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National Register of Historic Places listings in Ashland County, Wisconsin facts for kids

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Map of Wisconsin highlighting Ashland County
Location of Ashland County in Wisconsin

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Ashland County, Wisconsin. It is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Ashland County, Wisconsin. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.

There are 40 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. Another property was once listed but has been removed.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Apostle Islands Lighthouses
Apostle Islands Lighthouses
March 8, 1977
North and east of Bayfield on Michigan, Raspberry, Outer, Sand and Devils Islands
46°59′38″N 90°36′06″W / 46.993889°N 90.601667°W / 46.993889; -90.601667 (Apostle Islands Lighthouses)
Bayfield Six lighthouses built as early as 1856, to guide ships through and around the islands.
2 Ashland County Courthouse
Ashland County Courthouse
March 9, 1982
201 W. 2nd St.
46°35′28″N 90°53′07″W / 46.591111°N 90.885278°W / 46.591111; -90.885278 (Ashland County Courthouse)
Ashland Three-story Neo-Classical building designed by H. W. Beumming of Milwaukee and Henry Wildhagen of Ashland, and built in 1915.
3 Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light
Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light
March 1, 2007
Breakwater's northwest end in Chequamegon Bay, 2 miles (3.2 km) north of Bay City Ck. mouth
46°37′41″N 90°52′13″W / 46.628056°N 90.870278°W / 46.628056; -90.870278 (Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light)
Ashland 58 foot concrete tower at the end of the 1.5 mile artificial breakwater which the Army Corps of Engineers finished in 1915. Built primarily to protect ships in the harbor loading iron ore from the Gogebic Range.
4 Bass Island Brownstone Company Quarry
Bass Island Brownstone Company Quarry
March 29, 1978
North of La Pointe on Basswood Island
46°49′56″N 90°45′20″W / 46.832222°N 90.755556°W / 46.832222; -90.755556 (Bass Island Brownstone Company Quarry)
La Pointe Site where Lake Superior Brownstone was quarried from 1868 to 1890s, and used in the old Chicago Tribune Building, among others. Boundary increased May 10, 2016.
5 Beaser School
Beaser School
July 17, 1980
612 Beaser Ave.
46°34′52″N 90°53′37″W / 46.581111°N 90.893611°W / 46.581111; -90.893611 (Beaser School)
Ashland Partly brownstone building designed with Flemish touches by Henry Wildhagen and built in 1899. Martin Beaser was a founder of Ashland.
6 BIG BAY SLOOP shipwreck (sloop)
January 14, 2009
300 feet from the shore of Big Bay State Park
Coordinates missing
La Pointe Remains of an unidentified small sloop, probably built around 1880, lying under 25 feet of water.
7 Chapple and MacArthur Avenues Residential Historic District
Chapple and MacArthur Avenues Residential Historic District
May 27, 2014
507-1023 Chapple, 600-810, 814 & 822 MacArthur Aves., 618-622 , 700-722 9th Ave., W., 706-721 6th St., W.
46°34′55″N 90°53′10″W / 46.582028°N 90.886202°W / 46.582028; -90.886202 (Chapple and MacArthur Avenues Residential Historic District)
Ashland 61 contributing properties, including the 1888 Shingle-style Heydlauff house, the 1891 Queen Anne/Shingle-style Charles Lamoreux house (at left), the 1893 Gothic Revival Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church, the 1894 Stick style Lyon house, the 1904 American Foursquare Parish house, the 1911 Craftsman Frank Lamoreux house, the 1924 Dutch Colonial Revival Garnich house, and the 1933 Georgian Revival Metternich house.
8 Coole Park Manor
Coole Park Manor
June 1, 2005
351 Old Fort Rd.
46°45′55″N 90°47′00″W / 46.765278°N 90.783333°W / 46.765278; -90.783333 (Coole Park Manor)
La Pointe Summer home of the Hulls of Kansas City, overlooking Lake Superior, designed by Wilder and Wight and built in 1913 (or 1905?). Later Chateau Madeline.
9 Copper Falls State Park
Copper Falls State Park
December 16, 2005
WI 169, 1.8 miles (2.9 km) northeast of Mellen
46°22′33″N 90°38′50″W / 46.375833°N 90.647222°W / 46.375833; -90.647222 (Copper Falls State Park)
Morse Scenic gorge where Copper Culture people probably mined copper. The state park was developed in the 1930s during the Great Depression by the Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps.
10 Ellis School
Ellis School
July 17, 1980
310 Stuntz Ave.
46°35′39″N 90°52′21″W / 46.594167°N 90.8725°W / 46.594167; -90.8725 (Ellis School)
Ashland Simple Neoclassical school designed by Ashland architect Henry Wildhagen.
11 Glidden State Bank
Glidden State Bank
March 29, 2006
216 First St.
46°08′15″N 90°34′28″W / 46.1375°N 90.574444°W / 46.1375; -90.574444 (Glidden State Bank)
Jacobs Brownstone-faced bank building constructed in Romanesque style in 1905.
12 Hadland Fishing Camp
Hadland Fishing Camp
August 18, 1977
North of La Pointe on Rocky Island
47°02′38″N 90°39′57″W / 47.043889°N 90.665833°W / 47.043889; -90.665833 (Hadland Fishing Camp)
La Pointe Norwegian immigrant Christian Hadland started this camp in 1938, and fished each year from late spring until fall. Site includes cabins, a shed for storing nets, an ice house, gill net winders, and drying frames.
13 La Pointe Indian Cemetery
La Pointe Indian Cemetery
August 3, 1977
S. Old Main St.
46°46′20″N 90°46′55″W / 46.772222°N 90.781944°W / 46.772222; -90.781944 (La Pointe Indian Cemetery)
La Pointe Established in 1836 under La Pointe's Catholic mission headed by Father Baraga. Buried here is Chief Great Buffalo, who signed treaties for the Ojibwe with the U.S., and the Métis fur trader Michel Cadotte.
14 La Pointe Light Station
La Pointe Light Station
August 4, 1983
Long Island in Chequamagon Bay
46°46′43″N 90°47′21″W / 46.778611°N 90.789167°W / 46.778611; -90.789167 (La Pointe Light Station)
Bayfield Light on 65 foot skeletal tower, started in 1895 to guide ore freighters between the islands. The WPA added the lightkeeper's house in 1939.
15 LUCERNE (Shipwreck)
LUCERNE (Shipwreck)
December 18, 1991
Off northeast shore of Long Island
46°43′23″N 90°46′02″W / 46.72315°N 90.76725°W / 46.72315; -90.76725 (LUCERNE (Shipwreck))
La Pointe 195 foot three-masted schooner built in 1873. On her last voyage in November 1886, dropped coal in Washburn, loaded 1256 tons of Gogebic iron ore at Ashland, and left for Cleveland. She sank in a snowstorm, with all crew lost.(See/link to [1])
16 Manitou Camp
Manitou Camp
January 19, 1983
Manitou Island
46°57′20″N 90°40′35″W / 46.955556°N 90.676389°W / 46.955556; -90.676389 (Manitou Camp)
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Remote island-camp from which men logged and fished since the 1890s. Site includes cabins, twine sheds, and fishing implements.
17 Marina Site
Marina Site
December 22, 1978
Address Restricted
La Pointe Site of Indian village and cemetery, probably from the 1700s and 1800s during fur trade era. Burials include nine copper bracelets.
18 Marion Park Pavilion
Marion Park Pavilion
June 4, 1981
Marion Park
46°07′54″N 90°35′24″W / 46.131667°N 90.59°W / 46.131667; -90.59 (Marion Park Pavilion)
Glidden Eight-sided dance hall with maple floor and domed roof, designed by Frank Huber and built in 1938 with help from the WPA.
19 MARQUETTE (shipwreck)
MARQUETTE (shipwreck)
February 13, 2008
5 miles (8.0 km) east of Michigan Island, Lake Superior
46°50′02″N 90°25′47″W / 46.833889°N 90.429722°W / 46.833889; -90.429722 (MARQUETTE (shipwreck))
La Pointe 235 foot wooden bulk freighter built in 1881 in Cleveland. On Oct 15, 1903, heading east with iron ore in fair weather, she sprang a leak and sank. The crew escaped.
20 Mellen City Hall
Mellen City Hall
September 20, 1979
Bennett and Main Sts.
46°19′38″N 90°39′35″W / 46.327222°N 90.659722°W / 46.327222; -90.659722 (Mellen City Hall)
Mellen The Queen Anne style city hall designed by Henry Wildhagen and built in 1895 has housed police and fire department, an opera house on the second floor, a library, and now a museum.
21 Memorial Hall
Memorial Hall
April 27, 1995
1511 Ellis Ave.
46°34′47″N 90°52′25″W / 46.579722°N 90.873611°W / 46.579722; -90.873611 (Memorial Hall)
Ashland Residence hall and one-time commons (with attached root cellar) at Northland College, designed by Thomas Shefchik and built in 1928.
22 MOONLIGHT shipwreck
MOONLIGHT shipwreck
October 1, 2008
7 miles (11 km) east of Michigan Island
46°49′56″N 90°22′42″W / 46.832317°N 90.378383°W / 46.832317; -90.378383 (MOONLIGHT shipwreck)
La Pointe vicinity Graceful sailing schooner built in 1874 by Wolf & Davidson in Milwaukee. Her topmasts were removed in 1889 when she was converted to a barge. Sank in a storm in September 1903 while being towed with a load of iron ore out of Ashland.
23 Morty Site (47AS40)
Morty Site (47AS40)
June 13, 1988
Address Restricted
24 NOQUEBAY (Schooner-Barge) Shipwreck Site
NOQUEBAY (Schooner-Barge) Shipwreck Site
June 4, 1992
Address Restricted
46°55′45″N 90°32′39″W / 46.929167°N 90.544167°W / 46.929167; -90.544167 (NOQUEBAY (Schooner-Barge) Shipwreck Site)
La Pointe 205 foot schooner-barge built in 1872 in Trenton, Michigan. On October 6, 1905 it was loaded with 600,000 board feet of hemlock lumber and being towed toward Bay City, Michigan when she caught fire and eventually sank.
25 Old Ashland Post Office
Old Ashland Post Office
January 21, 1974
601 West Second St.
46°35′20″N 90°53′22″W / 46.588889°N 90.889444°W / 46.588889; -90.889444 (Old Ashland Post Office)
Ashland Monumental public building designed by Willoughby J. Edbrooke and built with locally quarried brownstone in 1892-93 as a post office. Has also housed a vocational school and now the city hall. It is considered by some the best example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in northern Wisconsin.
26 P-Flat Site (47AS47)
P-Flat Site (47AS47)
September 19, 1988
Address Restricted
27 PRETORIA (schooner-barge) Shipwreck Site
PRETORIA (schooner-barge) Shipwreck Site
August 17, 1994
One mile northeast of Outer Island.
47°05′22″N 90°23′40″W / 47.089333°N 90.394333°W / 47.089333; -90.394333 (PRETORIA (schooner-barge) Shipwreck Site)
Bayfield Huge 338 foot schooner-barge built in 1900 in West Bay City, Michigan. On Sept. 1, 1905 she left Superior with a load of iron ore, towed by a steamer heading for Chicago. They were caught by the same storm that sank the Sevona, and the Pretoria sank with 5 crew lost.
28 R.G. Stewart (shipwreck)
R.G. Stewart (shipwreck)
December 27, 1991
Address Restricted
La Pointe 100 foot wooden passenger steamer built in 1878 in Buffalo. On June 4, 1899 she ran off course in a fog and ran aground on Michigan Island, then caught fire. One crewman died.
29 Rocky Island Historic District
Rocky Island Historic District
July 3, 2008
Rocky Island, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
47°01′25″N 90°40′57″W / 47.023698°N 90.682569°W / 47.023698; -90.682569 (Rocky Island Historic District)
La Pointe vicinity Cluster of fish camps on the east end of Rocky Island, small-scale enterprises operated from 1938 to 1958: Hadland, Benson, Edwards, Nelson & Erickson.
30 Security Savings Bank
Security Savings Bank
December 27, 1974
212-214 W. 2nd St.
46°35′26″N 90°53′05″W / 46.590556°N 90.884722°W / 46.590556; -90.884722 (Security Savings Bank)
Ashland Richardsonian Romanesque bank designed by local architects Conover and Porter and built in 1889 in brick and brownstone. Later occupied by the Ashland Light, Power and Street Railway Company. In 1935 the lower exterior was refinished with black granite.
31 Soo Line Depot
Soo Line Depot
November 3, 1988
Third Ave. W, at Fourth St.
46°35′20″N 90°53′02″W / 46.588889°N 90.883889°W / 46.588889; -90.883889 (Soo Line Depot)
Ashland Large Brownstone union depot built in 1889 by the Wisconsin Central Railway in Richardsonian Romanesque style.
32 T.H. Camp (shipwreck)
T.H. Camp (shipwreck)
September 15, 2004
Address Restricted
La Pointe Steam-powered tugboat built in 1876. Served as a "purchase boat," collecting catch from remote fish camps as far away as Isle Royale or Canada. Sank in 1900.
33 Trout Point Logging Camp
Trout Point Logging Camp
December 16, 1988
Address Restricted
Bayfield Site of logging camp on Stockton Island where as many as 100 men worked from the 1890s to 1920.
34 Union Depot
Union Depot
March 23, 1979
417 Chapple Ave.
46°35′08″N 90°53′20″W / 46.585556°N 90.888889°W / 46.585556; -90.888889 (Union Depot)
Ashland Queen Anne-styled depot designed by Charles Sumner Frost of Chicago and built in 1900.
35 Wakefield Hall
Wakefield Hall
May 4, 1995
1409 Ellis Ave.
46°34′50″N 90°52′25″W / 46.580556°N 90.873611°W / 46.580556; -90.873611 (Wakefield Hall)
Ashland Georgian Revival building designed by Thomas Shefchik and built in 1940 as a library at Northland College. Now offices.
36 West Second Street Historic District
West Second Street Historic District
February 2, 1984
W. 2nd St. from Ellis Ave. to 6th Ave.
46°35′24″N 90°53′10″W / 46.59°N 90.886111°W / 46.59; -90.886111 (West Second Street Historic District)
Ashland 45 contributing commercial buildings built from 1884 to 1937 varying in style from the Blue Ribbon Bar to the Northern National Bank and the Royal Theatre
37 Wheeler Hall, Northland College
Wheeler Hall, Northland College
September 13, 1977
1411 Ellis Ave.
46°34′50″N 90°52′27″W / 46.580556°N 90.874167°W / 46.580556; -90.874167 (Wheeler Hall, Northland College)
Ashland The original building of Northland College, then called the North Wisconsin Academy. Designed by H. P. Padley of Madison in Richardsonian Romanesque style and built in 1893.
38 Lewis C. and Caroline Wilmarth House
Lewis C. and Caroline Wilmarth House
January 29, 2013
622 Chapple Ave.
46°35′07″N 90°53′14″W / 46.5853°N 90.8872°W / 46.5853; -90.8872 (Lewis C. and Caroline Wilmarth House)
Ashland Georgian Revival mansion built in 1885 by Lewis Cass Wilmarth, Ashland's first banker. In 1918 a hospital wing was added, and the mansion end served as entry and offices for Ashland General Hospital until 1972. Now apartments.
39 Wilmarth School
Wilmarth School
July 17, 1980
913 3rd Ave. W.
46°35′01″N 90°52′48″W / 46.583611°N 90.88°W / 46.583611; -90.88 (Wilmarth School)
Ashland Public school designed by local architect Henry Wildhagen with Palladian shape and brownstone accents and built in 1895, when Ashland was booming.
40 Winston-Cadotte Site
Winston-Cadotte Site
December 16, 2005
Address Restricted
La Pointe Site on a point of Madeline Island where Ojibwe, Odawa and Huron may have traded between 1600 and 1650. Later the site of Michel Cadotte's trading post, from roughly 1790 to 1833.

Formerly listed

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Ashland Middle School
Ashland Middle School
July 17, 1980
May 12, 2009
1000 Ellis Ave.
Ashland Brick and brownstone Neoclassical school designed by Henry Wildhagen. Served as high school from around 1904 until 1973, then as middle school.
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