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This is a list of ice hockey leagues, both professional and amateur, from around the world.


North America

Major professional

Minor professional



Major junior

Note: that the Major Junior level is considered professional by some authorities, including the NCAA, as its players earn a small stipend.

Junior A

Canadian Junior A Leagues
American Junior A Leagues
Tier I
  • United States Hockey League (1979)
Tier II
  • North American Hockey League (2003)
Tier III
  • Eastern Hockey League (Premier and 19U Elite) (2013) formerly the Atlantic Junior Hockey League (2003)
  • North American 3 Atlantic Hockey League (1966) formerly the Metropolitan Junior Hockey League (1966–2016)
  • North American 3 Hockey League (1970) formerly the Central States Hockey League
  • Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League (2015)
  • United States Premier Hockey League (Elite, Premier, USP3) (2013)
United Hockey Union (AAU) Junior Leagues
  • Canadian Premier Junior Hockey League (2016)
  • National College Prospects Hockey League (2016)
  • Western Prospects League (2015)
  • Western States Hockey League (1994)
Independent Junior Leagues
  • Greater Metro Junior A Hockey League (2006)
  • Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League (1970)

Junior B

Canadian Junior B Leagues
  • Calgary Junior Hockey League
  • Capital Junior Hockey League
  • Central Canada Hockey League Tier 2 formerly Eastern Ontario Jr B hockey League
  • Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League (OHA)
  • Heritage Junior B Hockey League
  • Island Junior Hockey League
  • Keystone Junior Hockey League formerly Manitoba Junior B Hockey League
  • Kootenay International Junior Hockey League
  • Lakehead Junior Hockey League
  • Ligue de Hockey de La Capitale *
  • Ligue de Hockey Chaudière-Appalaches Junior AA *
  • Ligue de Hockey Estrie-Mauricie Junior AA *
  • Ligue de Hockey Lac St. Louis Junior AA *
  • Ligue de Hockey Laurentides-Lanaudière Junior AA*
  • Ligue de Hockey Métropolitaine Junior AA *
  • Ligue de Hockey Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean Junior AA *
  • New Brunswick Junior B Hockey League
  • North Eastern Alberta Junior B Hockey League
  • North West Junior Hockey League
  • Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League
  • Pacific Junior Hockey League
  • Prairie Junior Hockey League formerly South Saskatchewan Junior B Hockey League, merged with North Saskatchewan Junior B Hockey League
  • St. John's Junior B Hockey League
  • Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League

(*) Quebec Junior "AA" is roughly equal to Ontario Junior "B"

Junior C

Canadian Junior C Leagues
  • Calgary Junior C Hockey League
  • Hanover Tache Junior Hockey League
  • Ligue de Hockey Junior A Bois Francs *
  • Ligue de Hockey Junior A Rive-Sud *
  • Ligue Interzone de hockey mineur BC Rive Nord (Junior A)
  • National Capital Junior Hockey League
  • New Brunswick Junior B Hockey League
  • Noralta Junior Hockey League
  • Nova Scotia Junior C Hockey League
  • Prince Edward Island Minor Junior Hockey League
  • Provincial Junior Hockey League 2016-17 - Merging of the Southern Ontario's Jr. C Leagues
    *Bill Stobbs Division (OHA) - formerly (Great Lakes Junior C Hockey League )
    *Central Division (OHA) - formerly (Central Junior C Hockey League)
    *Empire B Division (OHA) - formerly (Empire B Junior C Hockey League)
    *Georgian Mid-Ontario Division (OHA) - formerly (Georgian Mid-Ontario Junior C Hockey League)
    *Niagara & District (OHA) - formerly (Niagara & DistrictJunior C Hockey League)
    *Pat Doherty Division (OHA) (2013–14) - formerly (Midwestern Junior C Hockey League)
    *Pollock Division (OHA) - formerly (Western Jr C Hockey League)
    *Southern Division (OHA) (From Jr D 2013-14) - - formerly (Southern Ontario Junior C Hockey League)
  • Qu’Appelle Valley Hockey League formerly the Saskatchewan Junior C Hockey League

(*) Quebec Junior "A" is roughly equal to Ontario Junior "C"

Junior D

  • Ligue Interzone de hockey mineur BC Rive Nord (Junior B) (Canada) *

(*) Quebec Junior "B" is roughly equal to Ontario Junior "D"


CIS Hockey (Canada)

  • Canadian Interuniversity Sport (Canada, varsity)
    • Atlantic University Sport
    • Canada West Universities Athletic Association
    • Ontario University Athletics
    • Quebec Student Sports Federation
  • Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference
  • British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League

NCAA Hockey (United States)

  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (United States, varsity)
    • Atlantic Hockey (Division I, men only)
    • Big Ten (Division I, men only)
    • College Hockey America (Division I, women only)
    • ECAC Hockey (Division I, both sexes)
    • Hockey East (Division I, both sexes)
    • National Collegiate Hockey Conference (Division I, men only)
    • Western Collegiate Hockey Association (Division I, both sexes)
    • Northeast-10 Conference (Division II)
    • Eastern College Athletic Conference East (Division III)
    • Eastern College Athletic Conference Northeast (Division III)
    • Eastern College Athletic Conference West (Division III)
    • Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (Division III)
    • Midwest Collegiate Hockey Association (Division III)
    • Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (Division III)
    • Northern Collegiate Hockey Association (Division III)
    • New England Small College Athletic Conference (Division III)
    • State University of New York Athletic Conference (Division III)
    • Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (Division III)

Note: The Northeast-10 sponsors a championship for its members that play ice hockey, but the NCAA doesn't currently sponsor a national championship at the Division II level.

Non-NCAA Hockey

  • American Collegiate Hockey Association (United States)
    • Men's Division 1
      • Central States Collegiate Hockey League (CSCHL)
      • College Hockey Mid-America (CHMA)
      • Eastern Collegiate Hockey Association (ECHA)
      • Eastern States Collegiate Hockey League (ESCHL)
      • Great Lakes Collegiate Hockey League (GLCHL)
      • Northeast Collegiate Hockey League (NECHL)
      • Western Collegiate Hockey League (WCHL) (2013–14)
    • Men's Division 2
      • Colonial States College Hockey Conference (CSCHC)
      • Atlantic Coast Collegiate Hockey League (ACCHL)
      • Great Midwest Hockey League (GMHL)
      • Great Northeast Collegiate Hockey Conference (GNCHC)
      • Mid-American Collegiate Hockey Association (MACHA) (Gold division)
      • Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Hockey Association (MACHA)
      • Mountain West Collegiate Hockey League (MWCHL)
      • Northeast Collegiate Hockey Association (NECHA)
      • Pacific 8 Intercollegiate Hockey Conference (PAC-8)
      • Super East Collegiate Hockey League (SECHL)
      • Tri-State Collegiate Hockey League (TSCHL)
      • West Coast Hockey Conference (WCHC)
      • Western Collegiate Club Hockey Association (WCCHA)
    • Men's Division 3
      • Blue Ridge Hockey Conference (BRHC)
      • College Hockey Association (CHA) (Contains Non-ACHA members)
      • College Hockey East (CHE)
      • Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference (DVCHC)
      • Empire Collegiate Hockey Conference (ECHC)
      • Mason-Dixon Collegiate Hockey Association (MDCHA)
      • Metropolitan Collegiate Hockey Conference (MCHC) (Contains Non-ACHA members)
      • Michigan Collegiate Hockey Conference (MCHC)
      • Mid-American Collegiate Hockey Association (MACHA) (Silver division)
      • Indiana Collegiate Hockey Conference (ICHC)
      • North Central Collegiate Hockey Association (NCCHA)
      • Southeastern Collegiate Hockey Conference (SECHC)
      • Southern Collegiate Hockey Conference (SCHC)
      • Pacific Collegiate Hockey Association (PCHA)
    • Women's Division 1
      • Central Collegiate Women's Hockey Association (CCWHA)
      • Eastern Collegiate Women's Hockey League (ECWHL)
  • Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference (DVCHC Women's)
  • National Collegiate Hockey Association (NCHA)
  • Upstate New York Club Hockey League (UNYCHL) (CIHA-affiliate)

Note: there are also many independent teams in all three ACHA divisions in addition to the many within the hockey conferences and leagues.

Junior College

  • National Junior College Athletic Association (United States)


  • National Women's Hockey League (2015)
  • Canadian Women's Hockey League (2007)
  • Western Women's Hockey League (2004)
  • National Collegiate Women's Ice Hockey Championship (2000)
  • NCAA Division III women's ice hockey
  • Canadian Interuniversity Sport women's ice hockey championship (1998)
  • Junior Women's Hockey League (2007)
  • Hockey collégial féminin RSEQ (1999)
  • Livonia League
  • Mid-Atlantic Women's Hockey League (1975)
  • Provincial Women's Hockey League (2004)


Sanctioned by Hockey Canada or USA Hockey

  • Big 6 Hockey League (Saskatchewan Sr. AAA)
  • Chinook Hockey League (Alberta Sr. AAA)
  • Highway Hockey League (Saskatchewan Sr. AAA)
  • Ligue Centrale de Hockey (LCH) (Quebec Sr. AAA/semi-pro) (1990)
  • Major League Hockey (Ontario Sr. AAA) (1953)
  • North Peace Hockey League (Alberta Sr. AAA)
  • Western Ontario Athletic Association Senior Hockey League (Ontario Sr. AA and A) (1948)
United States
  • Great Lakes Hockey League (1937)
  • Hockey North America (1980)

School and youth

  • Central States Developmental Hockey League
  • United States Premier Hockey League (2013)

High School

  • Delaware Scholastic Hockey Association
  • Independent School League (Boston Area)
  • Interscholastic Hockey League
  • Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA)
    • Super Eight (hockey)
  • Midwest Prep Hockey League
  • Minnesota State High School League boy's hockey
  • Missouri high school hockey
    • Mid-States Club Hockey Association (MSCHA)
    • Mid America High School Hockey League (MAHSHL)
  • New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association
  • New York high school hockey
    • New York State Public High School Athletic Association (varsity)
    • New York State Amateur Hockey Association (non varsity)
  • North Dakota High School Activities Association
  • Northern Virginia Scholastic Hockey League
  • Pennsylvania high school hockey
    • Penguins Cup
    • Flyers Cup
  • Washington high school hockey
    • Western Washington High School Hockey League
    • Tri-Cities Amateur Hockey Association
  • West Virginia high school hockey (Penguins Cup)
  • Wisconsin high school hockey
    • Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association
    • Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association

Defunct leagues

  • All-American Hockey League (1987–1988)
  • All American Hockey League (2008-2011)
  • America East Hockey League (2005–2008)
  • Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (1886–1898)
  • American Amateur Hockey League (1896–?)
  • American Hockey Association (1926–1942)
  • Atlantic Coast Hockey League (1981–1987)
  • Atlantic Coast Hockey League (2002–2003)
  • California Hockey League (1928–1933)
  • California Hockey League (1957–1963)
  • Canadian Amateur Hockey League (1899–1905)
  • Canadian-American Hockey League (1926–1936)
  • Canadian Elite Hockey League (2005–2006)
  • Canadian Hockey Association (1909–1910)
  • Canadian Independent Junior Hockey League (2014)(folded prior to playing any games)
  • Canadian International Hockey League (2014) - played one season
  • Canadian Professional Hockey League (1926–1930)
  • Central Collegiate Hockey Association (NCAA Division I, 1971–2013)
  • Central Hockey League (1963–1984)
  • Central Hockey League (1992-2014) (United States; Canada)
  • Central Ontario Hockey League (Unknown-1980)
  • Central Ontario Women's Hockey League (1992-1998)
  • Central/West Junior Hockey League (relegated from Jr B 2014 and became inactive)
  • College Hockey America men's division (NCAA Division I, 1999–2010; conference remains in operation as a women's hockey league)
  • Coloured Hockey League (1895–1925)
  • Continental Elite Hockey League (2001–2004)
  • Continental Hockey League (1972–1987)-became All-American Hockey League
  • Eastern Amateur Hockey League (1933–1934, 1935–1948, 1949–1953)
  • Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association (1905–1909)
  • Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey League (1923–?)
  • Eastern Hockey League (1934–1935, 1954–1973, 1979–1981)
  • Eastern Junior Hockey League (1993–2013) – Some split from the league to form the United States Premier Hockey League and the remaining teams joined the Eastern Hockey League
  • Eastern Junior B Hockey League (1951–1972)
  • Eastern Ontario Senior Hockey League (2003–2008)
  • Eastern Professional Hockey League (2008–2009)
  • Eastern Professional Hockey League (1914–1915, 1959–1963)
  • Eastern States Hockey League (2003–2013) formerly the Continental Hockey Association 2003–2011
  • EJHL South (2006–2013) formerly the Southeastern Junior Hockey League, affiliated with the Eastern Junior Hockey League from 2011–2013 before merging with the United States Premier Hockey League as the Elite Division
  • Empire Junior Hockey League (–2013) – Merged with the United States Premier Hockey League as the Empire Division
  • Federal Amateur Hockey League (1904–1909)
  • Global Hockey League (DNP, 1990)
  • Great Lakes Junior Hockey League (2008-2012)
  • Great West Hockey Conference (NCAA Division I, 1985–1988)
  • Gulf Coast Hockey League (2001–2002)
  • International-American Hockey League (1936–1941)-became American Hockey League
  • International Independent Hockey League (2003)
  • International Hockey League (1929–36)
  • International Hockey League (1945–2001)
  • International Professional Hockey League (1904–1907)
  • Inter-Provincial Amateur Hockey Union (1908-?)
  • Interprovincial Professional Hockey League (1910–1911)
  • Ligue Centrale de Hockey (1978–2008)
  • Ligue de Hockey Junior de Montréal
  • Major Intermediate A Hockey League (1978–1983)
  • Manitoba Professional Hockey League (1907–1909)
  • Maritime Major Hockey League (1950–1954)
  • Maritime Professional Hockey League (1911–1914)
  • Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (NCAA Division I, 1997–2003; conference remains in operation as an all-sports league without ice hockey)
  • Metro Junior A Hockey League (1991–1998) merged with Ontario Provincial Junior A Hockey League
  • Mid-Atlantic Hockey League (2007–2008)
  • Midwest Junior Hockey League (2012-2015) merged with United States Premier Hockey League
  • Minnesota Junior Hockey League (1974-2015) merged with United States Premier Hockey League
  • National Hockey Association (1909–1917)
  • National Women's Hockey League (1999-2007)
  • New York-Penn Major Hockey League (1973 to 1979)
  • North American 3 Eastern Hockey League (2014–2016) formerly the Northern States Hockey League (2012–2014) - merged with North American 3 Hockey League
  • North American Hockey League (1973–1977)
  • North Eastern Hockey League (2003–2008)
  • North of Superior Junior B Hockey League (Canada)
  • North West Hockey League (1933–1936)
  • Northern Junior Hockey League (2008–2010) (2008 as United Junior Hockey League)
  • Northern Pacific Hockey League (2000–2016) - folded and remaining teams joined the United States Premier Hockey League
  • Northern States Junior Hockey League (2012–2014) - became the North American 3 Eastern Hockey League
  • Northwest Junior Hockey League (Manitoba) (Canada)
  • Ontario Professional Hockey League (1907–1911, 1930–1931)
  • Original Stars Hockey League (2004)
  • Ottawa City Hockey League (1890–1957)
  • Pacific Coast Hockey Association (1911–1924)
  • Pacific Coast Hockey League (1928–1931, 1936–1941, 1945–1952)
  • Pacific Coast Junior Hockey League (Canada)
  • Pacific Hockey League (1977–1979)
  • Prairie Hockey League (1926–1928)
  • Quebec Hockey League (1952–1959)
  • Quebec Senior Hockey League (1945–1952)
  • Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League aka Peace Cariboo Junior Hockey League (British Columbia, Canada)
  • South East Hockey League (2003–2004)
  • Southern Elite Hockey League (1998–2000)
  • Southern Hockey League (1973–1977)
  • Southern Hockey League (1995–1996)
  • Southern Ontario Junior A Hockey League (1972–1976) -merged with Ontario Provincial Junior A Hockey League
  • Southwest Hockey League (1975–1977)
  • Sunshine Hockey League (1992–1995)
  • Tri-State Hockey League (1932–1933)
  • Tri-State League (NCAA Division I, 1950–1972)
  • Tropical Hockey League (1938–1939)
  • United Hockey League (1991 as Colonial Hockey League, also known as International Hockey League) (1991-2010)
  • United States Hockey League (1945–1951)
  • Western Canada Hockey League (professional) (1921–1925)
  • Western Canada Hockey League (minor pro) (1932–1933)
  • Western Canada Senior Hockey League (1945–1951)
  • West Coast Hockey League (1995–2003)
  • Western Hockey League (professional) (1925–1926)
  • Western Hockey League (minor pro) (1952–1975)
  • Western International Hockey League (1946–1962, 1963–1988)
  • Western Professional Hockey League (1996–2001)
  • World Hockey Association (1972–1979)
  • World Hockey Association 2 (2003–2004)
  • World United Hockey League (2014–2015)
  • WHA Junior Hockey League (2006–2008)

Disabled hockey leagues

Leagues for disabled hockey players

    • American Amputee Hockey Association (AAHA)
  • American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association
  • Sledge hockey


  • Kontinental Hockey League (Belarus, Croatia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine)
  • Higher Hockey League (Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus)

Asia and Africa

  • Asia League Ice Hockey (Japan, South Korea, China, Russia)


  • Chinese Ice Hockey Championship

Republic of China

  • Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey League


  • Georgian Ice Hockey League

Hong Kong

  • Hockey Night in Asia
  • Hong Kong Ice Hockey Championship


  • Indian Ice Hockey Championship


  • Israeli League


  • All-Japan Championship (cup tournament)

Defunct Japan Ice Hockey League


  • Kazakhstan Hockey Championship (league in both Europe and Asia)


  • Kyrgyzstan Championship


  • Subang Jaya Ice Hockey League


  • Mongolia Hockey League

North Korea

  • North Korean Championship


  • Manila Ice Hockey League


  • Singapore National Ice Hockey League

South Africa

  • South African Interprovincial Ice Hockey Championship

South Korea

  • Korea Domestic Championship


  • Thai World Hockey League


(Leagues involve teams from both Europe and Asia)

  • Turkish Ice Hockey Super League (1993)
  • Turkish Ice Hockey First League
  • Turkish Ice Hockey Women's League (2007)


  • Turkmenistan Championship (ice hockey) (2013)


  • Qatar Ice Hockey League

United Arab Emirates

  • Emirates Ice Hockey League


  • Alpenliga (1991–1999) - multinational league with teams from Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Replaced by the International Ice Hockey League (1999–2007)
  • Eastern European Hockey League (1995–2005) - multinational league with teams from Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia and Poland.
  • North Sea Cup - multinational league with teams in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Panonian League
  • EUHL - international university league


  • Armenian Hockey League



  • Austria women's ice hockey Bundesliga


  • Belarusian Hockey League


  • Belgian Hockey League

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Hockey League


  • Bulgarian Hockey League


  • Croatian Ice Hockey Championship

Czech Republic



  • Metal Ligaen

East Germany

  • DDR-Oberliga


  • Meistriliiga


  • SM-liiga (1975)
  • Mestis (renamed in 2000)
  • Suomi-sarja
  • 2. Divisioona


  • SM-sarja


  • Jääkiekon naisten SM-sarja


  • Ligue Magnus
  • Division 1
  • Division 2
  • Division 3



  • German Ice Hockey League (DEL) (1994-)
  • Ice hockey Bundesliga (1958–1994, replaced by DEL)
  • DEL2 (2013-)
  • 2nd Bundesliga (ice hockey) (1973-2013, replaced by DEL2)
  • Oberliga (Ice Hockey) (1948-)
  • Bavarian ice hockey leagues (1976-)
  • Regionalliga


  • German women's ice hockey Bundesliga (1988-)


  • Greek Ice Hockey Championship


  • MOL Liga
  • OB I. Bajnokság
  • Beno Fodor


  • Icelandic Hockey League


  • Irish Ice Hockey League



  • Serie A (former Elite.A and Serie A1)
  • Serie B (former Seconda Divisione and Serie A2)


  • Serie C

Junior and youth

  • Under 20 (2 national divisions)
  • Under 18 (2 national divisions)
  • Under 16 (many regional divisions)
  • Under 14 (many regional divisions)
  • Under 12 (many regional divisions)
  • Under 10 (many regional divisions)
  • Under 8 (many regional divisions)


  • Serie A


  • Kazakhstan Hockey Championship


  • Latvian Hockey League
  • Independent Amateur hockey league (Neatkarīgā Amatieru hokeja līga/NAHL)


  • Lithuania Hockey League


  • Luxembourg Championship

The Netherlands

  • Eredivisie
  • Eerste Divisie
  • U17
  • U14
  • U12


  • GET-ligaen
  • 1. divisjon


  • Polska Liga Hokejowa
  • Polish 1. Liga


  • Portugal National Ice Hockey Championship


  • Liga Naţională de hochei


Major professional

Minor professional
  • Russian Major League
  • Russian Hockey League
  • Minor Hockey League (Molodezhnaya Hokkeinaya Liga)
  • Moscow Region
  • Northwest Region Hockey
  • Ural Region


  • Serbian Hockey League



  • Slovak Extraliga (1993–present after dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovak First Ice Hockey League (1931–1993))
  • Slovak 1.Liga (12 teams, first 8 participate in play-offs and the winner plays with the worst team from Extraliga, last four teams participate in a play-out and 4th team after play-out plays a relegation game with the best team in 2.Liga)
  • Slovak 2.Liga


  • Slovenian Ice Hockey League

Soviet Union

  • Soviet Hockey League


  • Superliga Española de Hockey Hielo



  • Swedish Hockey League (New name for the top league in 2013. The national championship has been played since 1922 in other forms. 14 teams)
  • HockeyAllsvenskan (The Swedish second league. The four best teams compete in the end of the season with the two worst placed team in SHL. 14 teams.)
  • Hockeyettan, Division 1, (Divided into 4 regions: North, East, West, and South. The four best teams in each region make 2 new series called Allettan at the conclusion of the regions. The two Allettan winners, and the two teams that survive a three-round playoff, compete with the last two teams in HockeyAllsvenskan for their spots in the higher league. 48 teams at present.)
  • Division 2 (Divided into 11 regions.)
  • Division 3 (Divided into 13 regions.)
  • Division 4 (Divided into 6 regions. In Stockholm called the "Swedish Iron League". The league does not cover all of Sweden.)
  • J20 SuperElit (Under 20, junior league.)
  • J20 Elit (Under 20, junior second league. Divided into 4 regions: North, East, West, and South.)
  • J18 Elit (Under 18, divided into 4 regions.)


Riksserien (Highest league, 8 teams.)




  • Professional Hockey League (2011)


  • Youth Hockey League (2012)


  • Major League (1992-2011)
  • First League

United Kingdom

  • Elite Ice Hockey League (2003-)
  • English Premier Ice Hockey League (1997-)
  • English National Hockey League (1996-)
  • Scottish National League
  • British Universities Ice Hockey Association Cup Competition (2004-)

Defunct Leagues

  • British National League (1954–1960)
  • British National League (1996–2005)
  • Ice Hockey Superleague (1996–2003)
  • British Hockey League (1982–1996)

English Ice Hockey Association Women's Leagues

  • Women's Premier League
  • Women's Division 1 North
  • Women's Division 1 South


  • Yugoslav Ice Hockey League



  • Australian Ice Hockey League
  • East Coast Super League
  • Australian Junior Ice Hockey League
  • Australian Women's Ice Hockey League

New Zealand

  • New Zealand Ice Hockey League
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