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Examples of symmetry in shapes.
Asymmetric (PSF)
Diatoms, a kind of algae, are symmetric
Studio del Corpo Umano - Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man (ca. 1487) is often used as a representation of symmetry in the human body and, by extension, the natural universe.
Great Mosque of Kairouan, west portico of the courtyard
Symmetric arcades of a portico in the Great Mosque of Kairouan also called the Mosque of Uqba, in Tunisia.

Symmetry is a property of certain geometrical objects that appears the same when mirrored or reflected along an axis. This axis has to cross the shape through the middle of that object dividing into equal halves.

The precise notions of symmetry have various measures and operational definitions. For example, symmetry may be observed


Asymmetry is the absence of symmetry. It is best defined like that because symmetry is relatively rare, and all other objects are asymmetric.

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