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PS10 solar power tower 2
The 11 MW PS10 solar power tower near Seville in Spain

This is a list of solar thermal power stations. These include the 354 megawatt (MW) Solar Energy Generating Systems power plant in the USA, Solnova solar power station (Spain, 150 MW), Andasol solar power station (Spain, 100 MW), Nevada Solar One (USA, 64 MW), PS20 solar power tower (Spain, 20 MW), and the PS10 solar power tower (Spain, 11 MW). Many other plants are under construction or planned, mainly in Spain and the USA. In developing countries, three World Bank projects for integrated solar thermal/combined-cycle gas-turbine power plants in Egypt, Mexico, and Morocco have been approved.


Operational Solar Thermal Power Stations
Name Country Location Notes
354 Solar Energy Generating Systems  USA Mojave Desert California Collection of 9 units
150 Solnova solar power plant  Spain Seville Completed 2010
100 Andasol solar power station  Spain Granada
Completed 2009
64 Nevada Solar One  USA Boulder City, Nevada
50 Ibersol Ciudad Real  Spain Puertollano, Ciudad Real Completed May 2009
50 Alvarado I  Spain Badajoz Completed July 2009
50 Extresol 1  Spain Torre de Miguel Sesmero (Badajoz) Completed February 2010
50 La Florida  Spain Alvarado (Badajoz) completed July 2010
Aerial view showing four of the SEGS III-VII plants located at Kramer Junction
Solar Towers from left: PS10, PS20.

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