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Prime Minister of the French Republic
Edouard Philippe MSC 2018 (cropped).jpg
Édouard Philippe

since 15 May 2017
Style Prime Minister or His Excellency
Member of Cabinet of France
Council of State
Reports to President of the French Republic
and to Parliament
Residence Hôtel de Matignon
Seat Paris, France
Appointer President of the French Republic
Term length No fixed term
Remains in office while commanding the confidence of the National Assembly and the President of the French Republic
Constituting instrument Constitution of France
Precursor Several incarnations since the Ancien Régime
Formation 4 October 1958
First holder Michel Debré
Salary 14,910 euro per month

The Prime Minister of the French Republic (French: Premier ministre français) in the Fifth Republic is the head of government. During the Third and Fourth Republics, the head of government was formally called President of the Council of Ministers (French: Président du Conseil des Ministres), generally shortened to President of the Council (French: Président du Conseil). Most non-French sources referred to the post as "prime minister" or "premier." The title "Prime Minister" became official with the founding of the Fifth Republic.

The Prime Minister proposes a list of ministers to the President of the Republic. Decrees and decisions of the Prime Minister, like almost all executive decisions, are subject to the oversight of the administrative court system. Few decrees are taken after advice from the Council of State (French: Conseil d'État). All prime ministers defend the programs of their ministry, and make budgetary choices. The extent to which those decisions lie with the Prime Minister or President depends upon whether they are of the same party.

Manuel Valls was appointed to lead the government in a cabinet reshuffle in March 2014, after the ruling Socialists suffered a bruising defeat in local elections. However, he resigned on 6 December 2016, to stand in the French Socialist Party presidential primary, 2017 and Bernard Cazeneuve was appointed as Prime Minister later that day by President François Hollande. Cazeneuve resigned on 10 May 2017. Édouard Philippe was named his successor on 15 May 2017.

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