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Longhorn bog orchid
Michaux's Orchid (48778758826).jpg
Scientific classification
  • Orchis quinqueseta Michx.
  • Habenaria michauxii Nutt. superfluous name
  • Mesicera quinqueseta (Michx.) Raf.
  • Mesicera michauxii (Nutt.) Raf.
  • Platanthera michauxii (Nutt.) Alph.Wood
  • Habenaria simpsonii Small
  • Habenaria macroceratitis var. brevicalcarata Ames

Habenaria quinqueseta, the longhorn bog orchid, is a species of orchid closely related to H. macroceratitis and often mistaken for it.

Habenaria quinqueseta is native to Central America, the West Indies (Cuba, the Bahamas, Hispaniola, Jamaica), southern Mexico (Oaxaca, Veracruz, Chiapas), northern South America (Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas), and the southeastern United States (from Texas to South Carolina).

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