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Little Bill
Genre Educational
Created by Bill Cosby
Developed by Fracaswell Hyman
Written by Fracaswell Hyman (head writer)
Directed by
  • Robert Scull
  • Jennifer Oxley
  • Olexa Hewryk
  • Mark Salisbury
  • Robert M. Wallace
Creative director(s) Robert Scull
Voices of
Theme music composer Bill Cosby, Don Braden, and Jon Faddis
Composer(s) Stu Gardner and Art Lisi
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 52 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Bill Cosby
  • David Brokaw
  • Charles Kipps
  • Brown Johnson and Janice Burgess (co-executive producers)
  • Robert Scull
  • Shawn Cuddy (supervising producer)
  • Fracaswell Hyman (consulting producer)
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Nickelodeon Animation Studio
Distributor MTV Networks
Original network Nickelodeon
Original release November 28, 1999 (1999-11-28) – February 6, 2004 (2004-02-06)

Little Bill is an American Flash-animated children's television series based on Bill Cosby's Little Bill book series (illustrated by Varnette P. Honeywood), set in Philadelphia (Bill Cosby's hometown). It was produced for Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. block and was adapted for television by the show's head writer, Fracaswell Hyman. The stories feature Bill Jr. learning a lesson or moral, and every episode was developed through research and in consultation with a panel of educational consultants.

The show's debut was on November 28, 1999, and aired on CBS as part of Nick Jr. on CBS, from September 16, 2000 to September 7, 2002, then as part of Nick on CBS from August 2, 2003 to September 10, 2005. The final episode aired on June 23, 2004, and reruns returned, with the return of Nick Jr. on CBS, on September 17, 2005.

Little Bill was seen through until September 9, 2006. Sonia Manzano, best known for playing Maria Rodriguez on Sesame Street, was a frequent writer for the show. The series was added to Paramount+(At the time CBS All Access) in January 2021.


Set in Philadelphia, the show centers on Little Bill Glover as he explores everyday life through his imagination. Little Bill lives with his parents, his great grandmother Alice (aka Alice the Great), his older sister April, and brother Bobby. At the end of every show, he breaks the fourth wall by summarizing his day to the audience before going to bed.


List of Little Bill episodes


  • William "Bill/Little Bill" Glover Jr.: An inquisitive and imaginative boy. He is known as Little Bill because his actual name is Bill Jr, and his father's name is also Bill.
  • William "Bill/Big Bill" Glover Sr.: Little Bill, Bobby, and April's father, and is the husband of Brenda. He is also known as Big Bill because his actual name is Bill Sr. He was voiced by Gregory Hines.
  • Brenda Glover (née Kendall): Little Bill, Bobby, and April's mother, and is the wife of Big Bill. She was voiced by Phylicia Rashad.
  • April Glover: The oldest and only daughter of Brenda and Big Bill. She was voiced by Monique Beasley.
  • Robert "Bobby" Glover: Bobby is the middle child, and oldest son of the Glover children. He was voiced by Devon Malik Beckford (season 1–2), and then Tyler James Williams (season 3–4).
  • Alice the Great: Great-grandmother of Little Bill, Bobby, April, and Jamal. Alice is also Brenda and Deborah's grandmother. She also lives with the family. She was voiced by Ruby Dee and Anika Walker in a flashback in "Good Ol' Lightning".
  • Elephant: Elephant is the family pet, a small, light yellow hamster.
  • Captain Brainstorm: Captain Brainstorm is an astronaut, who has an orange rocket and an orange space suit. Little Bill is a fan of his television show, Space Explorers. He was voiced by Bill Cosby, the creator of Little Bill.
  • Andrew Mulligan: Andrew is an Irish-American boy who is Little Bill's best friend. He lives two houses away from Little Bill. He was voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen.
  • Kiku: Kiku is a Japanese-American friend of Little Bill's. She was voiced by Eunice Cho and later Emily Cleckner.
  • Fuchsia Glover: Fuchsia is the paternal cousin of Little Bill, Bobby and April. Her father Al is Big Bill's brother. Her mother is named Vanessa. She was voiced by Nakia Williams (Season 1) and Kianna Underwood (Season 2-4). She goes to school with Little Bill.
  • Dorado: Dorado is a friend of Little Bill who is Puerto Rican. He was voiced by Vincent Canales
  • Monty: Grandson of Alice the Great's friend Emmaline, uses a wheelchair to get around because he was born with cerebral palsy. He was voiced by Cole Hawkins.
  • Michael Riley: A classmate of Little Bill's who moves to the neighborhood from Miami, Florida. He was voiced by Muhammad Cunningham.
  • Miss Aisha Murray–Clinkscales: Little Bill's kindergarten teacher. She was voiced by Ayo Haynes (Season 1) and Melanie Nicholls-King (Season 2-4).
  • Dr. Winthrop Clinkscales: Mrs. Murray's husband, whom she married in "Miss Murray's Wedding".
  • Mrs. Shapiro: Little Bill's neighbor. She was voiced by Madeline Kahn in her first appearance, and later by Kathy Najimy after Kahn's death.
  • Mr. Miguel Rojas: Mr. Rojas is an elderly Mexican-American man who speaks English and Spanish. He was voiced by Victor Argo.
  • Mr. Clark Terry: Alice the Great and Little Bill's new friend. He was voiced by Clark Terry, whom he is named and modeled after.
  • Baby Jamal Welsh: Little Bill's maternal baby cousin, son of Deborah (Brenda's sister) and Gary.
  • Percy Mulch: The owner of a pet shop. He was voiced by Doug E. Doug.
  • Mr. Williams: A music store owner. He is voiced by Mike Mearian.
  • Aunt Deborah Kendall (voiced by Grace Garland): Aunt Deborah is Brenda's younger sister, the wife of Uncle Gary (Welsh) and the mother of Baby Jamal.

List of home media releases

Paramount Home Media Distribution is the VHS and DVD distributor for the series.

Main releases

Name Release Date Number of Episodes Episode Titles
Me and My Family June 5, 2001 4
  • "Are We There Yet?"/"Super Family Fun Land!"
  • "Neighborhood Park"/"Magic Quilt"
Big Little Bill June 5, 2001 4
  • "Big Kid"/"Just a Baby"
  • "The Bills Go to Work"/"Miss Murray's Wedding"
What I Did at School August 21, 2001 4
  • "Picture Day"/"Copy Cat"
  • "The Snack Helper"/"The Stage Trick"
I Love Animals! February 5, 2002 4
  • "The Zoo"/"My Pet Elephant"
  • "Wabbit Worries"/"Wabbit Babies"
Merry Christmas, Little Bill September 24, 2002 3
  • "Merry Christmas, Little Bill!"
  • "Summertime in the Wintertime"/"Snowracers"

Episodes on Nick Jr. compilation DVDs

Name Release Date Number of Episodes Episode Titles
Nick Jr. Holiday September 24, 2002 1
  • "Merry Christmas, Little Bill!"
Nick Jr. Celebrates Spring! March 2, 2004 2
  • "The Skating Lesson"/"Mr. Moth"
Nick Jr. Favorites Vol. 1 May 24, 2005 1
  • "Little Bill's Adventure with Captain Brainstorm"
Nick Jr. Favorites Vol. 2 October 18, 2005 1
  • "Little Bill's Giant Space Adventure"
Nick Jr. Favorites Vol. 3 February 7, 2006 2
  • "Same Moon, Same Sun, Same Star"/"All Together Now"
Nick Jr. Favorites Vol. 4 June 6, 2006 2
  • "Racing Time"/"All Tied Up"
Nick Jr. Favorites Holiday September 26, 2006 1
  • "Merry Christmas, Little Bill!"
Nick Jr. Favorites Vol. 5 March 13, 2007 2
  • "The Zoo"/"My Pet Elephant"
Nick Jr. Favorites Vol. 6 August 7, 2007 2
  • "Ready, Set, Read!"/"I Got a Letter"


Emmy Awards

  • 2003 – Outstanding Performer In An Animated ProgramGregory Hines
  • 2004 – Outstanding Children's Animated Program

Peabody Award

  • 2001

Video games

Little Bill Thinks Big, released on 29 September 2003, is for Windows XP and Macintosh.

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