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Map of Minnesota highlighting Lake County
Location of Lake County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Lake County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Lake County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 22 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, including one National Historic Landmark.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Benjamin Noble (Shipwreck)
September 20, 2007
8 miles at 118° from Knife Island
Coordinates missing
Knife River vicinity 1909 steel bulk freighter steamship, sank in 1914.
2 Bridge No. 3589-Silver Creek Township
Bridge No. 3589-Silver Creek Township
June 29, 1998
U.S. Route 61 over the Stewart River
47°02′52″N 91°37′50″W / 47.047846°N 91.630687°W / 47.047846; -91.630687 (Bridge No. 3589-Silver Creek Township)
Silver Creek Township vicinity 1924 reinforced concrete highway bridge noted for its unusually elaborate Neoclassical detailing in a rural setting, which was retained in a sympathetic 1939 widening.
3 Duluth and Iron Range Railroad Company Depot
Duluth and Iron Range Railroad Company Depot
February 24, 1983
6th St. off South Ave.
47°01′08″N 91°40′12″W / 47.01879°N 91.670083°W / 47.01879; -91.670083 (Duluth and Iron Range Railroad Company Depot)
Two Harbors Large 1907 train station, symbolizing the key role of the Duluth and Iron Range Railroad in establishing Two Harbors as a link between northern Minnesota's iron and lumber fields and Lake Superior. Now a museum.
4 John Dwan Office Building
John Dwan Office Building
June 11, 1992
201 Waterfront Dr.
47°01′15″N 91°40′16″W / 47.020857°N 91.671229°W / 47.020857; -91.671229 (John Dwan Office Building)
Two Harbors 1898 office building associated with the early years of major international corporation 3M, being the site where the company was chartered in 1902 and headquartered from 1903 to 1916. Now a museum.
5 Edna G (tugboat)
Edna G (tugboat)
June 5, 1975
Home port at the southern end of Poplar St. in Agate Bay
47°01′01″N 91°40′21″W / 47.016831°N 91.672577°W / 47.016831; -91.672577 (Edna G (tugboat))
Two Harbors Tugboat in operation 1896–1981 to guide ore ships into harbor, nominated as a very long-serving Great Lakes vessel. Now a museum ship.
6 Gooseberry Falls State Park CCC/WPA/Rustic Style Historic Resources
Gooseberry Falls State Park CCC/WPA/Rustic Style Historic Resources
October 25, 1989
Off U.S. Route 61 northeast of Two Harbors
47°08′29″N 91°27′33″W / 47.141362°N 91.459272°W / 47.141362; -91.459272 (Gooseberry Falls State Park CCC/WPA/Rustic Style Historic Resources)
Two Harbors vicinity 88 park facilities built 1933–41, significant as examples of New Deal federal work relief, strategic recreational development around a scenic resource, and National Park Service rustic architecture (with especially fine masonry).
7 Halfway Ranger Station
Halfway Ranger Station
November 8, 2011
Minnesota State Highway 1
47°48′49″N 91°44′16″W / 47.813533°N 91.737817°W / 47.813533; -91.737817 (Halfway Ranger Station)
Fall Lake Township Log Rustic Style administrative complex mostly built in the mid-1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps for Superior National Forest. Now the Kawishiwi Field Laboratory.
8 Hesper Shipwreck Site
Hesper Shipwreck Site
April 14, 1994
Along the west breakwall in Silver Bay Harbor.
47°16′17″N 91°16′18″W / 47.271389°N 91.271667°W / 47.271389; -91.271667 (Hesper Shipwreck Site)
Silver Bay vicinity Well-preserved wreck of a bulk freight steamship, associated with the Great Lakes iron-ore and grain trades. Launched in 1890 and sunk in a 1905 spring storm.
9 Isabella Ranger Station
Isabella Ranger Station
February 1, 2006
9420 Minnesota State Highway 1
47°37′06″N 91°22′39″W / 47.618433°N 91.377631°W / 47.618433; -91.377631 (Isabella Ranger Station)
Isabella vicinity 1935 log Rustic Style residential complex built by the Civilian Conservation Corps for Superior National Forest workers.
10 Lake County Courthouse and Sheriff's Residence
Lake County Courthouse and Sheriff's Residence
February 24, 1983
601 3rd Ave.
47°01′20″N 91°40′17″W / 47.02209°N 91.671402°W / 47.02209; -91.671402 (Lake County Courthouse and Sheriff's Residence)
Two Harbors Queen Anne sheriff's residence/jail built circa 1887 and Beaux-Arts courthouse built in 1906, long-serving seats of Lake County government and representative examples of two eras of public architecture.
11 Larsmont School
Larsmont School
June 18, 1992
County Highway 61
46°58′52″N 91°44′39″W / 46.981083°N 91.744243°W / 46.981083; -91.744243 (Larsmont School)
Larsmont 1914 school, focal point of a community formed in the early 20th century by immigrants from Finland's ethnic Swedish minority.
12 Madeira (Schooner-Barge) Shipwreck
Madeira (Schooner-Barge) Shipwreck
July 23, 1992
Near the base of Gold Rock
47°12′22″N 91°21′29″W / 47.206111°N 91.358056°W / 47.206111; -91.358056 (Madeira (Schooner-Barge) Shipwreck)
Beaver Bay vicinity Only known remains of a schooner-barge, a little-known ship type with sails to aid its tow vessel. Launched in 1900 and wrecked during the infamous Mataafa Storm of 1905, prompting construction of the Split Rock Lighthouse nearby.
13 Edward and Lisa Mattson House and Fish House
Edward and Lisa Mattson House and Fish House
August 9, 1990
Off U.S. Route 61 at the Beaver Bay shore near Wieland Island
47°16′02″N 91°16′57″W / 47.267119°N 91.282555°W / 47.267119; -91.282555 (Edward and Lisa Mattson House and Fish House)
East Beaver Bay House dating to 1902 and fish house built circa 1930, two of the few surviving buildings associated with the small, family-owned outfits that pioneered commercial fishing on the North Shore.
14 Niagara Shipwreck Site
April 14, 1994
500 feet (150 m) south of Knife Island
46°56′45″N 91°46′16″W / 46.945751°N 91.771245°W / 46.945751; -91.771245 (Niagara Shipwreck Site)
Knife River vicinity Rare, early remnants of a class of large tugboats built for timber rafting on the Great Lakes. Launched in 1872 and sank in 1904 after running aground.
15 Onoko (Bulk Freight Steamer) Shipwreck
July 23, 1992
13.5 miles (21.7 km) east of Duluth and 6.5 miles (10.5 km) south of Knife Island
Coordinates missing
Knife River vicinity 1882 iron-hulled steamship, prototype of the large Great Lakes bulk freighters that became critical to the steel industry. Sprang a leak and sank in 1915.
16 Samuel P. Ely Shipwreck
Samuel P. Ely Shipwreck
June 18, 1992
Along Two Harbors' west breakwall
47°00′42″N 91°40′40″W / 47.011667°N 91.677778°W / 47.011667; -91.677778 (Samuel P. Ely Shipwreck)
Two Harbors vicinity Lake Superior's best remnant of the large ore schooners introduced around 1870, and a key part of local nautical lore for wrecking against the Two Harbors breakwater followed by the dramatic rescue of all hands in an 1896 storm.
17 Split Rock Lighthouse
Split Rock Lighthouse
June 23, 1969
About 20 miles northeast of Two Harbors on U.S. Route 61
47°12′00″N 91°22′01″W / 47.200072°N 91.366945°W / 47.200072; -91.366945 (Split Rock Lighthouse)
Two Harbors vicinity Clifftop lighthouse complex built 1909–10, significant for its association with the development of commercial shipping on the Great Lakes and the rare integrity of its 12 contributing properties. Now a museum. Declared a National Historic Landmark in 2011.
18 Tettegouche Camp Historic District
January 17, 1989
Off County Highway 4
47°20′50″N 91°15′38″W / 47.347222°N 91.260556°W / 47.347222; -91.260556 (Tettegouche Camp Historic District)
Silver Bay vicinity Remote, private resort complex with 11 contributing properties mostly built 1910–1925, representative of northern Minnesota's early-20th-century resort industry and its Rustic architecture.
19 Two Harbors Carnegie Library
Two Harbors Carnegie Library
July 31, 1986
4th Ave. and Waterfront Dr.
47°01′21″N 91°40′15″W / 47.022522°N 91.670721°W / 47.022522; -91.670721 (Two Harbors Carnegie Library)
Two Harbors 1909 Carnegie library, home of a public institution founded in 1896 and Lake County's only public library until 1955. Also associated with a local construction boom and the work of Duluth architect Austin Terryberry.
20 Two Harbors Light Station
Two Harbors Light Station
July 19, 1984
Agate and Burlington Bays
47°00′50″N 91°39′50″W / 47.013898°N 91.663935°W / 47.013898; -91.663935 (Two Harbors Light Station)
Two Harbors 1892 lighthouse—oldest still operating on the North Shore—which made Two Harbors the initial primary Lake Superior ore port. Now a Lake County Historical Society museum and bed & breakfast.
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