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French Republic

République française
Emblem of France
Motto: "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité" (French)
"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"
Anthem: "La Marseillaise"
Location of  metropolitan France  (dark green)– on the European continent  (green & dark grey)– in the European Union  (green)
Location of  metropolitan France  (dark green)

– on the European continent  (green & dark grey)
– in the European Union  (green)

and largest city
48°51.4′N 2°21.05′E / 48.8567°N 2.35083°E / 48.8567; 2.35083
Official language
and national language
Government Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
Emmanuel Macron
Jean Castex
Legislature Parliament
National Assembly
• Current constitution
4 October 1958 (63 years)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy (AD)
Calling code +33
ISO 3166 code FR
Internet TLD .fr

The Fifth Republic (French: Cinquième République), France's current republican system of government, was created by Charles de Gaulle under the Constitution of the Fifth Republic on 4 October 1958.

The Fifth Republic was created after the collapse of the Fourth Republic, replacing the former parliamentary republic with a semi-presidential (or dual-executive) system that split powers between a prime minister as head of government and a president as head of state.

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