down Hoard Coins from the Sarum Road Hoard early 4th century Seaton Down
2013 Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter 22,888 copper alloy coins
Sarum Road Hoard Coins from the Sarum Road Hoard early 1st century Sarum Road, Winchester
51°03′36″N 1°21′54″W / 51.060°N 1.365°W / 51.060; -1.365 (Sarum Road Hoard)
1996 Winchester City Museum 8 silver denarii dated 78BC – AD37
Shapwick hoards (1936–1938) early 4th to mid-5th century Shapwick
51°08′N 2°50′W / 51.14°N 2.83°W / 51.14; -2.83 (Shapwick hoards (1936–1938))
1936–1938 Museum of Somerset, Taunton
British Museum, London
Pewter cup, saucer, platter, jug, canister, bowl with pedestal
pottery beaker
245 silver siliquae
1,170 bronze coins
bronze cased wooden stave tankard
bronze bowl
Shapwick Hoard (1978) 4th century Shapwick
51°08′N 2°50′W / 51.14°N 2.83°W / 51.14; -2.83 (Shapwick Hoard (1978))
1978 Glastonbury Museum More than 1,000 copper coins
pewter vessel
Shapwick Hoard (1998) mid-3rd century Shapwick
51°08′N 2°50′W / 51.14°N 2.83°W / 51.14; -2.83 (Shapwick Hoard (1998))
1998 Somerset County Museum, Taunton 9,262 coins
Shillington Hoard late 1st century Shillington
51°58′12″N 0°21′47″W / 51.970°N 0.363°W / 51.970; -0.363 (Shillington Hoard)
1998–1999 Wardown Park Museum, Luton Hoard A: 127 gold aurei
Hoard B: 18 silver denarii
Shiptonthorpe Hoard early 4th century Shiptonthorpe
East Yorkshire
53°52′44″N 0°42′18″W / 53.879°N 0.705°W / 53.879; -0.705 (Shiptonthorpe Hoard)
2000 Hull and East Riding Museum, Kingston upon Hull 503 base silver coins
pot fragments
Shoreham Hoard late 3rd century Shoreham-by-Sea
West Sussex
50°49′59″N 0°16′05″W / 50.833°N 0.268°W / 50.833; -0.268 (Shoreham Hoard)
1999 4,105 base silver denarii and radiates
pottery vessel
Shrewsbury Hoard The Shrewsbury Hoard mid-4th century near Shrewsbury
52°43′N 2°45′W / 52.71°N 2.75°W / 52.71; -2.75 (Shrewsbury Hoard)
2009 Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery 9,315 bronze coins
Silchester Hoard (1894) Part of the Silchester Hoard (1894) on display at Reading Museum late 2nd century Silchester
51°21′N 1°05′W / 51.35°N 1.09°W / 51.35; -1.09 (Silchester Hoard (1894))
1894 Reading Museum
British Museum, London
258 silver denarii
Silchester Hoard (1985–1987) early 5th century Silchester
51°21′N 1°05′W / 51.35°N 1.09°W / 51.35; -1.09 (Silchester Hoard (1985-1987))
1985–1987 Reading Museum About 39 silver and bronze coins
3 gold rings
Snettisham Jeweller's Hoard Selection of items from the Snettisham Jeweller's Hoard mid-2nd century Snettisham
52°52′34″N 0°29′49″E / 52.876°N 0.497°E / 52.876; 0.497 (Snettisham Jeweller's Hoard)
1985 British Museum, London 83 silver coins, 27 bronze coins, and quantities of gems, jewellery and scrap metal
Snodland Hoard The Snodland Hoard in situ during excavation mid-4th century Snodland
51°19′41″N 0°26′49″E / 51.328°N 0.447°E / 51.328; 0.447 (Snodland Hoard)
2006 More than 3,600 bronze coins
South Petherton Hoard 274 AD South Petherton 2013 Sestertius of Marcus Aurelius in Museum of Somerset, majority returned to the finder 7,563 coins dating from 161 to 274 AD mainly debased Antoninianii of the Gallic Empire
St Albans Hoard late 4th century St Albans
2012 Verulamium Museum, St Albans 159 gold solidi
Stanchester Hoard early 5th century Wilcot
51°21′N 1°47′W / 51.35°N 1.79°W / 51.35; -1.79 (Stanchester Hoard)
2000 Wiltshire Museum, Devizes 1,166 coins (3 gold, 1,162 silver, 1 bronze)
Stogursey Hoard (1999) late 3rd century Stogursey
51°11′N 3°08′W / 51.18°N 3.14°W / 51.18; -3.14 (Stogursey Hoard)
1999 and 2002 3 coins at British Museum
some others at Somerset
1,097 base silver radiates
pottery vessel remains
50 copper alloy coins
Stoke-on-Trent Hoard A late 2nd century Stoke-on-Trent
53°00′N 2°12′W / 53.0°N 2.2°W / 53.0; -2.2 (Stoke-on-Trent Hoard A)
2012 Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, Hanley 258 silver denarii dating between 31 BC and AD 176
Stony Stratford Hoard Stony Stratford Hoard on display in the British Museum 3rd century Old Stratford
52°03′22″N 0°51′54″W / 52.056°N 0.865°W / 52.056; -0.865 (Stony Stratford Hoard)
1789 British Museum, London 2 chain headresses, 3 fibulae, various fragments of silver plaques with figures of, or inscriptions to, Roman gods, in an urn
Sully Hoard (1899) late 3rd century Sully, Vale of Glamorgan
South Glamorgan
51°25′N 3°13′W / 51.41°N 3.21°W / 51.41; -3.21 (Sully Hoard (1899))
1899 British Museum, London 322 coins (7 gold, some silver, and rest bronze)
4 gold rings
Sully Hoard (2008) Coins in the Sully Hoard mid-4th century Sully, Vale of Glamorgan
South Glamorgan
51°25′N 3°13′W / 51.41°N 3.21°W / 51.41; -3.21 (Sully Hoard (2008))
2008 National Museum Wales 2,366 bronze coins in one pot
3,547 bronze coins in another pot
Thetford Hoard 22 finger rings from the Thetford Hoard mid-4th century near Thetford
52°25′N 0°44′E / 52.41°N 0.74°E / 52.41; 0.74 (Thetford Hoard)
1979 British Museum, London 33 silver spoons
22 gold finger rings
4 pendants
several necklaces
a gold buckle
Thornbury Hoard Coins from the Thornbury Hoard mid-4th century Thornbury
51°36′32″N 2°31′12″W / 51.609°N 2.520°W / 51.609; -2.520 (Thornbury Hoard)
2004 Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery
11,460 coins
Tinwell Hoard late 3rd century Tinwell
52°39′43″N 0°31′59″W / 52.662°N 0.533°W / 52.662; -0.533 (Tinwell Hoard)
1999 Rutland County Museum, Oakham 2,831 base-silver coins
Traprain Treasure Silver fragments from the hoard early 5th century Traprain Law, near Haddington
East Lothian
55°57′36″N 2°40′26″W / 55.960°N 2.674°W / 55.960; -2.674 (Traprain Treasure)
1919 Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh 53 pounds of sliced up silver tableware
some Christian items
a Roman officer's uniform
4 coins
Upchurch Hoard Pot and selection of coins from the Upchurch Hoard early 4th century Upchurch
51°23′06″N 0°39′47″E / 51.385°N 0.663°E / 51.385; 0.663 (Upchurch Hoard)
1950 Private collection 37 bronze coins
Walton (Milton Keynes) Hoard early 4th century Walton, Milton Keynes
52°01′12″N 0°42′43″W / 52.020°N 0.712°W / 52.020; -0.712 (Walton (Milton Keynes) Hoard)
1987 97 bronze coins
Water Newton Treasure Gold plaque from the Water Newton Treasure 4th century Water Newton
52°33′N 0°20′W / 52.55°N 0.34°W / 52.55; -0.34 (Water Newton Treasure)
1975 British Museum, London 27 silver items, including jugs, hanging-bowls, bowls and votive plaques
1 gold votive plaque
Welbourn Hoard mid-4th century Welbourn
53°04′N 0°33′W / 53.06°N 0.55°W / 53.06; -0.55 (Welbourn Hoard)
1998 8 coins at British Museum, London 436 base silver nummi
Shelly Ware container
Wem Hoard late 5th century Wem
52°51′00″N 2°45′00″W / 52.85°N 2.750°W / 52.85; -2.750 (Wem Hoard)
2018 336 items of Roman hacksilver, including 37 Roman coins
West Bagborough Hoard mid-4th century West Bagborough
51°05′N 3°11′W / 51.09°N 3.18°W / 51.09; -3.18 (West Bagborough Hoard)
2001 Somerset County Museum, Taunton 669 Roman coins and 64 pieces of hacksilver
Westhall Hoard mid-2nd century Westhall
52°24′36″N 1°32′46″E / 52.410°N 1.546°E / 52.410; 1.546 (Westhall Hoard)
1855 British Museum, London
Norwich Castle Museum
9 bronze terrets and some Roman coins in a bronze bowl
Weston Underwood Hoard 1st and 2nd century Weston Underwood, Milton Keynes (borough)
52°09′36″N 0°45′18″W / 52.160°N 0.755°W / 52.160; -0.755 (Weston Underwood Hoard)
1858 Buckinghamshire County Museum 166 silver denarii
10 other coins
earthenware vessel
Samian bowl
various sherds and other pottery
Wickham Market Hoard late 3rd century Wickham Market
52°09′29″N 1°21′47″E / 52.158°N 1.363°E / 52.158; 1.363 (Wickham Market Hoard (1984))
1984 Pot containing 1,587 coins
Wold Newton Hoard Wold Newton Hoard as it was found 307 AD Wold Newton
East Yorkshire
54°08′24″N 0°24′00″W / 54.140°N 0.400°W / 54.140; -0.400 (Wold Newton Hoard)
2014 Yorkshire Museum, York 1,857 copper coins in ceramic pot
Yeovil Hoard 270 AD Yeovil
2013 Museum of Somerset 3335 coins, including 165 denarii, originally contained in a cloth bags
Yorkley Hoard mid-4th century Yorkley
51°45′36″N 2°31′48″W / 51.760°N 2.530°W / 51.760; -2.530 (Yorkley Hoard)
2012 Dean Heritage Centre, Gloucestershire 500 bronze coins, probably originally contained in a cloth bag
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