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Poppets Town
Poppets Town title card.png
Developed by Katherine Sandford
Directed by Josep Viciana
Voices of Cameron Ansell
Richard Binsley
Neil Crone
Cory Doran
Julie Lemieux
Bryn McAuley
Krystal Meadows
Arnold Pinnock
Adam Reid
Martin Roach
Rob Tinkler
Phil Williams
Theme music composer Steve D'Angelo
Terry Tompkins for EGGPLANT
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 (52 segments) (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Beth Stevenson
Anne Loi
Neil Court
Cristina Brandner
Producer(s) Kym Hyde
Susana González
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Decode Entertainment
Neptuno Films
Distributor Neptuno Films (Latin America, Portugal, and Spain)
OLC (Japan)
Decode Enterprises (Worldwide)
Original network Knowledge Network
TVO Kids
Original release 2008 (2008) – 2009 (2009)

Poppets Town (also stylized as PoppetsTown) is a Canadian-Spanish animated children's television series produced by Decode Entertainmernt and Neptuno Films, based on the characters created by Japanese author Jun Ichihara. The series aired on Knowledge Network and TVOKids in Canada.


Poppets Town follows the adventures of Blooter, and his best friends Patty and Bobby, as they solve everyday problems that occur in Poppets Town.


  • Blooter is a blue dog who does not wear clothes and loves to ride his scooter.
  • Patty is a yellow cat who wears a pink dress with colored-light flowers and a blue bandana and loves to ride her helicopter.
  • Bobby is an orange bear who wears a yellow shirt with pink polka-dots, ride his van and carries a camera.
  • Cocori is a chicken with a pink shirt and blue scarf. She has a red helmet and drives an egg car
  • Alli is an alligator with a red and white striped shirt and a red hat he rides a lady bug car.
  • Cozy is a red and white striped zebra that rides a blue horse.
  • Captain Cap is a sheep.
  • The Naka-Nakas are trio of monkeys.
  • Mathilda is a bee with orange and red stripes that rides Patapata.
  • Candy is a caterpillar with different colors.


No. Title Written by Canadian air date
1 "Ice Cream Dream"
"Under the Rainbow"
Katherine Sandford TBA
2 "Butterfly Flutter"
"Tutti Frutti"
Katherine Sandford TBA
3 "Moon Dance"
"Leaf Pile a-Go-Go"
Katherine Sandford TBA
4 "A Road for a Toad"
"Too Many Cooks"
5 "Poppets in a Pickle"
"A Cozy Song"
6 "Kite Flight"
"The PoppetsTown Castle"
7 "Lava Luau"
"PoppetsTown Day"
8 "Bushy-Tail's Treasure"
"The Dusty Gusts"
9 "The Mystery of Mount Poppet"
"Quack Quest"
10 "Box-Car Bobby"
"Bye Bye Birdie"
11 "See the Bee?"
"Treehouse Trouble"
12 "Patty's Neverending Story"
"The Trouble with Bubbles"
13 "Bird Bath"
"Find the Naka-Nakas"
  • Spring Egg-extravaganza/Mistaken Mistake: Today is spring-egg-extravaganza day in PoppetsTown./Cap's large chest falls into the ocean when the poppets were delivering it.
  • Poppoween/Doozy Dilemma: Today is Poppoween and the poppets fool Cap using their costumes./Today is Picking-Apples day and the Naka-Nakas
  • Lights out/Naka-Naka-Steppa-Clicka: The Poppets can't wait for the meteor shower, but are disappointed when they can't see anything because of the bright lights of Poppetstown./Blooter, Patty, Bobby and Alli are practicing for the first performance of their new band when the Naka-Naka Brothers decide to dance with them.
  • Along Came a Spider/Shadow Play:
  • Blooter Gets a Boo-Boo/Rainy Day Blues:
  • Patty and the Amazing Flying Squirrels/Clubhouse Power:
  • Whistle While You Work/The Wacka-Wacka Brothers:
  • Where's the Party?/Water Wonder:
  • Blooter's Hiccups/Patty the Fairy:
  • Opposite Day/Chicken Flap:
  • Super Blooter/Chester the Crab:
  • Solstice Celebration/Bobby's Valentine:
  • Eye Spy/Backpack Backtrack:
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